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17 May 2022
@_discord_275587823799894028:flowtivity.ioK3nningar [🇫🇷🇨🇭] I don't doubt it, but few mod creators care about. 11:49:15
@_discord_546255353474580502:flowtivity.ioCrimson Fury I just think they deserve some love atleast. 11:49:35
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] hes a big fan of the Aussie cars 13:28:13
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] I've been teaching and helping him with a lot of details as im very passionate about the cars in my country 13:28:34
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] I just don't have the skills to create the mods so he does that bit hahaha 13:29:03
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@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul I have this on the way, Maybe Australia used it too? 1999 Ford Mondeo. I snagged it from those GTA guys, Currently NFs HighStakes don't have a good Mondeo like this one yet so I'm gonna make a HighStakes version of it 14:22:06
Download CopCar-GTA2.webp
Download FsedON9Bgamn2UqEmQEjvjDajzdU8HjDOfLyfEZ4znsknZY2RuY0SZ3YHU18FabA71XqORbyBiuS28K5dTiX3uXd.jpg
@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul Also I found a nice 3D model of the Police car from GTA 2 thanks to a fella on SketchFab. 14:26:35
@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul Well gotta get back to work now, Later folks. 14:26:47
@_discord_275587823799894028:flowtivity.ioK3nningar [🇫🇷🇨🇭] I hope we'll see the real Lowdes' MHRT Commodore like the add-on in the game and not a variant 16:52:59
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@_discord_866447329863401482:flowtivity.ioMr.Zero changed their display name from Mr.Zero#2077 to Mr.Zero.17:59:19
@_discord_341243432184053761:flowtivity.iopete https://gtaforums.com/topic/933135-gta-2-vehicles-reborn-in-3d/
You should definitely check out this forum thread
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18 May 2022
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] yes we will, Louis’ Adventures, NFSF1McLaren [🇺🇸], and I have been working very hard on it 00:23:13
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] we even got Polishmeme to do a voiceover for the showcase from a script I wrote 00:23:31
@_discord_177155011942285313:flowtivity.ioPolishmeme How’s that coming along? 00:23:59
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] im yet to clip them together as I've been busy with homework but I plan to do it after class tomorrow 00:33:11
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] mondeos were sold here but as far as I know they were never used as police cars 00:34:24
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] almost all of out police cars in that era were australian made 00:34:51
@_discord_255219110248448000:flowtivity.ioSchnoobler [🇦🇺] * almost all of our police cars in that era were australian made 00:34:57

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