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Spreading privacy and security to the masses. This is our main on-topic privacy and security room. Join a more casual chat at #techlore-chat:matrix.org. Want to explore even more rooms? Open the Matrix room explorer and add "techlore.net" to the server dropdown! Techlore Website: https://techlore.tech Techlore on Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#techlore:techlore.net By joining this room, you agree to our rules: https://github.com/techlore/channel-content/blob/master/community-rules.md303 Servers

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19 Oct 2023
@enter_cat:matrix.orgSunflower changed their display name from enter_cat to Sunflower.20:24:49
@enter_cat:matrix.orgSunflower changed their profile picture.20:26:49
@enter_cat:matrix.orgSunflower changed their profile picture.20:28:44
20 Oct 2023
@edenbeast:matrix.org@edenbeast:matrix.org left the room.17:37:18
21 Oct 2023
@notcomplex:matrix.org@notcomplex:matrix.org left the room.08:25:18
23 Oct 2023
@mister_ti:matrix.org@mister_ti:matrix.org left the room.15:27:15
28 Oct 2023
@vulcanelf:matrix.orgKlingonPride changed their profile picture.05:57:44
29 Oct 2023
@uplinksam:matrix.orguplinxam changed their display name from uplinksam to uplinxam.21:40:55
30 Oct 2023
@jason88fr:matrix.org@jason88fr:matrix.org joined the room.14:13:17
@jason88fr:matrix.org@jason88fr:matrix.org left the room.14:13:26
1 Nov 2023
@ben.wallner:matrix.org@ben.wallner:matrix.org left the room.12:19:30
2 Nov 2023
@torpedo_embryo:matrix.org@torpedo_embryo:matrix.org left the room.15:34:41
@impressive-raven:matrix.org@impressive-raven:matrix.org left the room.22:18:49
3 Nov 2023
@imroc210x:matrix.orgImroc changed their display name from JettWaifu to Imroc.11:36:12
5 Nov 2023
@faezen:matrix.org@faezen:matrix.org left the room.10:31:37
7 Nov 2023
@neverdecaf:matrix.org@neverdecaf:matrix.org left the room.04:42:15
@solgm:matrix.orgGitHub Julian Dumitrascu changed their display name from LinkedIn Julian Dumitrascu to GitHub Julian Dumitrascu.16:53:37
8 Nov 2023
@freakodyssey:matrix.org@freakodyssey:matrix.org left the room.01:21:30
10 Nov 2023
@marolar:matrix.st0rm.cloudMarolar changed their profile picture.11:10:45
@sociajno:matrix.org@sociajno:matrix.org left the room.18:18:38
11 Nov 2023
@shams5o5:matrix.org@shams5o5:matrix.org left the room.06:20:11
12 Nov 2023
@costabrava2022:matrix.org@costabrava2022:matrix.org changed their profile picture.19:05:14
13 Nov 2023
@miki_994:matrix.org@miki_994:matrix.org left the room.04:45:01
@comtruise:matrix.orgCom Truise changed their display name from ComTruise to Com Truise.09:02:42
@costabrava2022:matrix.org@costabrava2022:matrix.org left the room.13:48:01
16 Nov 2023
@gtc1977:matrix.org@gtc1977:matrix.org left the room.23:35:02
19 Nov 2023
@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin changed their profile picture.11:28:02
@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin changed their profile picture.11:42:35
@mongst:matrix.org@mongst:matrix.org left the room.21:59:52
20 Nov 2023
@tom_pl:matrix.org@tom_pl:matrix.org left the room.06:54:42

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