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12 Nov 2019
16:07:23@marko.cupac:mimar.rsMarko Cupać Oh, the irony... on Friday I am gonna DJ on a party which is promoted on Facebook, for which I have assembled publicly shared playlist in my airsonic instance so that wannabe visitors know what to expect music-wise. Of course, link doesn't work when clicked on FB 😂
16:07:52@marko.cupac:mimar.rsMarko Cupać Still, I'm against overriding it in Airsonic 😀
16:15:17@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneHow does it break?
16:20:55@marko.cupac:mimar.rsMarko Cupać We talked about it here, FB appends unique tracker, something like '?fbclid<long random string>'
16:21:49@marko.cupac:mimar.rsMarko Cupać https://fbclid.com/
16:21:58@marko.cupac:mimar.rsMarko CupaćEvil stuff
16:31:46@freenode_ziggyzero:matrix.orgziggyzero joined the room.
16:31:53@freenode_ziggyzero:matrix.orgziggyzerohopefully a quick question. I am wanting to try using mariadb backend but i am unsure where to put the configuration settings.
16:32:23@freenode_ziggyzero:matrix.orgziggyzeroI then have the following:
16:32:38@freenode_ziggyzero:matrix.orgziggyzero ^^ a bit messy but it's the DDatabaseConfigType parameters etc as documented on the airsonic website. I have placed these in the airsonic.properties file
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19:24:04@marko.cupac:mimar.rsMarko CupaćHey, was the issue of repeating last song in publicly shared playlist supposed to be resolved?
19:24:42@marko.cupac:mimar.rsMarko CupaćCuz now even the first one repeats even though player shows the next track in playlist.
20:39:28@frnx:matrix.orgfrnx joined the room.
22:04:25@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharrisI think the fixes for that issue have been merged to the main branch
22:09:32@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharristhat issue was https://github.com/airsonic/airsonic/issues/1160
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13 Nov 2019
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22:35:03@freenode_alexis:matrix.orgalexis joined the room.
22:35:36@freenode_alexis:matrix.orgalexishi! Hope everyone around is doing okay :-)
22:35:45@freenode_alexis:matrix.orgalexis I've got a question about airsonic. I have all my files in my airsonic server, encoded as flac. I would like to sync all my library on my phone, and ideally on my computer, but in mp3 320k, rather than in flac (because on my phone I don't have the required space to sync flac, and because it'll be faster). Is there a way to do this?
14 Nov 2019
00:06:16@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarne alexis: you're searching for transcoding https://airsonic.github.io/docs/transcode/
00:07:04@freenode_alexis:matrix.orgalexis heyarne: Hi, thanks for the answer. Yes I want to transcode, but then is there any way to sync the transcodes in any way?
00:07:34@freenode_alexis:matrix.orgalexis I don't want to just *stream* these, I really want to *sync* them.
00:07:54@freenode_lorddavidiii:matrix.org@freenode_lorddavidiii:matrix.org left the room.
00:22:36@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneThat depends on your client app. DSub for example will cache the streamed files an you can mark some as permanently cached
00:23:03@heyarne:matrix.orgheyarneThose would be 320k mp3s if you set up the transcoding accordingly
00:26:00@freenode_alexis:matrix.orgalexisBut is there a way to make dsub download all my library transcoded, for instance?
00:26:23@freenode_alexis:matrix.orgalexis Currently, when it download it, it seems that it's in FLAC.

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