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15 Dec 2018
22:54:13@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdoyes i had the very same problem in voidlinux
22:54:10@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueeOk, then I will try to look for answers in the web
23:00:25@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdoI think is something related with the algos as I said... try this one ^
In reply to @vdo:gulik.greyfaze.net
Yes, I was readint it. I have installed strongswan and now I am rebooting, Hopefully works, otherwise I will try with libreswan. I dont have a clue what those are btw
23:02:02@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueetalk in 5 mins
23:03:44@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdothose are diferent implementations of ipsec
23:04:59@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdoi hope you find the correct swan :)
23:06:30@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueetrying :)
23:11:40@alexshelpin:matrix.orgalexshelpinhttps://twitter.com/loomnetwork/status/1073804778566610944?s=21 interesting....would you like your dappnodes to be plasma validators?
16 Dec 2018
00:05:24@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueeI could not get it working
00:05:36@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueeIt would be good to add sshd to the vpn container
00:06:00@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueemaybe that helps to debug it
00:06:30@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueethen I could ssh the container to see the log in real time. I am sure that log that we see is not the complete one
00:07:04@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdoyou can enter to it without the need of ssh
00:06:55@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueeI can run commands, but not a ssh
00:07:03@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueeI mean a shell
00:07:58@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdodocker exec -ti namrofthecontainer sh
00:08:39@quiquee:matrix.orgquiquee:) yes it works :) I am learning more about docker and vpn than about distributed apps
00:09:57@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdo but i'm afraid you won't see much in there. it's in the client side it seems. going to.sleep, have fun
00:10:43@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueeyep you are right. Thanks a lot for the pointers ! and sleep well !
00:13:36@quiquee:matrix.orgquiqueeusing an android emulation now :)
00:36:08@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot[telegram] <emelero> Well it seems that I have some problems ... what is wamp?
02:11:57@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot[telegram] <etherboiiiiiiiiiiii> wamp is a web stack like LAMP, however WAMP is Windows Apache Mysql PHP i believe
In reply to @bridge-bot:matrix.org
sent an image.
I'm confident that you are not connected to your DAppNode. Check you VPN connection and internet connection, try to reconnect and then refresh the website
02:24:29@liondapp:matrix.orgdapplionWamp is the generic name (Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP)) of the software we use for inter package communication within DAppNode. It is the way the admin website comunicates with DAppNode to do everything

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