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7 Dec 2018
23:37:22@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdle ozjd: I've also noticed that when you click the "start button" it is more animated.
23:37:35@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdleWhen the menus slide up... and you search for something.
23:37:59@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjd dowdle: I don't use the standard menu so haven
23:38:03@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdleozjd: I remove the User Menu on the right... and just use the button on the whisker menu.
23:38:15@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdleozjd: What is haven?
23:38:26@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjd haven't noticed it, yeah me too
23:40:02@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjdone worrying thing is the developers are spending time adding new apps like an Xfce screensaver (does anyone actually use a screensaver these days?) rather than gettign the 4.14 release done
23:40:48@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdle Argh... building my personal F29 remix (and CentOS' 7.6 update too)... the .iso builds but then liveuser can't login. Switching to a console, it doesn't even prompt for a password. :(
23:40:49@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjd dowdle: a typo :) was supposed to be haven't and hit enter not '
23:41:19@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdle ozjd: I don't know about saving the screen but locking it yes.
23:55:58@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjddowdle: yes but korora uses light locker for that
23:56:29@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdleozjd: Well, as you know... developers get to work on what THEY want to... not what WE want them to. :)
8 Dec 2018
00:07:18@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjddowdle: true, too true :)
00:19:31@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdleozjd: They are probably less concerned with finishing it up with Fedora and Ubuntu(?) using the devel version anyway.
02:05:44@freenode_AAhat_Returns:matrix.orgAAhat_Returns jmiahman, seems like we have a visibility problem. I was unaware you had a 29 ISO. I also imagine that the Korora community, at large, is unaware. Maybe a separate page for Community Edition announcements would be useful.
02:11:02@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjd AAhat_Returns: we don't have the access to create new pages on the site. I can add news items and documentation but that is it
02:11:14@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjdso a news item is the best I can do
02:12:19@freenode_AAhat_Returns:matrix.orgAAhat_Returns ozjd, well, there hasn't been one since Halloween, so, a news item would be better than nothing?
02:13:01@freenode_AAhat_Returns:matrix.orgAAhat_ReturnsSomeone at distrowatch seems to follow our news items fairly closely, so if it picks up the announcement that a Community Edition for K29 is in testing, that might send some eager souls our way to help try it out.
02:33:47@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjdAAhat_Returns: yeah it is worth doing
02:34:15@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjd jmiahman: is the xfce iso on the same mirrors?
19:24:49@freenode_AAhat_Returns:matrix.orgAAhat_Returns Seems odd for the handle "OnlyHuman" to bark.
19:46:45@freenode_OnlyHuman:matrix.orgOnlyHumanI have a dog, on one irc channel used to get meow as a greeting
19:47:05@freenode_OnlyHuman:matrix.orgOnlyHumanso I woof back
20:27:51@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]Yes but in 29 not 28
20:54:44@freenode_OnlyHuman:matrix.orgOnlyHuman Hi jmiahman I updated to fed 29 not bothered using much though did manage a meson efl an e build
20:55:24@freenode_OnlyHuman:matrix.orgOnlyHuman(hopefully with wl working)

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