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27 May 2023
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedThey're really going above and beyond with those03:15:00
In reply to @absolutezoned:matrix.org
sent a video.
tf XD
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedno refunds on lost braincells03:15:59
@lil_devil:matrix.orgLil'Angel~can you pay for my therapy then?03:16:17
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I think she is dying......
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedshe'll be okay05:14:51
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedbig nut 05:14:55
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedDownload 1685141036341435.webm05:15:37
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedDownload 1684894901630049.webm05:15:40
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedDownload 1684924127531249.webm05:15:40
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedDownload 1684950662641951.webm05:15:41
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedDownload 1684969320331915.webm05:15:41
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedDownload 1684896698291959.webm05:15:42
@absolutezoned:matrix.orgabsolutezonedDownload 1684845305347512.webm05:15:42
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Download Fw7TrzhaMAElfwC.jpg
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