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Implementing ipfs in rust39 Servers

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17 Jun 2022
@raphaellouis:matrix.orgraphaellouisI find the IPFS proposal interesting and I would like to improve, help.01:56:55
@raphaellouis:matrix.orgraphaellouisIt is an early draft idea/concept.01:57:17
@raphaellouis:matrix.orgraphaellouisI would like to know... what do you think of this ui/ux design?01:57:44
@raphaellouis:matrix.orgraphaellouis"What I put here is a mockup"01:58:20
@raphaellouis:matrix.orgraphaellouisOne question, is there any search engine for IPFS?02:06:32
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@raphaellouis:matrix.orgraphaellouisHi All, I was able to find the answer to my question.07:49:41
@raphaellouis:matrix.orgraphaellouissorry for any inconvenience.07:49:59
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19 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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28 Jun 2022
@rklaehn:matrix.orgrklaehnHi all. We have done some work implementing a storage backend that could be used to make ipfs-embed work in any browser via WASM, including persistence. I was wondering who would be interested in something like that... All the components are there, but this would still be a fair amount of work to get working reliably.07:34:18
30 Jun 2022
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3 Jul 2022
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4 Jul 2022
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6 Jul 2022
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94ch So if everyone that upvoted rklaehnsuggestion donated 100$ it wouldn't cover the cost 19:47:19
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94chThat's based on a 2 week estimate at a pretty low salary of 4k$/mo19:50:46
@cryptoquick:matrix.orgcryptoquickEspecially in this economy19:53:29
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94chI decided to quit programming. I'm currently an affiliate marketer. If you can't sell someone else's software, how do you expect to sell your own.19:55:32
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94chWell, let's see how it works out.19:56:15
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94chLet's hope trump can resurrect the economy in 2024 😄 19:57:14
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94chad: If you want to create stunning videos for your YouTube channel or software project you should visit creatstunningvideos.com. for only 77$ you can create stunning videos with just three clicks, without unreliable contractors or video making experience20:03:22
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@anderscs:matrix.orgAnders C. SørbyRedacted or Malformed Event20:06:07
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@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94chAnyone else who thinks Biden did a great job: You're an American: please stay there You're not an American: please move there20:14:55
@rklaehn:matrix.orgrklaehnI am currently on holiday, but I would prefer to keep this channel about ipfs-embed...20:25:42

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