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17 Nov 2022
@graham_o:matrix.org@graham_o:matrix.org set a profile picture.13:02:45
@jamesmurphy746:matrix.orgjames changed their display name from jamesmurphy746 to james.17:28:50
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18 Nov 2022
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19 Nov 2022
@californian:matrix.orgcalifornian joined the room.21:33:18
20 Nov 2022
@_discord_192035055584018435:t2bot.ioMatthew_Cash#5043 changed their display name from Matthew_Cash to Matthew_Cash#5043.06:25:51
@_discord_192035055584018435:t2bot.ioMatthew_Cash#5043 changed their profile picture.06:25:53
@gzc:matrix.orgGzC joined the room.10:12:07
22 Nov 2022
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23 Nov 2022
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24 Nov 2022
@dperrigo18:matrix.orgobvious_potatoes joined the room.10:17:41
@syntheit:matrix.orgDaniel joined the room.19:30:24
25 Nov 2022
@pf010:matrix.orgpf changed their display name from PF to pf.16:49:16
26 Nov 2022
@realnyte:matrix.orgrealnyte changed their display name from realnyte (Old) to realnyte.16:32:52
28 Nov 2022
@asodyora:wisp.shAsodyora joined the room.12:45:00
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29 Nov 2022
@joshuaboniface:bonifacelabs.caJoshua BonifaceJellyfin 10.8.8 released! 🚀 https://old.reddit.com/r/jellyfin/comments/z83brp/jellyfin_1088_released19:23:14
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30 Nov 2022
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2 Dec 2022
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3 Dec 2022
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@grintea:nltrix.netgrintea changed their profile picture.10:11:36
4 Dec 2022
@jewe37:malined.comJendrik Weise 21:09:25
5 Dec 2022
@ax333l:chat.axelen.xyzAx333l changed their profile picture.20:42:44

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