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5 Sep 2019
00:57:59@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter) @rob4102 If you follow the Fulfilling Requests page exactly, it should set you up with exactly what you need.
16:27:43@gitter_rob4102:matrix.orgrob4102 (Gitter)Thank you. I believe I made the mistake of including oracle address when adding job. This should be left blank ? Also curiously on the node configuration dashboard there is a field for “oracle contract address” that I have never seen populate with data. What is that ?
18:03:57@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter) It's best practice to include the oracle contract address in the job. The ORACLE_CONTRACT_ADDRESS environment variable should be used more often in the future. Right now it's fine for it to be blank.
21:59:10@gitter_rob4102:matrix.orgrob4102 (Gitter)Okay thank you for your assistance. I will give it a go again this evening.
9 Sep 2019
17:26:43@gitter_kseniya292:matrix.orgKseniya Lifanova (Gitter) @thodges-gh Hi! Any updates regarding Rapid API Chainlink nodes?
17:38:09@gitter_kseniya292:matrix.orgKseniya Lifanova (Gitter) @thodges-gh I've set up my Chainlink node and am able to return 1 value from the RAPID Api. I'm trying to figure out how to structure my request function if I want to return multiple values. I tried putting the request into a loop but i'm not able to get it to work. So, if my path is events[0].score, I wanted to do something like events[i].score in a loop. Is that possible?
10 Sep 2019
01:08:41@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter) @kseniya292 Currently the Chainlink node can only return a single value as the result of a request. So if you wanted multiple values, you would need to make multiple requests. We do have a feature planned to allow for multi-word responses though.
12 Sep 2019
12:15:06@gitter_oliver-ernst:matrix.orgoliver-ernst (Gitter) really small issue. https://eth-usd-aggregator-staging.chain.link/ the title of the tab is Chainlink Hearbeat instead of Heartbeat
13 Sep 2019
04:44:29@gitter_oliver-ernst:matrix.orgoliver-ernst (Gitter) I'm wondering what the best way to setup the PostgreSQL database for my Chainlink node for maximum uptime is. I've been thinking about using an AWS instance for it, which they guarantee 99.99% uptime (4 and a half minutes a month downtime). Are people deeming that sufficient, or implementing a failover server on their database as well?
15 Sep 2019
04:12:13@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter) @rob4102 in simple terms the process should go... fund metamask with eth and link, send eth to node address (to fulfill requests), deploy Oracle contract, “setfulfillpermission”
04:15:34@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter)“Setfulfillpermission” with your node address and true, run job specs with your oracle contract address from before, take note of job ID’s, deploy testnetconsumer contract, fund Testnetconsumer contract with LINK, set node address and job ID for EthUint256 in “requestethereumprice”, once all transactions have succeeded you should be able to click “currentprice” and have it return the current value of ETH , you will see this request come into your node in the runs
04:18:54@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter) This is assuming you are using the official guide for Fulfilling Requests that @thodges-gh
04:19:36@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter)That Thomas provided** sorry for the multiple messages, I’m on mobile
22:07:58@gitter_arvyb:matrix.orgarvyb (Gitter) @thodges-gh Hi Thomas, I'm having a bit of trouble adding bridges, I'm getting an error; Unprocessable Entity but the URL seems fine and I've created a bridge before but possibly when I've updated the software this error has started happening; https://imgur.com/a/1yN96sN
16 Sep 2019
14:46:01@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter) @arvyb This should be fixed on develop and will be included in the next release.
15:35:10@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter) @arvyb @thodges-gh I was about to ask the same question, I get the same error when trying to create a bridge. “Unprocessable Entity”. @thodges-gh So we will not be able to create bridges until the next release?
15:41:25@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter)You can use the CLI for now.
15:44:30@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter) Okay thanks! @thodges-gh
16:40:17@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter)

@thodges-gh following the Chainlink docs.. trying to use node CLI to add external adapters... I use... Accessing a shell for this container is accomplished by running:

docker exec -it chainlink /bin/bash
This changes the prompt to something similar to:

You can now log in by running:

You will be prompted to enter your API Email and Password, and if successful, the prompt will simply appear again.

16:41:33@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter) I get an error : root@238bcb16c0dd:~# chainlink login
No help topic for 'login'
16:51:27@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter)Running chainlink —help gives me options but none are working as it wants me to login? I am not being asked for API username and password for the node.
17:05:41@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter) Docs should be updated now, we added new groupings for CLI commands: chainlink admin login
17:09:46@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter) @thodges-gh Great, thank you for the help and update to the docs!
17:14:55@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter)

@thodges-gh Also, the correct command to add a new external adapter seems to be
chainlink bridges create '{"name":"randomNumber","url":"http://localhost:3000/randomNumber"}' instead of
chainlink bridge '{"name":"randomNumber","url":"http://localhost:3000/randomNumber"}'


17:15:51@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter)Thank you for the help, was able to successfully add CoinMarketCap adapter using CLI. It now shows in Chainlink GUI under bridges.
17:50:13@gitter_arvyb:matrix.orgarvyb (Gitter) @thodges-gh thank you!
17:50:35@gitter_arvyb:matrix.orgarvyb (Gitter) and @ChainlinkResources for the run-down :)
18:10:49@gitter_chainlinkresources:matrix.orgChainlinkResources (Gitter) @arvyb Hey, no problem at all!
17 Sep 2019
00:47:27@gitter_kseniya292:matrix.orgKseniya Lifanova (Gitter) @thodges-gh So, If I want to return results from 63 tournaments, I would have to write 63 request functions?
11:52:36@gitter_thodges-gh:matrix.orgThomas (Gitter)For now, that is correct unless you create an external adapter that can pack multiple results into 32 bytes.

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