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23 Sep 2023
@_discord_477855178540974080:t2bot.iodoc.jay. The totals at the end can be ignored, that's what it has d/l since I've started using the app. The '0 0 0' is what would signify if something was downloaded when cron was fired. 15:17:37
@_discord_771884149190950932:t2bot.iowunter8 ChatGPT could probably help you write something that will parse the text using awk, grep, cut, etc. to figure out if any line doesn't have three zeros 15:29:41
@_discord_132371476354564104:t2bot.ioksurl Reinstalling fixed it 15:30:48
@_discord_132371476354564104:t2bot.ioksurl Fucking apple 15:30:51
@_discord_771884149190950932:t2bot.iowunter8 Great! Strange that it had a problem in the first place 15:31:17
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 Good CLI tools follow the NO_COLOR=1 env variable and don't output color if it's set 16:29:52
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@_discord_801777360533454858:t2bot.iosfreema1 Hello! I was curious if anyone had experience with the Webhooks notification option in tautulli as it pertains to NTFY. I have everything working, in so far as the triggers work, and i can receive a very basic message with no formatting using the bracketed labels that tautulli requires. My question is there a may to 'pretty up' that message? Meaning, add line breaks, some basic formatting (bold), things like that. No matter what I try it either spits out the formatting commands wo any formatting, or it just doesn't work 17:08:33
@_discord_801777360533454858:t2bot.iosfreema1 Thanks for any assistances or a nudge in the right direction. 17:08:37
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 tautulli questions are asked a lot. Search in this chat. 17:08:52
@_discord_801777360533454858:t2bot.iosfreema1 Have a great day! 17:11:26
@_discord_517766927951724547:t2bot.iosolonrubensRedacted or Malformed Event17:57:26
@_discord_517766927951724547:t2bot.iosolonrubensRedacted or Malformed Event17:57:27
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 this is #offtopic 17:58:36
24 Sep 2023
@_discord_351669725702651914:t2bot.iomoofywoofy Hello, i have been trying to set up the time zone for ntfy docker but it doesn't seem to work. My docker-compose file
version: "2.3"

    image: binwiederhier/ntfy
    container_name: ntfy
      - serve
      - TZ=Asia/Singapore
      - /var/cache/ntfy:/var/cache/ntfy
      - /etc/ntfy:/etc/ntfy
      - 8210:80
        test: ["CMD-SHELL", "wget -q --tries=1 http://localhost:80/v1/health -O - | grep -Eo '\"healthy\"\\s*:\\s*true' || exit 1"]
        interval: 60s
        timeout: 10s
        retries: 3
        start_period: 40s
    restart: unless-stopped

Is this wrong? As when I set the delay for say 9pm, it will send at 1pm because its still using UTC time
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪Redacted or Malformed Event02:37:26
@_discord_920408766267150357:t2bot.iontfybotRedacted or Malformed Event02:37:26
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪Redacted or Malformed Event02:37:39
@_discord_920408766267150357:t2bot.iontfybotRedacted or Malformed Event02:37:39
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 https://discord.com/channels/874398661709295626/874398661709295629/1152075803102810183 02:38:51
@_discord_351669725702651914:t2bot.iomoofywoofy I'm sorry I don't understand 02:40:32
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 It's a bug. tzdata got (accidentally) remove from the Dockerfile. 02:40:58
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 Or, well, on purpose. But I don't remember why 02:41:35
@_discord_351669725702651914:t2bot.iomoofywoofy I know its this commit that removed it but I do not know why https://github.com/binwiederhier/ntfy/commit/86c132f9cd4717eaa3c18753ac0f6e44d7c903bc 02:43:08
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 You can build your own docker image based on mine and add it. 02:45:02
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier 🇩🇪 I opened a bug to re add tzdata 02:45:21
@_discord_351669725702651914:t2bot.iomoofywoofy I see, thank you very much! 02:45:49
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