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16 Feb 2019
15:43:42@codecontext:matrix.orgadriaIn otder to resolve http://my.admin.dnp.dappnode.eth/ ... I need to wait that ether syncs?
15:44:14@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Yinta0>

👍👍👍 (re @geleeroyale_bot: <codecontext>It connects now :))

15:44:31@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <alexshelpin>

Nop…It should not be necessary…that address is solved internally by the bind package

15:45:45@codecontext:matrix.orgadria mmm... ping: my.admin.dnp.dappnode.eth: Name or service not known
15:45:54@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <alexshelpin>

As long as a client is connected to the vpn the my admin should be reachable

15:46:40@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <alexshelpin>

Could you ping the dyndns domain you had in the installation or the dappnode address please?

15:47:20@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Yinta0>

im checking with upnp disable and ports open and work! My router dont know work with upnp xDD (re @geleeroyale_bot: <alexshelpin>> <@bridge-bot:matrix.org> Hello! I take this error when run monero. I have enable Upnp on router. Its problem of router, right? Like upnp dont work fine on my router.

Error: Command failed: docker run –rm –net=host vpn.dnp.dappnode.eth:0.1.21 upnpc -e DAppNode -r 4334 TCP
No IGD UPnP Device found on the network !
Strange…Can you try to disable it and open ports manually?)

15:48:22@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <alexshelpin>

Try to disconnect and connect the vpn and enter again in the address in a new window typing the whole url starting with http:// please

15:48:30@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <alexshelpin>

Great!! (re @Yinta0: im checking with upnp disable and ports open and work! My router dont know work with upnp xDD)

15:52:14@alexshelpin:matrix.orgalexshelpinThe new ethchain package is available at ethchain.dnp.dappnode.eth ...this package fixes the bug about rpc attacks with parity 2.2.10 stable...
16:02:35@codecontext:matrix.orgadriammm... I did some tests... maybe it could help to find what's happening? I did nslookup to admin and to another domain

Hey adria! it seems that your nslooup is trying to resolve the address using (maybe due to your /etc/resolv.conf)
You can try this:

 nslookup -debug -query=any my.admin.dnp.dappnode.eth

	my.admin.dnp.dappnode.eth, type = ANY, class = IN
    ->  my.admin.dnp.dappnode.eth
	internet address =
	ttl = 38400
Name:	my.admin.dnp.dappnode.eth

to be sure that it's a domain resolution problem you can try to access directly in your browser to

In reply to @bridge-bot:matrix.org

thanks @eduadiez we got our url to resolve :)

WOW! That's awesome!! 😃
19:25:44@codecontext:matrix.orgadriathanks! I'll try!
20:16:07@karsrhyder:matrix.orgkarsrhyderipsec and parity kovan are killing my CPU
20:20:43@karsrhyder:matrix.orgkarsrhyderanyone else seeing this
20:37:05@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduHow many cores does your cpu have? You have to divide that value among the number of them to know the real consumption
20:39:01@karsrhyder:matrix.orgkarsrhyderi think there's 2x parity kovan running- one of them hangs
20:39:50@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduSometimes I've seen a high CPU consumption due to the VPN, usually restarting it improves consumption. This's another reason why we want to migrate to OpenVPN as soon as possible
20:40:07@karsrhyder:matrix.orgkarsrhyderoh god yes please migrate :)
20:40:18@karsrhyder:matrix.orgkarsrhyderipsec is also highly unstable right now
20:49:02@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduI don't think IPsec is highly unstable or at least I've never seen that behavior, it's true that you can suffer some disconnection but it's something that happens from time to time. The main reason for migration is the difficulty to connect in certain operating systems and be able to connect in other ports than 500
21:04:46@karsrhyder:matrix.orgkarsrhyderI can't keep a connection up for more than 2 hrs. To me that's 'unstable'.
21:14:28@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduYou're the first to complain about it, I've had several connections of more than 8 hours without any problem, Could it be a problem with your ISP?
21:40:05@karsrhyder:matrix.orgkarsrhyderIt's digital ocean?
22:18:38@eduadiez:matrix.orgedupersonally I haven’t seen connection problems with a DAppNode installed in DO, maybe the problem is at the other end

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