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14 Jun 2020
@gitter_grantathon:matrix.orgGrant Bartel (Gitter)

I'm also getting this error: "[ERROR] unable to lock ORM: dial tcp: lookup ruby.db.elephantsql.com"

I followed the tutorial on chain.link. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. I run other docker images on my machine just fine, so I'm unsure of the problem here.

@gitter_grantathon:matrix.orgGrant Bartel (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_grantathon to Grant Bartel (Gitter).09:47:58
@gitter_grantathon:matrix.orgGrant Bartel (Gitter)The ETH_URL is set to point to Ropsten via fiews.io.09:47:58
@gitter_grantathon:matrix.orgGrant Bartel (Gitter) How can I solve this error? I've Googled endlessly! 09:50:57
15 Jun 2020
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@carry:bau-ha.uscarry 17:32:35
16 Jun 2020
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@gregor:ggc-project.degregor 21:45:50
18 Jun 2020
@alexej:sibnsk.netalexej 22:54:51
20 Jun 2020
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23 Jun 2020
@gitter_chengw123:matrix.orgCheng Wang (Gitter) joined the room.15:43:47
@gitter_chengw123:matrix.orgCheng Wang (Gitter)I am also get this problem. Any solutions, thank you.15:43:47
@gitter_rob4102:matrix.orgrob4102 (Gitter)Open your firewall up15:44:55
@gitter_rob4102:matrix.orgrob4102 (Gitter)Remove database timeout from your .env file ?15:45:20
@gitter_rob4102:matrix.orgrob4102 (Gitter)Paste your .env config ?15:45:38
@gitter_rob4102:matrix.orgrob4102 (Gitter)*paste your .env config into chat to allow us to see configuration variables please. 15:48:03
@gitter_chengw123:matrix.orgCheng Wang (Gitter)



@gitter_chengw123:matrix.orgCheng Wang (Gitter)i tried to remove the database timeout, and changed the server to docker ip, but still get this error 16:10:19
@angela:feneas.organgela 20:39:36
24 Jun 2020
@gitter_whatsadebugger:matrix.orgAhmad Tabbakha (Gitter) joined the room.17:08:53
@gitter_whatsadebugger:matrix.orgAhmad Tabbakha (Gitter) Do i need to do anything special to get this preparetest command to run. I set my DB URL to what was recommended DATABASE_URL=postgresql://
where is libpq behavior defie.
->  chainlink git:(readme-build-steps) go run ./core/main.go local db preparetest
2020-06-24T16:28:16Z [INFO]  Resetting database: "postgresql://localhost:5432/chainlink_test?ssl_mode=disable" cmd/local_client.go:360
unable to drop postgres database: pq: password authentication failed for user "ahmad"
@gitter_whatsadebugger:matrix.orgAhmad Tabbakha (Gitter) (edited) ... behavior defie. ``` ... => ... behavior defined. Seems to me since no user is specified in the DB url its using my shell login. I'll try it with the chainlink user ``` ... 17:09:28
@gitter_ohmthstakepool:matrix.orgOhmTHStakePool (Gitter) joined the room.17:12:46
@gitter_ohmthstakepool:matrix.orgOhmTHStakePool (Gitter) You have to specify user on database url like this DATABASE_URL=postgresql://user:password@ 17:12:46
@gitter_ohmthstakepool:matrix.orgOhmTHStakePool (Gitter)Change your IP as well. I thought might not work17:13:20
@gitter_whatsadebugger:matrix.orgAhmad Tabbakha (Gitter)what permissions are required for the chainlink user17:40:11
@nikolaos:asra.grnikolaos 19:02:36
25 Jun 2020
@gitter_ohmthstakepool:matrix.orgOhmTHStakePool (Gitter)What is your DB name that created on Postgres?08:51:22
27 Jun 2020
@andre:riotchat.deandre 22:57:06

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