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9 Oct 2019
06:55:58@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat https://latacora.micro.blog/2019/07/16/the-pgp-problem.html
07:00:24@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat This article is an interesting stance on pgp and why they think it needs to die. I'm not totally convinced but I am more doubtful of it
07:06:43@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat Dang, I got another good article: https://renesd.blogspot.com/2019/09/post-modern-c-tooling.html?m=1
07:07:04@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatSorry for all the spam today. Lots of relevant stuff
21:42:36@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiThanks for the links. Encrypted backups has been on my todo list for awhile. The C tools stuff was pretty useful. I'd never heard of many of them.
17 Oct 2019
17:11:32@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiNot for clusters but still an interesting peer-to-peer protocol: https://datprotocol.github.io/how-dat-works/
21 Oct 2019
02:28:04@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpin*log(n) multiply https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a29514208/faster-way-multiply/
23 Oct 2019
23:07:21@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatI couldn't find the actual algorithm
23:07:29@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatBut it's a pretty kewl concept
28 Oct 2019
20:35:58@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatRedacted or Malformed Event
20:37:13@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat Hey bobsmith-dpi, are you still coming down to Cali to demo the jigsaw puzzle this weekend?
29 Oct 2019
19:24:03@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiHalf yes. I'll be at the Dojo Saturday evening just because, but I've not made any progress on programming a solution to the puzzle. I could demo how to create a puzzle and discuss approaches to solving it, but I don't have any solution code to show.
30 Oct 2019
10:27:13@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat That sounds cool to me. It'll be a pretty low-key thing I think
31 Oct 2019
18:28:37@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wislinux challenge: write a tool that produces STDOUT for this ascii first person shooter that progress the simulation with a no-op newline OR produces the last keystroke
18:29:01@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisextra extra challenge: make this STDOUT tool networked, for a lan-party version of the awk-raycaster FPS ;)
18:36:03@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wishere's my shitty attempt lol
18:36:17@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wis(touch a; while sleep 0.5 && [ -f a ]; do a=$(cat a); if [ "x$a" != "x" ]; then echo $a; echo -n > a; else echo; fi; done & while [ -f a ]; do read -n1 c; echo $c > a; done) | gawk -f awkaster.awk
8 Nov 2019
26 Nov 2019
06:30:43@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiThis seem pretty neat if you like synths https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artiphon/orba-by-artiphon-an-instrument-designed-for-your-hands?ref=discovery_category
21:24:31@gnarlsmarley:matrix.orggnarlsmarleyThat looks awesome, I think I will get one
14 Jan 2020
18:49:01@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat@room does anyone have any issues with me taking ownership of the clusterfights domain name and stuff under my personal account? I still want to keep it up but just manage it under my other namecheap domains
18:50:24@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat Also, it would appear that for the time being Clusterfights is on indefinite hiatus. Maybe it'll be a thing again but for now, I'm going to officially call it kaput.
18:53:10@gnarlsmarley:matrix.orggnarlsmarleyI'm all for Patrick taking things over until further notice.
18:54:24@gnarlsmarley:matrix.orggnarlsmarleyI have some ideas to make multiple video youtube series on getting a cluster up and going on the original challenge. I intend to use the ClusterFight name for this purpose.
18:55:53@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatsounds cool, man
15 Jan 2020
18:03:49@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat gnarlsmarley and I had a Big Idea (TM) last night. An ISP that offers subsidized internet access for people that use their homes as distributed datacenters. Instead of a modem + router + AP combo like a lot of ISPs do, you also add upgradeable compute and storage modules.
18:05:13@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatI was thinking that the distributed datacenter part could be based on IPFS so that neighbors could peer the internet to get faster speeds and lower latency
18:06:33@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatThere could also be apps for phones, desktops, and personal clouds (Synology, Unraid, WD MyCloud, etc.) that further subsidize the cost of customer internet access by providing more storage and compute.
18:08:20@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatYou could have really good georedundancy

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