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22 Nov 2017
00:41:42@ratot:matrix.orgratotso i switched to Disconnect instead
00:41:55@ratot:matrix.orgratotbecause its also used by firefox for private navigation
00:42:09@ratot:matrix.orgratotby default
00:42:20@ratot:matrix.orgratotso it must be ok
00:42:54@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgyeah I knw I do not use disconnect as it actually track your searches by adding that so called anonymized hash it still save it somewhere
00:43:00@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgswitch to ddg :)
00:43:05@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgIt do not track you
00:43:24@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgespecially if you are using it through TOR network
00:43:26@ratot:matrix.orgratoti use ddg
00:43:47@ratot:matrix.orgratotno TOR
00:43:49@ratot:matrix.orgratotsee u later
00:44:37@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgdunno I used disconnect years ago and that used some hash that is added yto each of your searches then I watch tehir technical video where they are explaining the way they intended to use it and didn't like it.
00:46:36@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgBtw also firefox is written in C++ and basically engine and most of code is C++ htey just recently started adding other languages. SO its base is still pure C++. In difference from Chrome which is V javascript engine writen in C and then most of the other functionalities of the browser wrotten in JS.
10:51:55@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orghey ratot you up?
21:42:05@ratot:matrix.orgratoti am now
** Unable to decrypt: The sender's device has not sent us the keys for this message. **
21:42:47@ratot:matrix.orgratotin the other room
23 Nov 2017
10:42:46@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgdamn not sure why you get that error
15:11:58@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgso what are you doing kids?
15:13:27@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgJust writing a funny way to exploit - meaning here use with fun making jokes about JS - the one of the simple JS libraries that remind us on the good old days. https://www.cssscript.com/terminal-style-text-typing-animation-typewriting-js/
16:15:52@ratot:matrix.orgratotnice JS hack
16:16:10@ratot:matrix.orgratotare u making a web shell for haks
22:51:20@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgnot really :)
22:51:38@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgall of js is a bug
22:52:06@in1t3r:matrix.org@in1t3r:matrix.orgcan you reconnect like login again in your riot client?
24 Nov 2017
22:41:46@ratot:matrix.orgratoti should do that
16 Jul 2018
01:26:44@zoltanzuberi:matrix.orgzoltanzuberi joined the room.

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