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Implementing ipfs in rust based on rust-libp2p at https://github.com/rs-ipfs/rust-ipfs34 Servers

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30 Jun 2020
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1 Jul 2020
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2 Jul 2020
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3 Jul 2020
@koivunej:matrix.orgkoivunej yay, bors just merged https://github.com/rs-ipfs/rust-ipfs/pull/220 in. if there are any comments on the unixfs functionality please let me know! I'll be working towards the HTTP API again before doubling back and cleaning up ipfs::Ipfs APIs for this to get the conformance tests working first, as I expect needing to adjust the scope and such with them. 09:50:39
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5 Jul 2020
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6 Jul 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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9 Jul 2020
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10 Jul 2020
@koivunej:matrix.orgkoivunej great week with rust-ipfs; got upgraded to latest conformance tests which use streaming multipart POST bodies without Content-Length, lots of cleanup, and nextworking towards wantlist cancellation which is major infrastructural hurdle we need to solve and initial /add 10:35:57
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94ch We built a network simulator https://GitHub.com/ipfs-rust/netsim-embed which will help us debug and optimize the networking of ipfs-embed in general, and nat traversal in particular 12:12:59
@dvc94ch:matrix.orgdvc94ch Our work is driven by the needs of https://GitHub.com/sunshine-protocol/sunshine 12:15:15
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13 Jul 2020
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@thegeminon:matrix.orgthegeminonHey everyone! First off, I wanted to say thanks, I've been wanting to play with IPFS in Rust for a while now 🙂 I am running into an issue though with pubsub, I can't get any instances to communicate with each other 😕 Its able to publish and receive its own messages, but none come from either the CLI or other instances of the program. Anyone able to see what I am missing: https://gist.github.com/NickTaylor-/5db4fe6be7e4694c5f7a21244443a30c16:25:32
14 Jul 2020
@koivunej:matrix.orgkoivunej thegeminon: hi and thanks for trying that out! indeed, at least for go-ipfs 0.5 there is an incompatiblity but I haven't had time to refresh it for go-ipfs 0.6; could you update the issue with your experiences (the other ipfs node version for example, maybe look at logging output if possible?) at https://github.com/rs-ipfs/rust-ipfs/issues/132 08:16:17
@thegeminon:matrix.orgthegeminonI did see that issue, but I am also having issues between two instances of the rust-ipfs client also not connecting, so it at least not limited to go-ipfs and rust-ipfs interop13:56:36

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