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5 Apr 2020
18:36:14@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsardid some scala in the big data ecosystem (spark mainly). cant say i did not enjoy it, but i dont see where scala is going. i am guessing nowhere.
18:36:20@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x]I think that eventually java will be good enough at being a better java
18:37:34@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsarnot sure. golang and rust are catching up quite quickly.
18:38:03@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x]Scala is reinventing itself with an even stronger typesystem as dotty/scala 3, which is very neat. Scala feels boring these days because we lack of nothing (bunch of excellent libs for everything)
18:38:19@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x]Golang is irrelevant IMO
18:38:12@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsari honestly cant predict what will happen to java in the next few years, and i have been doing that for living for almost 20 years.
18:38:39@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x]Thanks to Graal, mainly
18:39:03@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsarsounds like fanboy talk :)
18:39:13@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x] Rust is a totally different breast, I wouldn't want the cognitive load of it for what's Java/Go/python is good at
18:40:12@freenode_mightypork:matrix.orgmightyporkFixed my issue with empty artist bios. Finally making use of that Java I learnt from modding Minecraft ;) https://github.com/airsonic/airsonic/issues/1605
18:40:46@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsarused it a couple of times for low latency, high throughput applications - it was great for that.
18:40:58@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x] Well, where I see golang strong is on the "let's make a service that processes some data and call an API, and distribute it as blob" area, where any jar+nativeimage would fit the bill
18:42:51@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x] pulsar: I think it's no coincidence if oracle is investing so much in this specific niche now and never has before
18:43:55@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsarand on the other hand they screw ppl over by chaning the licensing for java at their will.
18:44:27@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x]scala also has scala-native, which compiles to LLVM, so there is potential there too
18:44:43@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x] they can't really change the licensing of openjdk
18:45:40@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsarnot talking about openjdk, sure. everybody is moving to adoptopenjdk to dodge the licensing bill
18:46:03@pulsar:matrix.highteq.netpulsareven microsoft / azure provides their own builds
18:48:56@freenode_rom1dep[x]:matrix.orgrom1dep[x] other than for historical acquaintance with downloading from oracle, this situation is much more sound and makes a ton of sense, you get to pick your vendor and deal with it for (commercial) support. If oracle is better than the competition, they'll have people footing the bill for them. I prefer that than them enjoying a complete monopoly
19:55:00@olivia:perki.nzBivew gross virtual machine based languages
7 Apr 2020
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8 Apr 2020
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19:57:18@freenode_themchn:matrix.orgthemchn Anyone use the "Share" functionality with the dsub android app? I've recently discovered the app generates invalid links for public sharing.
20:01:35@freenode_themchn:matrix.orgthemchnThe shares are created and I can log into the web interface to get the proper public link but was hoping maybe someone had a workaround for getting it to work via dsub directly.
9 Apr 2020
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