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5 May 2022
@maxi:millian.se@maxi:millian.se for the time being, i'll just use ignore_unverified_devices=True, it won't matter for my use case 18:37:06
6 May 2022
@christianp:vector.modular.imChristianP joined the room.22:43:49
@christianp:vector.modular.imChristianPHi, is it possible to install nio without building the project? I use the (HomeAssistant) Docker image which has neither `make` nor `gcc`.23:34:22
7 May 2022
@nan0:nan0.devnan0 ChristianP: https://github.com/poljar/matrix-nio/blob/master/docker/Dockerfile 15:36:26
@nan0:nan0.devnan0Or do you mean something different?15:36:51
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@christianp:vector.modular.imChristianPSomething different. HomeAssistant ships its own Docker image that does not have `make` and `gcc` installed. Both seem required during pip install of this library.15:56:04
@christianp:vector.modular.imChristianPI wonder if there is a variant with pre-built binaries.15:56:31
@tulir:maunium.nettulirhttps://gitlab.matrix.org/matrix-org/olm/-/packages/54 exists in theory, but personally I've never got it to work15:57:20
@tulir:maunium.nettulirdistros also have prebuilt versions, at least debian and alpine15:57:43
@tulir:maunium.nettulir(py3-olm on alpine, python3-olm on debian)15:58:23
@nan0:nan0.devnan0You could simple "extend" the HomeAssistant Docker image and build your own16:02:53
@nan0:nan0.devnan0 * You could simply "extend" the HomeAssistant Docker image and build your own16:03:14
@christianp:vector.modular.imChristianPI was trying to avoid maintaining more components. However, thanks for the good idea. 👍16:08:19
@nan0:nan0.devnan0 Or use the first (builder) container form this and copy the libs to the HomeAssistent container. 16:10:57
@nan0:nan0.devnan0Put this in a automated CI Pipeline and done16:11:38
9 May 2022
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16 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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@llprods:matrix.orgLLcapture d'écran 2022-05-17 17:14:18.png
Download capture d'écran 2022-05-17 17:14:18.png
@llprods:matrix.orgLLHow do i fix this?15:14:53
@kuries:matrix.orgkuries Did you install libolm-dev package? 15:24:28
@llprods:matrix.orgLLi did15:24:52
@llprods:matrix.orgLLfor info i am on a raspberry pi 415:25:07
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 do you have libolm3 installed? 17:10:38
@llprods:matrix.orgLLnow yes, it just wasn't in the raspbian repo for some reason18:20:10
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777did that fix it?18:20:37

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