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AuroraOSS's client for F-Droid. This room is currently bridged with Telegram at t.me/AuroraDroid • Website: https://auroraoss.com • Downloads: https://files.auroraoss.com • Translate: https://nxnt.link/AuroraDroidTranslate • Aurora Store: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraSupport:auroraoss.com • Aurora OSS Discussion: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraOSS:auroraoss.com • Aurora Off-Topic Discussion: https://matrix.to/#/#AuroraOT:auroraoss.com10 Servers

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17 May 2021
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug Bunny Fetching apk file ... 18:00:52
@942486716:auroraoss.comAndré Nunes joined the room.18:01:01
@942486716:auroraoss.comAndré Nunes !nightly@Bunny_AuroraBot 18:00:52
@51488702:auroraoss.comYvan ☥
In reply to Cory Blake
sent an image
In reply to Yvan ☥
@51488702:auroraoss.comYvan ☥
In reply to Sunny
@1252697158:auroraoss.comNick #latest 18:43:44
@1026651680:auroraoss.comKhaleesiDownload AuroraDroid_1.0.8.apk18:43:52
@1026651680:auroraoss.comKhaleesiChangelog : v1.0.8 * Fixed issues related to search crash * Fixed issues related to list sorting * Fixed issues related to downloads * Minor improvements PS: This is the last stable 1.x build, the next update will be 2.018:43:52
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop Alex
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sent an image.
!gban spam
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop Alex
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/gban spam
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/gban spam
You don't seem to be referring to a user.
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop AlexOh19:12:13
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop AlexIs that deleted? It isn't on my side 😅19:12:23
@alexmarcel:matrix.orgSnoop Alex banned @1510666728:auroraoss.com@1510666728:auroraoss.com.19:12:39
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyRedacted or Malformed Event19:43:17
@709069274:auroraoss.comDisqu3_mirOir_qtRedacted or Malformed Event19:43:17
@709069274:auroraoss.comDisqu3_mirOir_qtRedacted or Malformed Event19:45:25
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyRedacted or Malformed Event19:45:25
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyDownload AuroraDroid-nightly-signed-202105171944.apk19:45:43
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug Bunny Aurora Nightly uploaded at 2021-05-17 19:44 19:45:43
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyRedacted or Malformed Event19:58:39
@1424237355:auroraoss.com@ !nightly@Bunny_AuroraBot 19:58:39
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyDownload AuroraDroid-nightly-signed-202105171944.apk19:58:56
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug Bunny Aurora Nightly uploaded at 2021-05-17 19:44 19:58:56
@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyRedacted or Malformed Event22:09:33
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18 May 2021
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@993201444:auroraoss.comBug BunnyRedacted or Malformed Event05:15:13
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