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1. We're trying to improve working conditions and pay 2. We're trying to reduce the number of hours a person has to work 3. We talk about the end of paid work being mandatory for survival. – Partnered with: lemmy.ca/c/antiwork – and bridged with: https://discord.gg/hbtukJCqc9 (channel: #antiwork) and IRC: #antiwork on IRCNow.org (i.e., connect to ircs://irc.ircnow.org and `/join #antiwork`)19 Servers

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11 Jan 2023
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12 Jan 2023
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14 Jan 2023
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16 Jan 2023
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17 Jan 2023
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18 Jan 2023
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22 Jan 2023
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25 Jan 2023
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@tomastom:matrix.org@tomastom:matrix.orgI am developer.16:27:10
@tomastom:matrix.org@tomastom:matrix.orgI work full-time.16:27:25
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26 Jan 2023
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In reply to @tomastom:matrix.org
I work full-time.
Gtfo of here!
27 Jan 2023
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@xlabyrinthx:matrix.orgxlabyrinthx Michael: moderated. Dead room atm 14:10:56
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelRedacted or Malformed Event14:53:59
@michael:perthchat.orgMichael * nice, i'll tell other normie scum to get lost with my new mod powers lol14:54:11
28 Jan 2023
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29 Jan 2023
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30 Jan 2023
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