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7 Apr 2020
09:02:00@andrasdenes:matrix.organdrasdenes Hi,
I think this might be the right place to ask and I scrolled up a bunch of messages but didn't really find what I was looking for. So I have a homeserver and I want a dummy user, call it a bot, whatever, to send encrypted messages. I have googled this but couldn't find a snippet that would help me understand how to enable this feature. So when I look at the nio documentation over at matrix-nio.readthedocs.io I see that the AsyncClient has the room_send method, which should send encrypted messages if the target room is encrypted(?)
That does not really happen. I guessed there was more to this so went digging in the documentation and while I found the Encryption section, I could not really get how to implement it.
My setup would consist of a more or less basic Synapse installation and then use nio to make the dummy user do things.
First I would just manualy join a private chat with both users and send an encrypted "hello"?
Can you maybe detail this for me or provide an explanatory snippet of code?
09:02:50@andrasdenes:matrix.organdrasdenestl;dr i'm asking for your help so read only if you have a minute :D
09:07:26@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar room_send() will encrypt your messages if the room is encrypted under the condition that encryption support is installed and the state is correctly synced with the server
09:07:46@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar you'll need to use the sync_forever() method in a separate async task for the later to be true
09:10:45@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoa poljar, huh, so storing sync tokens effectively doesn't work unless you have the e2e deps installed?
09:11:31@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarcorrect :(
09:12:22@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoaAh, okie dokie. That is kinda sucky but thanks for letting me know :)

poljar: I tried a few different things. But I think this is the most reasonable(?):

I ran 2 different proccesses in 2 different terminals, one of them being asyncio.run(client.sync_forever(30000)) after authenticating my client

and the other ending in room_send(<room_id>, 'm.room.message', content)
where content = { "body": "this isnt encrypted for sure", "msgtype": "m.text" }

And I still had no luck.
I think that I have dependencies installed as i installed matrix-nio[e2e] and also built olm from source.

Essentially this is how I wish to send the message. Like run the sync_forever and then run this whenever I want a message sent.

    client = AsyncClient(<url>, <username>)
    await client.login(<password>)
    content = {
                "body": "this isnt encrypted for sure",
                "msgtype": "m.text"
    await client.room_send(room_id, 'm.room.message', content)


Could you point me in a direction that is going to yield the results i need? Or just tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Could you point me in a direction that is going to yield the results i need? Or just tell me what I'm doing wrong?

left that in code tags oops

12:37:40@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaryou can't run those in separate processes since they won't share memory/client state, you can create a separate task like it's described here https://docs.python.org/3/library/asyncio-task.html#creating-tasks
12:38:39@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar you run sync_forever() in a separate task and await this event in your main loop https://matrix-nio.readthedocs.io/en/latest/nio.html#nio.AsyncClient.synced
12:38:55@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthat way you'll be sure that you don't try to send messages before a sync is done
8 Apr 2020
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03:20:27@phil:denhoff.caPhil joined the room.
03:22:18@phil:denhoff.caPhilHi all, is there some documentation somewhere I can read to get my dev environment set up to contribute properly? Currently reading the .traivs.yml, Makefile, and guessing and I can't say I'm a big fan 🥴
06:55:38@poljar:matrix.orgpoljardepends on how you want to set it up, some distros package all the dependencies so you could go the distro package way, using a virtual environment is a possibility or just installing all the deps for your user is also possible
07:08:43@phil:denhoff.caPhilhmmm looks like our timezones don't match up great; I'm heading to bed pretty quick but I'm working on read receipt events. I think I ended up figuring out how to get it all installed in a virtualenv, except olm
07:11:09@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarolm requires the C lib, the dynamic lib as well as development headers
07:12:00@phil:denhoff.caPhilOh yeah sorry, that wasn't clear. I installed olm outside the venv
07:12:48@phil:denhoff.caPhilI'll probably have some more questions for you about testing tomorrow, gotta head to sleep pretty quick 😴
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9 Apr 2020
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20:58:23@phil:denhoff.caPhil poljar: Maybe this is better for a PR convo but I'll start here and we can always move to GitHub later; for an implementation of ReadReceiptEvents I've added a test to event_test.py that only verifies parsing the JSON from the event. I'm basing my implementation on TypingNoticeEvent, which I notice has some tests in room_test.py and client_test.py; I don't think ReadReceiptEvents will affect the room (at least, I haven't added anything into Room that tracks receipts) so should I add a test similar to client_test.test_ephemeral_cb()? Or, do you think the Room should be tracking receipts for all users, similar to how matrix-js-sdk does it?
10 Apr 2020
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06:28:04@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaronce we have a state store people will probably expect read receipts to be restored when they restore the client, so it probably makes sense to track them in the room

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