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31 Mar 2023
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 * A good old const showFlags = !navigator.userAgent.contains(Windows) 01:08:47
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 Does it work in Chrome on non-windows? 01:08:56
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 Yeah I looove those random library. 01:08:59
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 yes 01:09:18
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 Mozilla appears to have the font in question available https://github.com/mozilla/twemoji-colr. You might be able to self-host it and write the drop-in bits yourself 01:11:24
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 It's not worth it for this IMHO, but good digging. 01:11:25
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 Unrelated: I'm gonna deploy the thundering herd fix today. Exciting. 01:11:39
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 Is it to just remove the thing that causes it? lol 01:11:57
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 yeah 01:12:05
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 well here's hoping that redundancy isn't masking other issues 01:12:29
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 It's actually causing other issues. 01:12:46
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 true 01:12:50
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 Well another issue actually: 01:13:04
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 iOS (much like Android) goes to deep sleep a lot, and sometimes Firebase/APNS messages are not immediately delivered, but only when iOS wakes up. 01:13:42
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 So.. 01:13:46
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 A lot of times, it used to be that the "poll now" message (the 20min interval) and the actual message were delivered at the exact same time, which then caused races in iOS and would deliver messages twice. 01:16:47
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 Ah... fantastic 01:16:51
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 * Ah... fantastic 01:16:53
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 The fact that most polling HTTP calls are failing is probably hiding the double-delivery issue which is why I haven't heard from iOS users complaining in a long time. 01:16:54
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 https://github.com/binwiederhier/ntfy/issues/316 01:16:55
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 fun 01:16:55
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 i agree, except i'd use the word "fun", not fun. 01:16:56
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 which i think is how you meant it 01:16:56
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 yes 01:16:59
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 Doing it as in hiding them on windows 01:25:46
> true
@_discord_108337116919910400:t2bot.iopoke#3021 it works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 01:27:51
> false 
@_discord_805503024041558048:t2bot.iobinwiederhier#8517 hurray 01:28:11
> true

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