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4 Oct 2016
19:55:07@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
5 Oct 2016
07:19:56@headroom:matrix.orgxose https:/openhardware.science/gosh-manifesto
9 Dec 2016
23:31:32@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their display name from maxine to headroom.
12 Dec 2016
22:30:45@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their display name from headroom to hidroom.
23 Mar 2018
22:46:42@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their display name from hidroom to xose.
22:47:03@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their display name from xose to xose imvec.
23:05:17@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their display name from xose imvec to xose.
3 Apr 2018
08:52:51@jprey:matrix.orgjprey joined the room.
21 Apr 2018
15:58:28@jprey:matrix.orgjprey set a profile picture.
19 Mar 2019
09:29:53@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their profile picture.
09:31:02@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their profile picture.

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