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15 Jan 2022
@niels_:matrix.orgNiels set a profile picture.21:06:40
17 Jan 2022
@kingflurkel:matrix.orgMichelle Plur [swarm.city] changed their display name from Michelle Plur [EthSwarm] to Michelle Plur [swarm.city].02:02:23
@kingflurkel:matrix.orgMichelle Plur [swarm.city] changed their profile picture.02:02:42
@kingflurkel:matrix.orgMichelle Plur [swarm.city] changed their profile picture.02:02:57
21 Jan 2022
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6 Feb 2022
@rouser:matrix.orgwaylink changed their display name from agoraponic to waylink.15:09:14
15 Feb 2022
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28 Feb 2022
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1 Mar 2022
@kambaras:matrix.orgMarcin Ku joined the room.07:56:54
3 Mar 2022
@retnuh1:matrix.orgRetnuh1 changed their profile picture.11:23:53
14 Mar 2022
@sebowski:matrix.orgjeffrey changed their display name from sebowski to jeffrey.14:35:42
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21 Mar 2022
@logonaut:matrix.orglogonaut set a profile picture.17:02:28
@logonaut:matrix.orglogonaut changed their profile picture.17:18:04
@logonaut:matrix.orglogonaut changed their profile picture.17:24:55
27 Mar 2022
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29 Mar 2022
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2 Apr 2022
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18 Apr 2022
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27 Apr 2022
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29 Apr 2022
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1 May 2022
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11 May 2022
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