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28 Sep 2020
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@freenode_sonicjack:matrix.org@freenode_sonicjack:matrix.org I'm migrating from subsonic to airsonic. Is it enough to copy the subsonic.data db file over? 13:49:12
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@edward:ewsandor.comEdHi, has anyone had any issues with unicode characters in filenames not being parsed correctly when using MariaDB? Airsonic appears to be parsed as a directory instead of a music file. I am using Airsonic, not Airsonic-Adavanced (Advanced was giving me java callstack errors related to filenames instead).15:50:34
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Download image.png
@freenode_SoniclyAired:matrix.orgSoniclyAired Ed: I'm new to the project, 15:56:32
@freenode_SoniclyAired:matrix.orgSoniclyAiredI followed a youtube which seemed to work15:57:44
@freenode_SoniclyAired:matrix.orgSoniclyAiredI think the linuxserver version might be more stable and seemed to avoid a number of the pitfalls I found while trying vinilla and airsonicadv15:59:13
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@edward:ewsandor.comEdI have everything installed and running okay in a Debian VM, other than this issue. It appears to be some issue with the FileUtil parsing files with unicode characters17:31:02
@edward:ewsandor.comEd Version 10.6.2-RELEASE – May 3, 2020 Server Apache Tomcat/8.5.51, java 11.0.8, Linux (125.7 MB / 195.0 MB) Terms of use GPL 3.0Airsonic is copyleft libre software, distributed under the GPLv3 free software license. Homepage Airsonic website Forum Airsonic on Reddit Contact Airsonic is a community project. You can find us in #airsonic on Freenode. Technical issues can be submitted to the issue tracker on GitHub.17:31:04
@edward:ewsandor.comEd2020-09-28 09:46:57.912 INFO --- o.a.p.s.MediaScannerService : Scanned media library with 2250 entries. 2020-09-28 09:47:28.854 WARN --- o.airsonic.player.util.FileUtil : Failed to list children for /mnt/media_library/music/lossy/The Who/Who's Next/2-09 Won???t Get Fooled Again.mp3 2020-09-28 09:47:28.932 WARN --- o.airsonic.player.util.FileUtil : Failed to list children for /mnt/media_library/music/lossy/The Who/Who's Next/2-01 Baba O???Riley.mp3 2020-09-28 09:47:29.121 WARN --- o.airsonic.player.util.FileUtil : Failed to list children for /mnt/media_library/music/lossy/The Who/Who's Next/2-03 Love Ain???t for Keeping.mp317:31:51
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29 Sep 2020
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