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17 Sep 2019
14:22:55@freenode_pacija:matrix.org@freenode_pacija:matrix.org left the room.
14:24:24@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharris muff1nman: your input on #1242 would be appreciated.
18 Sep 2019
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14:15:40@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharris muff1nman: If you don't have an opinion on #1242, I'm probably inclined to merge it later today since we are still seeing lots of spurious Travis failures
14:15:53@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharrisIn the hopes that it will resolve that issue.
19 Sep 2019
04:41:20@muff1nman:matrix.orgmuff1nmaneharris: merged
04:41:43@muff1nman:matrix.orgmuff1nman I'm curious on what the underlying issue was tho
04:41:55@muff1nman:matrix.orgmuff1nman But don't have time to chase it atm
04:54:27@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharrisI never saw a failure on my own system so hard to track down. It seemed to happen often in Travis tho
04:55:33@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharrisBased on the error logs produced by travis, my guess would be that the location of the result file might be getting stepped on by another request, causing the validation to be run on the wrong file
04:56:13@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharris The size of the wrong "problem" runs was completely consistent, as far as I saw
05:30:02@freenode_witten:matrix.orgwitten left the room.
06:24:29@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharris looks like more jackson-databind CVE's
07:54:27@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisinwe should get rid of this shit
07:54:38@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisintheir whole blacklist-lol approach is terrible
07:54:52@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisinthe next version will apparently change some stuff to make it less stupid
07:54:59@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisin but we'll have to change some code
07:55:14@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisin (I'm currently working on getting rid of jackson2 in stuff at work)
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20:52:47@freenode_jvoisin:matrix.orgjvoisinhttps://github.com/airsonic/airsonic/pull/1247 ← getting rid of jackson2
22:50:14@freenode_kantlive-:matrix.org@freenode_kantlive-:matrix.org joined the room.
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23:36:22@freenode_ricus:matrix.orgricus joined the room.
23:53:52@freenode_eharris:matrix.orgeharrisjvoisin: what happened to ticket #1221? Are you going to replace it with a new one?

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