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5 Dec 2022
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 Should be grayed out with (expired) next to it. 20:24:58
@_discord_771884149190950932:t2bot.iowunter8 If you wanted to make the workaround a bit nicer, you could add a "launch URL" button if the file is an .apk 20:26:17
@_discord_771884149190950932:t2bot.iowunter8 But copying the URL and pasting it in a browser isn't a huge difference 20:26:36
@r:m.wfr.moeR binwiederhier#8517: regarding ipv6. For the most part you can treat /64 as /32 in v4. That's the smallest subnet an isp has to give a client for the network to work. 20:39:31
@r:m.wfr.moeRSome isps might give /56 but I'm not familiar with them.20:40:04
@r:m.wfr.moeRAs for cost and custom routing. No idea. You can play with route64 if you want to learn more.20:41:56
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiAminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC1769|MSC3189) the /64 is required for SLAAC and the /56 is https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6177 20:42:16
@r:m.wfr.moeR Aminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC1769|MSC3189): /64 from my isp. Even called to ask. 20:44:13
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiAminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC1769|MSC3189)

Finnish situation https://ape3000.com/ipv6/

dynaaminen - dynamic, pyynnöstä kiinteä - on request static, vain - only

@r:m.wfr.moeRWow. One of em is /128!20:47:49
@govindas:govindas.netGovindas🕉️ joined the room.20:59:40
@govindas:govindas.netGovindas🕉️does ntfy support .onion servers?21:18:30
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 Not intentionally if so. Probably not though. 22:52:02
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 So wait. A /128 is a single ipv6 address?! That's ridiculous. 22:55:25
@daedric:aguiarvieira.ptRicardo Duarteisn't a /32 a single ipv4 address?23:11:25
In reply to @govindas:govindas.net
does ntfy support .onion servers?
ntfy-server as hidden tor-Service and the app through orbot should work
6 Dec 2022
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 📢 Internal testers: The 1.15.2 release is in the internal testing channel. Release notes here: https://docs.ntfy.sh/releases/ -- If you'd like to be added to the internal testers list, please DM me. The "Open testing" channel is being reviewed by Google now. 01:55:02
@_discord_989812552563322900:t2bot.iogwozai joined the room.02:04:45
@tlb:thebeanbakery.xyzBeans (Baked) ⚡️anyone know if theres an easy way to integrate ntfy with home assistant? seems like a pretty good use case10:06:27
@tlb:thebeanbakery.xyzBeans (Baked) ⚡️I'm just setting up home assistant for the first time so figuring this messaging stuff out is confusing10:08:51
@daedric:aguiarvieira.ptRicardo DuarteLike this? 10:21:54
@daedric:aguiarvieira.ptRicardo Duartehttps://community.home-assistant.io/t/ntfy-notification-via-cli-curl-does-not-work/442383/410:21:57
@daedric:aguiarvieira.ptRicardo DuarteRead the thread, there are multiple working configurations10:22:06
@_discord_110172048361304064:t2bot.ioLexevo I found an official example as well: https://github.com/binwiederhier/ntfy/blob/main/docs/examples.md#home-assistant 10:22:55
@daedric:aguiarvieira.ptRicardo DuarteGood one! :)10:26:14
@tlb:thebeanbakery.xyzBeans (Baked) ⚡️oh cool thanks10:39:08
@stentor:matrix.orgstentorJust received my first sensors today. I also consider all the notifications to be piped through ntfy. Thanks for the links!12:27:51
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 Awesome. 12:52:45
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 There are many more links for inspiration here: https://docs.ntfy.sh/integrations/ 12:52:57

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