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8 Apr 2021
@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisinI would recommend https://syncthing.net/ instead16:46:41
@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisin it's really great 16:46:44
@freenode_RRInToronto:matrix.orgRRInTorontoI appreciate that tip very much!16:50:50
@freenode_RRInToronto:matrix.orgRRInTorontoDo you use SynchThing?17:04:58
@freenode_RRInToronto:matrix.orgRRInTorontoOh well, I appreciate your help.17:13:01
@freenode_RRInToronto:matrix.orgRRInToronto I hope it'll be less clumsy/problematic than my current hodge-podge. 17:13:43
@freenode_RRInToronto:matrix.orgRRInTorontoI hope we life will return to normal all around the world soon!!!17:15:01
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9 Apr 2021
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10 Apr 2021
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@juliannfairfax:matrix.orgJulian FairfaxHi, I've got a Raspberry Pi 3 which I tried to install Jellyfin on but it's quite slow. I only installed it for music though becuase I can just use VLC and an SMB server to play videos. My question is: would running an Airsonic server on my Pi 3 perform well? Thanks for your help!18:49:13
@joshuaboniface:bonifacelabs.caJoshua BonifaceI find Airsonic to be fairly lightweight myself - I haent' run it on a Pi, but I imagine if Jellyfin isn' tperforming well it would perform a bit better, especially its player19:04:48
@juliannfairfax:matrix.orgJulian FairfaxI'll try it I suppose. Thanks for your help!19:05:18
@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisin Julian Fairfax: give navidrome a try :) 19:05:58
@juliannfairfax:matrix.orgJulian FairfaxOoo I hadn't seen that one. Will do19:06:33
@joshuaboniface:bonifacelabs.caJoshua Bonifaceooh same, looks nice19:09:47
@joshuaboniface:bonifacelabs.caJoshua Bonifaceno external db support though which is a shame19:12:31
@juliannfairfax:matrix.orgJulian FairfaxShould I follow this tutorial: https://www.navidrome.org/docs/installation/ubuntu-linux/ if I'm on a Rapsberry Pi? It says its for Debian-based distros and I assume I'd only have to change the download link but based on this site: https://www.riscosopen.org/wiki/documentation/show/ARMv7%20compatibility%20primer#introduction I need an armv8 version which isn't on the releases page?19:13:44
@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisin Joshua Boniface: navidrome is using sqlite, why would you want something else? 19:48:27
@joshuaboniface:bonifacelabs.caJoshua Bonifaceredundant instances and offloading databases to dedicated database servers mostly. I was the one who pushed for external DB support in Libre/Airsonic 😉 19:51:36
@juliannfairfax:matrix.orgJulian Fairfax
In reply to @freenode_jvoisin:matrix.org
Julian Fairfax: give navidrome a try :)
Thanks for that! It works really well! (Although I've got to say, Rythmbox over my SMB server is nicer than Clementine lol)
11 Apr 2021
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