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This room is intended as a basic discussion room about the cookbook app on the Nextcloud server. Here, new users can ask questions about the usage and also new features and issues can be discussed. Feel free to ask your questions and opinions in a forthcoming way.23 Servers

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31 Oct 2019
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvdeHmm, should I take 16.0.5 of 17?20:58:43
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigNo, it's "vagrant install vbguest" or something. Vagrant has it's own package manager20:58:46
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrig.... you mean nextcloud?20:59:54
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigIt's cloning the latest nextcloud version from git sooooooo... 1821:00:24
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvdeoh, lol :p21:00:31
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvdeI'll just download 17 then21:00:37
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigIf you use the bootsrap, 18 is included21:01:14
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigUse it as a starting point and change it as you like 🤓21:01:50
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvdewait... you first mount a nextcloud in it, then you rm everything?21:02:13
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvdeLine 2721:02:34
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigwhen booting apache will create an index.html21:03:00
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvdeOh, I just need to provide an empty src?21:03:09
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigand you can't clone into an non-empty folder21:03:11
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigStep one: mkdir src21:03:35
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvderight, I missed that21:03:36
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigStep Two: put vagranfile and vagrant-provisioning next to src21:04:09
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigStep Three: vagrant up21:04:15
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvdeYea, it's already building now ):21:04:23
@timvde:matrix.orgtimvde:) *21:04:26
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigStep Four: Go for a loooooong walk21:04:27
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigThen it should display the db root user name, password and other important stuff. 21:05:21
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehriggo to localhost:8081 and enter the data21:05:37
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigthen, change the config.php like I mentioned before and clone your own cookbook repo into custom_apps21:06:04
@danielroehrig:matrix.orgdanielroehrigI'm going to bed now. Let me know if it worked. 21:06:49

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