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8 May 2022
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in Best way to learn 3D modeling?
@Zach Hey Zach are you still interested in doing a 3D modeling tutorial? Blender isn’t that hard, but I just haven’t been able to keep up I agree, we’d have to make it somewhat accessible online. I personally can’t make it to the Noisebridge space every single week, although Wednesday seems to be the night when the most interesting and creative people are there! (Alex, mark, etc) Should we make...
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in Resident Electronic Monthly open mic at Noisebridge?
This is so cool, I can see where it’s started!
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in Music Guild is a thing!
This is cool!!!
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in Music Guild is a thing!
Man i am at SudoRoom the other part of the week. How can we structure this so that the two across the bay can collaborate?
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in List of cool New England hacker spaces
Ok update: I’ve been sleeping on this. But it’s crucial that we direct talented young people to places where there is real innovation going on in transportation (read bike and public transportation). The USA is unfortunately stuck in the past and has no hopes of advancing in this respect. So far we have leads on Paris and Barcelona! I will also add Berlin!
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in Projection mapping collaboration with Cartoonists
OK so my update on the project - i shifted my attention instead to bicycle light projection. I’m focused on making software that makes it easy to distort the stuff,and it’s a nice way to learn math! I presented this at my last five minutes of fame, with lots of thanks to those around Noisebridge and SudoRoom who have helped me!
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in Spray painting adventures
Wow, the courtyard is perfect for spray painting! thanks @ElanHR for getting the spray paint cans. I had been thinking about doing oil painting or water color but it’s simply not as fun. definitely going to get a spray painting routine in [IMG_8897] Uploading: IMG_8895.jpeg…
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot @miromi posted in New inspiration for hackerspaces: revolutionary sister corita Kent!
[IMG_8861] Just saw ex nun Corita Kent at the SF moms. Her rules for the art department are pretty inspiring! [IMG_8864] [IMG_8865] [4F0A2039-63EC-44A9-8097-A2B7BEECAD2C]
9 May 2022
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@_discord_737773408984498186:tchncs.deRUSiriusActually changed their display name from RUSiriusActually#1291 to RUSiriusActually.22:55:13
10 May 2022
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11 May 2022
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12 May 2022
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13 May 2022
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14 May 2022
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15 May 2022
@nb-integration:matrix.orgnoisebot 888SNRLX @jcer415 posted in Intro to Ableton Class Today
Ill be teaching another intro to Ableton Class today in the music room at 1pm for anyone interested in learning a bit about Ableton Live.
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