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Spreading privacy and security to the masses. This is our main on-topic privacy and security room. Join a more casual chat at #techlore-chat:matrix.org. Want to explore even more rooms? Open the Matrix room explorer and add "techlore.net" to the server dropdown! Techlore Website: https://techlore.tech Techlore on Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#techlore:techlore.net By joining this room, you agree to our rules: https://github.com/techlore/channel-content/blob/master/community-rules.md403 Servers

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3 Jan 2023
@ppeerapon:matrix.orgzzz changed their display name from ppeerapon to zzz.23:06:28
4 Jan 2023
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@cat7life:matrix.orgCatMan7Life changed their display name from CatMan7Life (Old) to CatMan7Life.20:38:40
5 Jan 2023
@syn4nix:matrix.orgsyn4nix left the room.12:31:36
@areskul:matrix.orgareskul left the room.14:19:11
6 Jan 2023
@h93dglock:matrix.orgH93dGlock changed their profile picture.14:48:44
@salion:matrix.orgsalion left the room.15:25:15
@wudstk:matrix.orgwudstk left the room.21:53:26
7 Jan 2023
@voidzzz:matrix.orgvoidzzz left the room.18:40:16
@jokkl:matrix.orgjokkl left the room.22:30:45
8 Jan 2023
@m4tt0l1s:matrix.orgm4tt0l1s left the room.01:04:18
@milkyhoney:matrix.orgnuu changed their display name from milkyhoney to nuu.08:21:04
@tarnest:matrix.orgTarnest left the room.19:35:04
9 Jan 2023
@leiferkopf:matrix.orgleiferkopf left the room.06:24:50
10 Jan 2023
@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgAxel Torvalds changed their display name from Sarah Axel Hansen to Axel Torvalds.01:59:59
@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgAxel Torvalds left the room.02:40:59
@danko:fairydust.spacedanko left the room.16:23:13
11 Jan 2023
@downdate:matrix.orgdowndate left the room.02:47:10
@kquote03:matrix.orgkquote03 left the room.04:57:29
12 Jan 2023
@rasheed.aboo.zakariyya:matrix.orgAbouZak left the room.01:02:11
@snowmanxx79:matrix.orgsnowmanxx79 left the room.01:12:36
@scum1990:matrix.orgScum1990 left the room.05:09:05
13 Jan 2023
@cebopp1:matrix.orgcebopp1 set a profile picture.01:25:28
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14 Jan 2023
@cebopp1:matrix.orgcebopp1 removed their profile picture.04:59:59
@wernicke1korsakoff1syndrome:matrix.orgA.N. georgia changed their display name from AN entropic george to A.N. georgia.14:45:38
@florianjardin:matrix.orgflorianjardin left the room.19:09:28
15 Jan 2023
@ryct:matrix.orgRyan Travers left the room.06:24:41

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