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4 Nov 2020
@gitter_adilimroz:matrix.orgadilimroz (Gitter) joined the room.10:41:54
@gitter_adilimroz:matrix.orgadilimroz (Gitter)wecw10:41:54
5 Nov 2020
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8 Nov 2020
@gitter_donya-94:matrix.orgdonya-94 (Gitter) joined the room.22:56:33
@gitter_donya-94:matrix.orgdonya-94 (Gitter) Hello everyone, I'm new in smart contract programming and I want to write a smart contract for compensation, if customer did not receive the service correctly the smart contract should transfer amount of eth from provider wallet to customer wallet, can I do sth like this? and what else if there was not enough eth in provider's wallet? 22:56:33
9 Nov 2020
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13 Nov 2020
@gitter_amitbrd:matrix.orgAmitBRD (Gitter) joined the room.08:39:46
@gitter_amitbrd:matrix.orgAmitBRD (Gitter)Hello, is their support for tls1.3 ? I watched a talk regarding BLS Signature as well, is that slated to be included in any of the query and proof workflows?08:39:46
21 Nov 2020
@gitter_briansoule:matrix.orgBrian Soule (Gitter) joined the room.20:06:04
@gitter_briansoule:matrix.orgBrian Soule (Gitter)Where can I see a list of the oracles on testnets?20:06:04
@gitter_hershkoy:matrix.orghershkoy (Gitter) joined the room.21:46:32
@gitter_hershkoy:matrix.orghershkoy (Gitter) @briansoule you have https://market.link
If you need a node for hosting an external adapter on kocan testnet, I can help
@gitter_hershkoy:matrix.orghershkoy (Gitter) (edited) ... on kocan testnet, ... => ... on kovan testnet, ... 21:46:38
@gitter_briansoule:matrix.orgBrian Soule (Gitter) Thanks@hershkoy market.link only seems to show mainnet oracles, am I missing something? 21:47:57
@gitter_briansoule:matrix.orgBrian Soule (Gitter)Wait I see the network dropdown, this is great21:48:29
@gitter_briansoule:matrix.orgBrian Soule (Gitter) @hershkoy How do I infer the AggregatorProxy contract for an aggregator? Do not all oracles have a proxy yet? 21:55:31
@gitter_hershkoy:matrix.orghershkoy (Gitter) I am not sure. To be honest the Aggregators is not something that I tried until now, so I don't know how they work. You can try to ask in the discord community if you don't get an answer here 22:09:09
@gitter_hershkoy:matrix.orghershkoy (Gitter)There is also the linkpool community in telegram, you can try to ask there22:09:44
@gitter_briansoule:matrix.orgBrian Soule (Gitter)Thanks22:23:02
22 Nov 2020
@gitter_briansoule:matrix.orgBrian Soule (Gitter) Does anyone know how to get added to an oracle to avoid the checkAccess() errors? It seems to be a core part of an oracle api but I can’t find any documentation about it 06:56:49
24 Nov 2020
@gitter_sarodh:matrix.orgSarodh (Gitter) joined the room.01:50:35
@gitter_sarodh:matrix.orgSarodh (Gitter)Hello, is it possible to have 2 values maintained in the task stack? I want to pass in a value which gets JSON parsed then multiply that with the result of a HTTPGet01:50:35
25 Nov 2020
@gitter_addysiz:matrix.orgaz (Gitter) joined the room.09:13:26
@gitter_addysiz:matrix.orgaz (Gitter)hey all 09:13:28
27 Nov 2020
@gitter_tristonh55:matrix.orgTristonH55 (Gitter) joined the room.23:05:57
@gitter_tristonh55:matrix.orgTristonH55 (Gitter)

hi i did a rinkeby node setup but the GUI would not let me login so i removed the VM and did a new setup and now all i get is

[ERROR] unable to lock ORM: dial tcp: lookup

i Removed the VM and Database but it will not start the node this time? any info on why i cant install it again?

@gitter_tristonh55:matrix.orgTristonH55 (Gitter)Hi Beau 23:24:13
@gitter_beaukelsey:matrix.orgBeau Kelsey (Gitter)

Hey all. When I try to start my node on Ropsten I get two errors...

  1. [ERROR] unable to lock ORM: dial tcp connect: connection refused logger/default.go:139
  2. [FATAL] Unable to initialize ORM: dial tcp connect: connection refused
    unable to open for gorm DB

my run call πŸ‘‰ cd ~/.chainlink-ropsten && docker run -p 6688:6688 -v ~/.chainlink-ropsten:/chainlink -it --env-file=.env smartcontract/chainlink local n

I can't connect to the DB via datagrip either for some reason... ???
Anyone help me out?

@gitter_tristonh55:matrix.orgTristonH55 (Gitter)Did you find a fix as i also am getting that now.23:24:34
@gitter_beaukelsey:matrix.orgBeau Kelsey (Gitter) (edited) ... me out? => ... me out? 23:24:34

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