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7 Oct 2020
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerTo prevent regressions and such.20:26:03
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanYes, but I have deleted them when I was fixing a bug.20:26:51
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTiger Oh.. Aren't they actually useful to fix the bug? 20:27:15
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanTell me what to test20:27:27
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanI made a prompt where I put in references, and it outputs numbers,20:27:40
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerEverything from odd references to garbage text.20:27:50
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTiger asfd j eqjifow pjoif ejoiwfepj31 o3 2p 31 013 a 20:27:55
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTiger John 23, 31-31:1431 20:28:12
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerEverything that looks like references or not.20:28:21
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerThen you can see if it behaves predictably or not.20:28:39
John 23, 31-31:1431
Book: John
Chapter: 23-23
Chapter: 31-31
Verse: 1431-1431

@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerAnd returns the right errors for certain inputs.20:28:52
asfd j eqjifow pjoif ejoiwfepj31 o3 2p 31 013 a
Book: asfdjeqjifowpjoifejoiwfepj
Chapter: 31-31
Verse: 0-0
Verse: 3-3
Verse: 2-2
Verse: 0-0
Verse: 31-31
Verse: 13-13
Verse: 0-0

@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerSee, we just caught a bug.20:29:25
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanIt is intended behavior.20:29:36
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerOkay sure. That's fine.20:29:58
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTiger"Flexible" probably requires that.20:30:11
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanIt parses what it sees. The program can't detect nonsense.20:30:21
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanWhen the book is invalid, typically the reference is invalid.20:30:40
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerIt can with stricter rules, but again, "flexible" is lost a bit.20:30:51
10 Oct 2020
Download 1010201234_HDR.jpg
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanRunning on 21 yo pc20:09:51
@petabyte:matrix.orgdan(from 3.5" 1.4mb floppy)22:29:25
@petabyte:matrix.orgdan * (from 3.5" 1.4mb floppy)22:29:37
11 Oct 2020
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanScreenshot at 2020-10-10 20-53-48.png
Download Screenshot at 2020-10-10 20-53-48.png
@petabyte:matrix.orgdan MasterOfTheTiger: 01:20:25
@petabyte:matrix.orgdan Fairly close to what you requested heb12 read -t "WEB" "Genesis 1" > gen1.txt 01:21:04
14 Oct 2020
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19 Oct 2020
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