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4 Dec 2019
20:27:38@incorruptible:matrix.orgincorruptible changed their profile picture.
20:36:55@incorruptible:matrix.orgincorruptible changed their profile picture.
8 Dec 2019
13:12:54@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Michael Arthur Long>: Got DisplayLink working on my old Zenfone 2. It doesn’t have the kernel option enabled by default and that’s all it takes to get it working.
9 Dec 2019
20:38:42@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <keknomancer>: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/404652000232341516/653697049769803787/IMG_20191209_153750.jpg
20:41:35@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <keknomancer>:

you can send 5VDC through the USB port if you lose the proprietary connector

20:41:44@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <keknomancer>: BASED
28 Dec 2019
15:39:05@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Java but Christmas Themed>: I am trying to create flashable ZIP files for TWRP, as in this guide: https://www.droidviews.com/create-flashable-zips-cwmtwrp-recovery/

I can adb sideload the zip to the phone, but even though TWRP reports no error, the files in the zip are never copied over the phone

15:39:38@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Java but Christmas Themed>: Does anyone know how to create flashable ZIP for TWRP?
15:54:11@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Java but Christmas Themed>: Nevermind, got it. Had to modify the updater-script, which showed as a binary file somehow on my PC, so I never thought about moddinf it
15:54:17@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Java but Christmas Themed>: Nevermind, got it. Had to modify the updater-script, which showed as a binary file somehow on my PC, so I never thought about modding it (edited)
3 Jan 2020
17:58:31@noritech:matrix.orgNori changed their profile picture.
15 Jan 2020
03:59:17@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: @keknomancer yep, most devices should be powered by unified voltages, 5V and USB
04:00:09@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: but if you’re a idiot like me you can power it with 12VDC and expect the battery to blows up :D
16 Jan 2020
18:15:02@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge<system>: Ivysaur joins
17 Jan 2020
07:03:37@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACsprB0r1pA
09:52:19@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <TuxThePenguin>: Is that an Ace 2?
13:58:59@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <keknomancer>: Mfw phone tech has regressed since the s5
13:59:23@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: @TuxThePenguin samsung galaxy s2
13:59:28@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: 2011 phone
13:59:51@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <TuxThePenguin>: Oh yeah S2 makes sense
16:41:41@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge<system>: SegmentationFault joins
18 Jan 2020
19:53:58@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge<system>: thePharo joins
22:02:26@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge<system>: Tepiloxtl joins
20 Jan 2020
07:56:02@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge<system>: Balu kapitány joins
17:29:21@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge<system>: Balu kapitány leaves
21 Jan 2020
12:48:42@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge<system>: Adminator joins
19:37:58@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Claudiu>: Hello
20:17:17@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Claudiu>: Guys i have Lineage 16 official last supported version on Samsung S4(i9505) rooted with TWRP official (last version). I have Kali chroot Linux Deploy and termux already installed. How can i enable monitor mode on wifi card? I read something related about modified firmware wifi, compiling kernels but i’m more confunsing.. card Thank you!
20:18:23@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Claudiu>: On my old S2 was very easy with bcmon.. :)
20:34:25@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <sneakysnake>: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Md9b6XbVtQ

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