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Implementing ipfs in rust37 Servers

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25 Dec 2021
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26 Dec 2021
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27 Dec 2021
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31 Dec 2021
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1 Jan 2022
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3 Jan 2022
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4 Jan 2022
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6 Jan 2022
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7 Jan 2022
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9 Jan 2022
@cryptoquick:matrix.orgcryptoquickThe ideas discussed in this article are pretty relevant to the work being done by folks here: https://moxie.org/2022/01/07/web3-first-impressions.html04:16:55
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94chInteresting read. Explains everything wrong with blockchain. Never used nfts wasn't aware of that particular fuckup in the blockchain space04:45:48
@cryptoquick:matrix.orgcryptoquick Yeah. It could be a good target market for your local-first work though, dvc94ch 04:54:51
@cryptoquick:matrix.orgcryptoquick This is also an interesting follow-up to Moxie's article:
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10 Jan 2022
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14 Jan 2022
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19 Jan 2022
@dan.shields:matrix.parity.ioDan | Parity

off topic a bit, but I figured this group would be interested:
https://littlebearlabs.io/ is spinning off another company: https://www.arcas.io/

Arcas is focused on improving the WebRTC experience for end-users, developers and companies building products that enable realtime collaboration through WebRTC.

@dan.shields:matrix.parity.ioDan | Parityall in rust AFAIK16:27:33
@cryptoquick:matrix.orgcryptoquickNeat! I wonder if they'll be working with https://webrtc.rs/16:35:30
@cryptoquick:matrix.orgcryptoquickI sponsor them via GitHub sponsors :)16:36:06
22 Jan 2022
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