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AuroraOSS's client for F-Droid. This room is currently bridged with Telegram at t.me/AuroraDroid • Source Code: https://gitlab.com/AuroraOSS/AuroraDroid • Website: https://auroraoss.com • Downloads: https://files.auroraoss.com • Translate: https://envs.sh/w1 • Aurora Store: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraSupport:auroraoss.com • Aurora OSS Discussion: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraOSS:auroraoss.com • Aurora Off-Topic Discussion: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraOT:auroraoss.com16 Servers

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30 Oct 2022
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31 Oct 2022
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1 Nov 2022
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2 Nov 2022
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3 Nov 2022
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4 Nov 2022
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7 Nov 2022
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8 Nov 2022
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9 Nov 2022
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10 Nov 2022
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11 Nov 2022
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16 Nov 2022
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17 Nov 2022
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22 Nov 2022
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23 Nov 2022
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24 Nov 2022
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26 Nov 2022
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