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29 Feb 2020
20:45:49@gitter_sigildotlink:matrix.orgSigil.Link (Gitter)3)MyContract (i.e. consumer contract)
20:46:25@gitter_sigildotlink:matrix.orgSigil.Link (Gitter)but when testing on ropsten, we already have the Ropsten LINK contract, and and oracle contract deployed for our nodes.
20:46:33@gitter_sigildotlink:matrix.orgSigil.Link (Gitter)am I missing something here ?
21:01:49@gitter_sigildotlink:matrix.orgSigil.Link (Gitter) also, does anyone know the equivalent of "truffle console --network live" in the chainlink trufflebox context. Since we have to set network_id: "*", in truffle-config.js the regular "console" command does not know what network to point to and we get the RPC error.
22:50:48@gitter_sigildotlink:matrix.orgSigil.Link (Gitter) Verified the truffle box is working with 0.5.0 contracts. There appears to be an issue with the "fund-contract.js". I will have a look at this later.
22:50:59@gitter_sigildotlink:matrix.orgSigil.Link (Gitter) (edited) ... with the "fund-contract.js". ... => ... with my "fund-contract.js". ...
6 Mar 2020
13:33:51@gitter_agsneha:matrix.orgSneha Agarwalla (Gitter) joined the room.
13:33:57@gitter_agsneha:matrix.orgSneha Agarwalla (Gitter) Hello guys, I'm trying to use the 'Sleep' adapter, but the requests are executing without delay. Can someone please help me out with this?
7 Mar 2020
22:07:48@memorypool:matrix.orgmemorypool joined the room.
11 Mar 2020
16:35:42@gitter_aihanrashidov:matrix.orgAyhan Rashidov (Gitter) joined the room.
16:36:03@gitter_aihanrashidov:matrix.orgAyhan Rashidov (Gitter) Hello. I've managed to get LINK tokens for my testnet account but how to get such tokens on a mainnet account?
15 Mar 2020
22:01:18@gitter_stonecoldpat:matrix.orgPatrick McCorry (Gitter) joined the room.
22:01:21@gitter_stonecoldpat:matrix.orgPatrick McCorry (Gitter) hey hey. i'm trying to use the tutorial for ropsten, but when I put in the jobid "897479ba429445e4a89be90cfcd52a51", it complains that it isnt a bytes32
22:01:38@gitter_stonecoldpat:matrix.orgPatrick McCorry (Gitter)

for this function:
function requestEthereumPrice(address _oracle, bytes32 _jobId, uint256 _payment)

Has anyone ran into this before ?

22:02:45@gitter_stonecoldpat:matrix.orgPatrick McCorry (Gitter)(ill put it in the discord too)
16 Mar 2020
09:37:01@gitter_lifangzhen:matrix.orgfangzhen (Gitter) joined the room.
09:37:02@gitter_lifangzhen:matrix.orgfangzhen (Gitter)where can i find RopstenConsumer.sol?
19 Mar 2020
03:32:36@seme:matrix.orgseme joined the room.
23 Mar 2020
02:14:11@jack:okboomer.wtf@jack:okboomer.wtf left the room.
24 Mar 2020
07:51:10@unsaltedcholine:matrix.orgunsaltedcholine joined the room.
27 Mar 2020
10:00:46@gitter_agsneha:matrix.orgSneha Agarwalla (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
30 Mar 2020
10:11:20@gitter_johnsvds:matrix.orggitter_johnsvds joined the room.
10:11:24@gitter_johnsvds:matrix.orggitter_johnsvds Hi all! I hope you are healthy and strong :) I am trying to acquire testnet Link to my metamask accounts using all the three available faucets (Kovan, Rinkeby, Ropsten). However, even though the transaction on Etherscan is successful, I don't receive any Link. Are there any other alternatives or suggestions? Thanks.
4 Apr 2020
06:15:01@gitter_grsind19:matrix.orgseetharaman gr (Gitter) joined the room.
06:15:02@gitter_grsind19:matrix.orgseetharaman gr (Gitter) ChainLink oracle service is failing in Quorum privateFor Transactions. Won't it support it?
6 Apr 2020
16:38:29@gitter_grsind19:matrix.orgseetharaman gr (Gitter)Is there anyway Chainlink smart contract deployed for Quorum private smart contracts
16:38:32@gitter_grsind19:matrix.orgseetharaman gr (Gitter)?
8 Apr 2020
21:11:34@aeameen:matrix.orgaeameen joined the room.
21:13:36@aeameen:matrix.orgaeameen changed their display name from aeameen to uticas.
21:13:53@aeameen:matrix.orgaeameen changed their display name from uticas to aeameen.

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