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15 Jan 2019
18:51:08@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]so enabling the ssh service allows sshd to listen on port 22 but by default the boolean is true in SELinux 22 is allowed and it's open in firewalld as well
18:51:08@freenode_AdmiralAsshat:matrix.orgAdmiralAsshat Still having some residual issues from the K28->F29 upgrade, so I'm trying to get my desktop organized into dotfiles and package lists in case I need to wipe and do a clean reinstall.
18:52:40@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]SELinux is always the tricky one for me because it restricts ports as well and I always forget that, I normallt try and not run ssh on the default port
18:54:08@freenode_AdmiralAsshat:matrix.orgAdmiralAsshat jmiahman, I tend to do the same, although I usually put an alias and a port into an ssh_config file, so I never remember what port it is anyway once I get it setup.
18:54:56@freenode_AdmiralAsshat:matrix.orgAdmiralAsshat That's one of the other things I need to figure out how to safely "stash". Maybe will use a GL private repo. Or a GH one, now that they're free.
18:55:16@freenode_AdmiralAsshat:matrix.orgAdmiralAsshatOr look up GNU Stow. That seems to be rising in popularity.
18:56:29@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]I have a GL private repo for my local server setups that I backup to. I use OpenStack and it can be a little tricky to remember how to setup.. so I back all that stuff up and store it privately
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23:21:18@freenode_csmart[m]:matrix.orgcsmart[m] (IRC)
In reply to @freenode_AdmiralAsshat:matrix.org
It does. So I wasn't sure if Korora had done that in the past or if that's something he was experimenting with moving forward.
korora already opened those firewall ports as defined in the kickstart
16 Jan 2019
00:13:59@freenode_AdmiralAsshat:matrix.orgAdmiralAsshat csmart, thanks for the clarification.
19 Jan 2019
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21 Jan 2019
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22 Jan 2019
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23 Jan 2019
02:24:02@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]I announced no longer working on a community edition https://kororaproject.org/support/engage/question/goodbyes-and-hellos-1
02:24:32@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]Sorry I failed you guys
03:07:00@freenode_AdmiralAsshat:matrix.orgAdmiralAsshat jmiahman, thanks for the effort. I think the project has been on life support for awhile, so, not your fault you couldn't singlehandedly resuscitate it.
04:23:48@freenode_ozjd:matrix.orgozjd jmiahman: is it okay if I post that elsewhere? On Korora's social media?
04:46:39@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]Yeah give me a minute to Finish SSLing the forums
04:46:44@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]and embedding
04:46:50@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]stinkn' iframes
05:24:53@freenode_jmiahman[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_jmiahman[m]Good now
25 Jan 2019
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31 Jan 2019
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