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14 Oct 2019
09:41:15@gitter_brianmcgee:matrix.orgBrian McGee (Gitter) joined the room.
09:41:15@gitter_brianmcgee:matrix.orgBrian McGee (Gitter) Hi all, chainlink noob here. Been going through the whitepaper and the source code, getting a feel for things. I have a few questions though, I hope you don't mind if I just drop them here.
09:42:31@gitter_brianmcgee:matrix.orgBrian McGee (Gitter) 1) looking at the contract code, I can't see anything related to collateral based jobs. The logic for now seems very simple and related to authorising a node, accepting a request from a contract and allowing a node to fulfill a request. There is nothing around SLAs that I can see etc. Am I looking in the wrong place or have I just missed something fundamental?
09:43:58@gitter_brianmcgee:matrix.orgBrian McGee (Gitter) 2) based on the Oracle code, it doesn't make sense to authorise more than one node for a given Oracle, since there isn't any kind of job allocation strategy either in the Oracle or some form of job allocation co-ordination between nodes. Am I right in thinking this?
10:01:07@gitter_brianmcgee:matrix.orgBrian McGee (Gitter)Gonna move these questions to discord :)
17 Oct 2019
04:43:31@gitter_seedublancaster:matrix.orgseedublancaster (Gitter) joined the room.
04:43:33@gitter_seedublancaster:matrix.orgseedublancaster (Gitter)Hey guys, I am doing research on cryptocurrencies for a data analysis project. I am trying to find a cross-sectional comparison of programming languages and hashing algorithms used by different cryptocurrencies. I thumbed through the white paper but did not see anything describing a hashing algorithm. Anyone able to help me out?
04:43:33@gitter_seedublancaster:matrix.orgseedublancaster (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_seedublancaster to seedublancaster (Gitter).
16:31:31@gitter_acarreazo:matrix.orgAnllelo Carreazo (Gitter) joined the room.
16:31:40@gitter_acarreazo:matrix.orgAnllelo Carreazo (Gitter)Hi everyone, where i can find the presentation or github code for the Workshop chainlink + remix - October 16th ???
17:45:54@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter) @seedublancaster Pretty much the only hashing we do is when a contract creates a request to the oracle contract and when the oracle contract validates the request hash.
@acarreazo That will be posted on the Discord when it's ready.
18 Oct 2019
05:30:07@gitter_seedublancaster:matrix.orgseedublancaster (Gitter) set a profile picture.
05:30:08@gitter_seedublancaster:matrix.orgseedublancaster (Gitter)OK, thanks thomas
29 Oct 2019
08:29:43@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter) joined the room.
08:29:57@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)2019-10-29T08:29:41Z [INFO] Connecting to node ws://localhost:8546 in 10s services/head_tracker.go:182
08:30:15@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter) logger.Info("Connecting to node ", ht.store.Config.EthereumURL(), " in ", ht.sleeper.Duration())
08:30:17@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)why is my node not connecting
08:30:24@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)is this a common issue
08:30:39@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)or is this an error to me
08:30:55@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)being a novice in setting up a local geth
08:31:01@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)via chainlink
08:31:14@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)I have a go-ethereum running in the back groud
08:31:33@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)but not exactly sure why they are not talking to each other
08:31:56@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)really need to be working on my oracle and adapter
08:32:05@gitter_casmirconsensys:matrix.orgCasmir Patterson (Gitter)but need this node to be running to get it running
11:23:59@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter) @casmirconsensys If you're using Docker, localhost of the container is not the same as your local machine. You should check out the Discord to receive more help.
31 Oct 2019
10:40:57@hskang096:matrix.org@hskang096:matrix.org left the room.
6 Nov 2019
09:52:31@gitter_jiyilanzhou:matrix.orgerchuan.ma (Gitter) joined the room.
09:52:38@gitter_jiyilanzhou:matrix.orgerchuan.ma (Gitter) Hello everyone, we're recruiting evangelists, researchers, developers. You can use your free time to participate in. It's a cross chain payment project. The innovation of the project is the design of syner chain and interactive chain, hotstuff consensus, smart virtual machine based on wasm, on chain governance, a production chain framework. Here, you'll start this project from scratch, and let's change the world together。
You can join our channel to learn about project. https://gitter.im/marcopoloprotocols/community?utm_source=share-link&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=share-link
19 Nov 2019
23:59:32@jack:okboomer.wtfjack joined the room.

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