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23 Jan 2020
13:31:23@freenode_threwahway:matrix.orgthrewahway why does my MOTD not render properly? I see the settings link "{link:Settings > General|generalSettings.view}"
13:31:40@freenode_threwahway:matrix.orgthrewahway__Welcome to Airsonic!__
13:33:46@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisinwe removed markup support iirc
13:33:50@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisinwe should update the documnetation I guess
13:33:58@freenode_threwahway:matrix.orgthrewahwayoh ok
13:34:02@freenode_threwahway:matrix.orgthrewahwayhow do i get to settings now lmao
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19:11:26@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisin airsonic's frontend code is horrible
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24 Jan 2020
02:56:02@qurqar:matrix.orgqurqarI had to move my music to a new drive, with exact same folder structure. Then I updated the folder the media entry points to. Now I lost all my stars, top rated etc. Is there a way to retain all that?
02:56:19@qurqar:matrix.orgqurqarI did not delete the media folder entry, I just changed the path in the settings
06:21:10@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharris qurqar: https://github.com/airsonic/airsonic/issues/1190
06:27:30@qurqar:matrix.orgqurqarthanks I will take a look at it
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11:20:12@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneI have some songs in my media library, under /mount/library/subfolder1/subfolder2/{1 xyz.mp3, 2 xyz.mp3, …}
11:21:27@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneThey don't get scanned (I know this is not a a new problem). I touched all subfolder1, subfolder2 and every mp3. The permissions are double-checked and correct
11:21:36@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneThe files don't appear in the database
11:21:47@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneThere's nothing in the logs either
11:21:53@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneAny idea where else I could look?
11:22:22@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarne (By "touched" I mean touched to make sure the timestamps are fresh)
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17:34:00@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharris heyarne: Every time I've seen something like that, if you're sure the modtime's have been updated, it's been because of permissions.
17:35:36@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharrisSometimes troubleshooting that is easiest if you su to the user that airsonic is run under, and then go make sure you can view those files.
17:37:24@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharris another thing you can try is to add a new media folder that points to the directory containing them and run a scan. If it still doesn't see them, that means it's not a problem with their modtime not getting updated.
25 Jan 2020
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