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15 Jul 2023
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16 Jul 2023
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17 Jul 2023
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18 Jul 2023
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19 Jul 2023
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21 Jul 2023
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24 Jul 2023
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25 Jul 2023
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27 Jul 2023
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30 Jul 2023
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1 Aug 2023
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@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasgot new honor 90 lite but dont want to login to google, installed aurora store but getting rate limited for the past 4 hours. I tried the trick that i e web browser to go play store website and 'open in app' from there but it just tries opening play store app even when I have set never to open in play store app and 'ask' for aurora11:10:36
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasso how long am I expected to wait to get to start installing some apps to my new phone11:11:04
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasor is there a triick how I can get apps show in aurora store app. Why the app can't have play store browser within the app if this problem is onli concerning the search functionality. I can install any app that aurora store recommends etc11:12:51
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2 Aug 2023
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5 Aug 2023
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