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5 Mar 2021
@_discord_196132261425315840:techlore.netSigismund#0850 I see 16:56:16
@_discord_196132261425315840:techlore.netSigismund#0850 thank you 16:56:22
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger Oh Valynor I moved to the 2FA app now 16:56:34
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger did it when online learning got too boring XD 16:56:43
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor Badger: btw I thought hard about why it's showing the recently expired code, too ... 16:56:57
@shippage:mozilla.orgShippa bricked phone is a secure phone, I recommend not making it usable as that can only lead to problems16:57:03
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor Badger: I think it's likely for those rare occasions when the servers clock might be off 16:57:36
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger and whats the reason about it showing the old one 16:57:39
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor * Badger: I think it's likely for those rare occasions when the servers clock might be off 16:57:42
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger oh 16:57:41
In reply to @_discord_798353184338739221:techlore.net
do you have a usb flash drive you are not using?
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger so when might that help then? 16:57:57
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger I presume the server clock as in the 2FA servers clock? 16:58:25
@_discord_369296458484023297:techlore.net[Fe]ic. ඞ changed their display name from [Fe]ic. ඞ to [Fe]ic. ඞ#7843.16:58:28
@_discord_369296458484023297:techlore.net[Fe]ic. ඞ changed their display name from [Fe]ic. ඞ#7843 to [Fe]ic. ඞ.16:58:30
@_discord_798353184338739221:techlore.netPaul97 yes 16:58:30
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor Badger: the TOTP 2FA codes are time based and only valid for 30 seconds ... so if one of the clocks is off more than a couple seconds you've got a problem 16:59:04
In reply to @_discord_798353184338739221:techlore.net

https://rufus.ie/ for burning an iso

https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/ the OS

You can check out many guides on how to do it but I think it's pretty straightforward

@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger ah hopefully I won't need it, so if the main code doesn't work you use the previous code 16:59:45

only valid for 30 seconds


@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger I'm curious how the 2FA app and site know which code it wants and all that 17:00:12
@loudzeaciel:kde.orgloudzeacielI'm going to try Fedora, I've been recommended it elsewhere17:00:12
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor Badger: yeah I guess that's the idea behind showing the expired code, too 17:00:16
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger I wrote a review for the app too 17:00:40
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor Badger: it's simply a hash based on time + a shared seed 17:00:45
In reply to @loudzeaciel:kde.org
I'm going to try Fedora, I've been recommended it elsewhere
You got nvidia gpu's?
@_discord_207609233116495873:techlore.netBadger it didn't have a few icons for the apps I use but seems to work well 17:00:54
@_discord_798353184338739221:techlore.netPaul97 alr. so do I just download those on my usb and then try it out? 17:01:00
@jau2o-dk45a3:fantasycookie17.onederfultech.commazerfaker Paul97 and do you have an nvidia gpu? 17:01:03
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor Badger: you can add your own icons 17:01:22

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