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21 Feb 2024
@telegram_102041671:t2bot.ioGonzalo NemmiIt's exactly my size! Too bad I don't live in Europe 😭14:32:44
@telegram_102041671:t2bot.ioGonzalo Nemmi changed their profile picture.14:33:53
@telegram_765566010:t2bot.ioneb 🇳🇴it can shipped to you 😎21:05:57
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@telegram_116514764:t2bot.ioTuxliban Torvaldsimage.jpeg
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@telegram_116514764:t2bot.ioTuxliban Torvaldshello, I have a question why when I try to update the packages through pkgin, the packages I built through pkgsrc are downgraded in version? In the case of dwm, when I built it with pkgsrc I only did a revision increment from dwm-6.4nb2 to dwm-6.4nb3 since I only applied the changes to the configuration I use; in the case of ksh93 and nnn I did upgrade the version.21:48:02
22 Feb 2024
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani🚩 Tuxliban Torvalds: hi. It is better to have pkgsrc and pkgin packages at separate prefix. It is advisable to not mix both 01:17:25
@telegram_116514764:t2bot.ioTuxliban Torvaldsimage.jpeg
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@telegram_116514764:t2bot.ioTuxliban Torvaldsbut I have those three packages installed separately. Or do you mean install them for example in /usr/local/bin03:38:07
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfintei use jwm mksh (mirbsd ksh) and ls(1) btw03:39:27
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but I have those three packages installed separately. Or do you mean install them for example in /usr/local/bin
Yes like one at /home/$user/packages other ar /use/local/bin
@telegram_116514764:t2bot.ioTuxliban Torvalds
In reply to @Jaypatelani:matrix.org
Yes like one at /home/$user/packages other ar /use/local/bin
perfect, thanks
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfintei see,sounds like linuxbrew's style03:42:39
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfinteand reminds me old day connect to shells.cjb.net 's freebsd installhome03:43:05
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfintebtw,new time and new protocal,ssh is use for shell/ftp/rsync only03:43:44
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfinteah,i figured out,only need some env add path03:47:37
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfinteRedacted or Malformed Event03:47:52
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfinteDirectories Although rarely used, the optional LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable specifies a colon-separated search path. This can be used in wrapper scripts as needed for misconfigured applications. It is ignored for setuid binaries.03:48:43
@4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.orginfintethen make pkgin install that path03:48:57
@telegram_765566010:t2bot.ioneb 🇳🇴* it can be shipped to you 😎06:09:11
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Email to netbsd-users@netbsd.org
no reply
In reply to @4gsatnsunyfyqllc2s97:matrix.org
good news,how about nvmm/arm64 or vmm(4)/arm64
@telegram_847258285:t2bot.iobittin- https://www.bsdnow.tv/547 14:07:43
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23 Feb 2024
@dibi58:techsaviours.orgdibi58^^^ good engine03:36:56
24 Feb 2024
@telegram_5902573379:t2bot.ioUDENIX Forwarded message from Vicfred
Some OpenBSD features that aren't widely known | https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2024-02-20-rarely-known-openbsd-features.html
25 Feb 2024
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