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19 Feb 2019
18:45:53@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneoh, another reason why migration to gitlab might be super neat: the continuous integration provided by the platform allows you to host static pages that are way more complex than those on github, which are essentially either jekyll-based or static files
18:46:23@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneso we could have the docs generated there directly :) in addition to tests being run etc pp
18:46:59@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneand you could always move to your own server if gitlab-the-company decides to do weird stuff
19:23:21@freenode_drtsct:matrix.orgdrtsctfuck, lost my playlists.
19:24:20@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneoh... fwiw, restoring a backup and restarting the service work be just fine
19:24:38@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneeh, not "work be". "should work"
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20 Feb 2019
00:30:56@joola:matrix.orgjoola heyarne: We could start working on this together ? what do you think ?
00:38:25@joola:matrix.orgjoolaI learned how the whole gitlab system works this past year, so we could start doing this without being totally blind.
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04:30:08@freenode_ice-9:matrix.org@freenode_ice-9:matrix.orghey yall
04:31:18@freenode_ice-9:matrix.org@freenode_ice-9:matrix.org Anyone having any issues compiling 10.2.1 I'm trying to build the war and it's failing under the test section,
04:31:56@freenode_ice-9:matrix.org@freenode_ice-9:matrix.org [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.22.0:test (default-test) on project airsonic-main: There are test failures.
04:41:51@freenode_ice-9:matrix.org@freenode_ice-9:matrix.orgnevermind stupid me, i fixed it
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In reply to @joola:matrix.org
heyarne: We could start working on this together ? what do you think ?
sounds good. what would the migration strategy be? leave all the old repositories on github and mark them as deprecated? maybe we should move the docs first, see if it works for us?
07:15:00@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarnei have also used gitlab in the past already, along with ci and everything, so it shouldn't cause too many hiccups i think
07:16:49@freenode_jlanda:matrix.orgjlandagitlab ci syntax is great imho
07:16:53@freenode_jlanda:matrix.orgjlandaand easy to learn ;)
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12:46:19@joola:matrix.orgjoola I would start documenting the migration in a ticket. Split every step into small ones, with some priorities.
Also need to think whether and how we want to move all the issues and PR's (I guess this is only important for the main repo).
16:32:16@joola:matrix.orgjoolaHaha I guess github is so feature less that gitlab already intergate a migration tool that move the issues and PR seamslessly
21 Feb 2019
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