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13 May 2021
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20 May 2021
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27 May 2021
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@adrian:adrians.cloudAdethe discourse link redirects to a forum - is that right?09:12:28
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28 May 2021
@adrian:adrians.cloudAdeis you install the bitcoin node app - doesn this mean you can earn bitcoin from validating transactions?11:36:06
31 May 2021
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@dhuddly:matrix.orgdhuddlyhey folks. Was just installing dappnode and made it to the point where it shows the QR code and tells me to copy it into browser. My question is this, I installed this on a machine i plan on dedicating to dappnode. I don't have a browser yet as I have just finished installing the OS.03:51:00
@dhuddly:matrix.orgdhuddlyHow do i install the browser when I haven't even seen the OS yet?03:51:25
1 Jun 2021
@adrian:adrians.cloudAde dhuddly you can browse to the machines IP from another system. You will get a basic UI, you will then need to install VPN software on that machine in order to access the dappnode features 05:27:39
5 Jun 2021
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6 Jun 2021
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8 Jun 2021
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10 Jun 2021
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@greenhornet:matrix.orgGreen Hornethey guys, im trying to test out a dappnode on gcp but im having trouble setting it up. sometimes im getting a refused connection but other times i manage to get the page with the .ovpn link, but then i cant connect to the server. the VPN seems to not be set up correctly 18:14:04
@greenhornet:matrix.orgGreen HornetRedacted or Malformed Event18:14:22
@greenhornet:matrix.orgGreen HornetScreenshot 2021-06-10 at 21.58.49.png
Download Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 21.58.49.png
@greenhornet:matrix.orgGreen HornetScreenshot 2021-06-10 at 21.58.28.png
Download Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 21.58.28.png
11 Jun 2021
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@sypher:privacytools.iosypherHi everyone!14:49:54
13 Jun 2021
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20 Jun 2021
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22 Jun 2021
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29 Jun 2021
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12 Jul 2021
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17 Jul 2021
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18 Jul 2021
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