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12 Sep 2019
20:04:36@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisand id like to 3d print big fat cartridges
16 Sep 2019
19:46:21@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat https://josephg.com/blog/3-tribes/
19:56:11@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisi like that a lot of people feel comfortable floating between the three
19:56:45@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisspend 5 years 'making' things, landing a job, etc, then the lack of rigor and purity get to you, so you try to get 'mathematical'
19:56:59@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisthe 'mathematical' starts to feel useless, because you cant make anything, so you try to get 'holistic'
19:57:16@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisencounter some annoying distributed-systems problems, go back to 'math'
19:57:28@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisrealize you havent dont anything but give speeches at conferences for 3 years, just 'make' somethin, anything
19:57:33@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatbut then you need the hacking to implement the math
19:57:39@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wislol yeah
19:57:52@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisi like that he uses the word 'holistic' interchangably with 'hacking'
19:57:56@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisthats a cool idea
17 Sep 2019
03:55:12@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisThis would be great in a heist movie lol
04:26:49@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiYeah, the crumbling heat sink was pretty amazing.
05:10:52@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat https://www.fsf.org/news/richard-m-stallman-resigns
05:11:24@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatOooh the drama llama is giving FSF and RMS a run for his money
05:32:06@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat He made some comments defending Epstein and some other off-color stuff about Epstein's victims
05:33:03@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatNaturally the internet got mad and RMS countered it with his typical style of argument that just made people madder
16:31:55@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wis https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec210794
16:32:01@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisso he sent an email to the mailing list or something
16:32:06@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wistrying to defend marvin minsky
16:49:07@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisall he had to say was
16:49:30@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wis"I can't imagine my good friend Marvin would make that decision if he had known. It's incredibly unfortunate that this happened. My sympathies go out to all the women who were abused in service of Epstein's criminal extortion empire"
16:50:21@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisbut he goes with "im sure she consented. if epstein coerced her, thats not Marvin's fault. he didnt even hit her."
19:08:03@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatIn this whole thing, the part that gets me the most upset is the constant resharing of the video of RMS eating something he picked off of his feet during a lecture
19:10:33@danielle.wis:matrix.orgdanielle.wisIt was weird that he did that, man!
19:13:10@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat Yes. Yes it is. It's a viscerally upsetting thing to watch
19:29:19@gnarlsmarley:matrix.orggnarlsmarley https://www.tomshardware.com/news/oracle-raspberry-pi-supercomputer,40412.html
20:00:45@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiYeah, all those open-source guys are really wierd. Umm, wait...

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