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20 Feb 2019
22:22:45@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. Kinoshita Hilary Oliver: the next Vue.js code in cylc-web will try to tackle this part
22:23:29@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. KinoshitaTo populate the fields for the user profile, and also display groups, whether the user is an administrator or not. Should be ready next week or the week after that.
22:24:31@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie Bartholomew
In reply to @kinow:matrix.org

That would be excellent Sadie Bartholomew ! While I can make some JS code work more or less the way I want... I'm no good at design/user experience/accessibility/etc 😥 and definitely need some support and also training there. There is a lot that we can do at the current early stage of the web application, as it is very easy to change things before we have the code released. So if you have any feedback on the UX for the Web GUI, I'm all ears!

On the same note, there was a talk in CHCH at the LinuxConf Australia, by Serena Chen (https://linux.conf.au/schedule/presentation/247/), where in a part of her presentation she was explaining that there is a good balance between Security and User Experience. That developers normally forget the UX part, and just try to fix each security issue, without considering the impact for the user. Maybe you will find something interesting on her website (https://serena.nz/) that could help make the Cylc Web GUI good for UX, and taking security into consideration too 😁

Absolutely, I agree we can and should keep design & UX etc. in mind even at this early stage. Not that I question your judgement, but I doubt you are "no good" at it, though! Regardless I certainly would be happy to provide feedback on the UX at any point. At the moment I think I need to focus on the Python 3 porting, but once my work on that is largely complete, or at least not blocking anyone else's progress, I hope/plan to stop to explore and play around with everyone's work, including your cylc-web project, to get a feel for progress and gain familiarity with the tech. So that would be a good time where I can think more about those aspects and discuss them. That website looks useful (at a glance for now), thanks for sharing it. I'll have another look soon.
22:26:19@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. Kinoshita 👍Sadie Bartholomew !
22 Feb 2019
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27 Feb 2019
20:45:20@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. KinoshitaLink shared by Jonny Williams today, about a tool for Colour Blindness, which appears to be developed by co-workers of the UK team? 🙂 https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/climviz/climpal/
20:45:49@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. KinoshitaMaybe whoever is behind this tool, could take a look at the new Web GUI once we have the right themes in place?
20:53:16@revilo666:matrix.orgHilary OliverThat's interesting to play with. It's weird to think some people see (literally!) the world in such a different way!
20:54:15@revilo666:matrix.orgHilary Oliver(But yes, maybe the UK team could note this down and go talk to those guys - in the same building - at some point).
20:59:22@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie BartholomewSure, that sounds like a good idea. I haven't heard of Neil Kaye (the named author from the link) off the top of my head but a colleague may have & we can always enquire.
21:11:17@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie BartholomewJust to add I am slightly behind on getting my UX training course notes written up for sharing, which I want to do soon-ish while it is still reasonably fresh in my mind. In the meantime there is a relevant tweet I saw the other day which made me laugh: https://twitter.com/PPathole/status/1100406765156327427
21:12:48@revilo666:matrix.orgHilary Oliverhahaha, that was brilliant 😆
21:20:10@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. Kinoshitahahahaha. I think I had a similar reaction the first time I saw one of those. But if you are interested in some bad examples, reddit has a lot for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrappyDesign, though not only UX
21:29:29@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie Bartholomew😆 hopefully we can't go too badly wrong,
23:22:35@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt ShinDSC_5342.JPG
23:23:05@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt ShinGood UX? With bad UI?
23:23:25@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt Shin(no unlucky number)
23:23:35@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. KinoshitaOooohhh. That's just so confusing!
23:24:20@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. KinoshitaNo 13... that's the normal bad luck... 4 is because it sounds like death? (shi?)
23:26:19@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt ShinSomething like that.
28 Feb 2019
00:16:05@revilo666:matrix.orgHilary OliverBut I want to go to the 4th floor, then 13!
05:59:01@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie BartholomewYes I find that one confusing. The designers also clearly did not consider anyone short!
06:24:26@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt ShinThere is actually a separate board for short people with a different UI. Not sure if it actually has the missing floors or not though.
06:27:11@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie BartholomewHah, oh I see. Seems a bit much to need two different boards but at least they thought about the shorter people 😄
1 Mar 2019
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13 Mar 2019
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18 Mar 2019
10:55:52@kinow:matrix.orgBruno P. Kinoshita invited @wxtim2:matrix.orgwxtim2.
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21 Mar 2019
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27 Mar 2019
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