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12 Nov 2019
16:20:18@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahHow do i fix this?
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looks like the network is not up.. ping to google.is not working.... another machine in the same network is working so i am sure there is some issue with dappnode machine on wifi...
are your dappnode conected to the router through ethernet cable?
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<Rock_Lobster>Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the huge amount of help provided in the past few days. Eduardo was a hero for walking me through all my router settings to run multiple DAppNodes at home.
With my ports finally opened and everything up and running I started syncing Geth yesterday at 1:02pm my time and by 6:12pm I had hit that point where it stays at 99% for a while as it imports state for a long time. Woke up this morning and it was fully synced, couldn’t believe it.
System was a tower meant to be a DAW, 3.5 year old i7, 32gb. Geth size on disk 194gb vs 238gb for my Parity node I’ve been running since January.
you're welcome 🙂
In reply to @eduadiez:matrix.org
are your dappnode conected to the router through ethernet cable?
Yes,,, AN wifi is also active
17:28:41@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahi cannot even ssh in to the dappnode machine....
17:29:15@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahfor some reason btoth wifi and LAN and not active...
17:30:09@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahi really want dappnode working in my setup and this problem is driving me nuts :-(
17:31:20@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahi had ubuntu in this machine before... and the network was working fine
17:32:21@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduWrite me a DM, I’ll be happy to help you
18:20:31@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozah@edu was very very helpful to resolve the issue i had with my network. No i am a proud runner of Dappnode.. Than a ton
18:20:51@planski:matrix.orglanskiEdu = hero
18:22:15@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduyou're welcome :-)
18:30:44@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Rock_Lobster>👏 (re @geleeroyale_bot: <jmozah>@edu was very very helpful to resolve the issue i had with my network. No i am a proud runner of Dappnode… Than a ton)
18:46:46@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahI now ran in to another issue... The huge QR code is being shown now..
18:47:01@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahBut when i paste the link in browser.. it times out...
18:47:23@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahi couldn t download the .ovpn files
18:47:50@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozahI opened the 8090 port too..... dont know what i am doing wrong
19:09:53@jmozah:matrix.orgjmozah@edu Sent you some DMs
13 Nov 2019
03:11:31@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-botRedacted or Malformed Event
03:11:33@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-botRedacted or Malformed Event
07:39:38@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Michael>I upgraded to networkmanager 1.20.6 yesterday and the openVPN connection could not be established anymore. (Happening on Arch linux). According to the networkmanager journal setting up the connection is timing out after the initial handshake is working. I did not spend much time in debugging this, just reverted to the previous package version (1.20.4-2) and everything works again. Is anyone else seeing this?
20:42:52@bakkdoor:matrix.orgbakkdoor joined the room.
20:48:49@bakkdoor:matrix.orgbakkdoorHi, I got my DAppNode today, but am running into some issues. I started both geth and tried to switch to using that as the main eth client, then decided to switch it back to parity... at that time geth was disabled. I then enabled it (but didnt pick it as the main eth client under the system package settings). after that the web UI stopped working. i can see the core.dnp.dappnode.eth docker container restarting repeatedly but dont see any errors in the logs. is there a way to just reset the whole thing to default settings?
20:51:34@bakkdoor:matrix.orgbakkdoor(looking at the logs via docker inside SSH session) - not having the web ui is really inconvenient, not sure how to get that back to running again
20:56:38@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduYou can try this command to reset to defaults packages
wget -qO - https://installer.dappnode.io | sudo UPDATE=true bash

20:59:58@bakkdoor:matrix.orgbakkdoorok thanks will give that a try
21:00:23@eduadiez:matrix.orgeduYou can send me a DM in case you need help or you've any problem
21:00:46@bakkdoor:matrix.orgbakkdoorok thank you!
22:13:24@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Michael>I don’t need the WIFI of my DAppNode, so i stopped the package. However, after restart it is back on. Is there a way to disable it from autostart? I would still like to be able to quickly turn it on on demand, so it should not be permanently deleted :)

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