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2 Aug 2020
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3 Aug 2020
@evo:hispagatos.orgevo 09:37:19
@pedro:perthchat.orgpedro 12:11:05
@erich:matrix.kiwifarms.neterich 20:13:50
7 Aug 2020
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8 Aug 2020
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanThis room is pretty inactive, how about an update on things?18:24:02
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanI am working on the Android app now.18:24:30
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTiger I have been gone. So I haven't written anything. 18:33:32
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerI think we are on schedule though.18:33:40
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanWe already have a working app.18:33:55
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanAndroid JNI compile time is awfully slow.20:43:18
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanBy the way, https://gitlab.com/heb12 shows an old link.21:03:36
@petabyte:matrix.orgdan changed their display name from petabyte to dan.21:08:32
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerOkay. I will make sure to change it.21:45:14
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerRedacted or Malformed Event21:45:28
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerNot that we even use that group.21:46:10
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanAndroid JNI is awful. calling a void function with nothing in it causes the app to crash21:54:24
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTiger At least that isn't likely to happen in production. 22:07:33
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanBut this is a production app I am making.22:10:07
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTiger That is a bad bug, but a least you shouldn't run into it in the finished app. 22:10:56
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanNo, of course not.22:11:34
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanI give up.23:06:58
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanApperantly returning void is a nightmare in JNI.23:12:55
9 Aug 2020
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerMaybe just write a wrapper that returns 0?05:32:08
@petabyte:matrix.orgdanI fixed it by just returning a string for now05:34:10
@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerOkay. That works.05:34:29

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