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17 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020
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@luplex:matrix.orgLudwig (matrix.org)Hey, I'm using nio to implement a custom application that uses a custom event type. I should probably define an event class for it, right? I could simply always handle them as UnknownEvents, but I don't think that's right. What's the best way to do that?17:31:45
@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar i think add something that turns the UnknownEvent into your MyCustomEvent 17:34:07
@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarand check your event content fields during the conversion17:34:20
@luplex:matrix.orgLudwig (matrix.org)okay, thanks for the quick reply! :)17:35:50
19 Sep 2020
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@hugh:hmlw.meHugh For the since parameter in sync_forever, is there some way to set this to not sync any previous state. I basically only want to monitor events after starting the client 13:38:34
@hugh:hmlw.meHugh putting gibberish in since as a token seems to work as a hackish workaround but obviously is not robust 13:39:23
@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar sync once using sync() add your event callbacks and start your sync_forever() loop after that is done 13:41:08
20 Sep 2020
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperWith nio, is there a way to get info about which community a room is in?07:18:01
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperI'm trying to group rooms together by community, and I don't see a way to figure out which rooms belong to which communities.07:18:29
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperElement figures it out and groups them correctly, but I don't know how it gets that info.07:18:56
@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarcommunities aren't specced as far as i remember and so one would need to figure out what element does to implement them07:31:36
@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthey will also be reworked so support isn't added to nio07:32:04
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperAh, okay. For now I suppose I can use a workaround... embedding community names into room names, then parsing that out again in the client.07:50:25
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeper(the overall flow is mx-puppet -> synapse -> the client I'm building with nio... and it's just for my personal account(s), so mangling the names a bit shouldn't be a problem)08:08:31
@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaryou could also use a custom state event as a tag08:10:24
@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari(new format) of communities will be likely specced at some future time, ofcourse that too will then need implementations... Until then, some workarounds needed :)08:14:58
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperThat explains a few things about the "uk.half-shot.bridge" events I saw... didn't know what to do with it and didn't see any info in the raw request that looked like I should log it, so I've just been ignoring those events.12:24:00
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperOh, er, the client I'm making is a matrix logger. It connects as my user, and logs all activity my user can see. The output format is an organized set of plain text files, with a configurable line format and path pattern. For example, defaults are filename="logdir/YYYY/CommunityName/#ChannelName" and lineformat="YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.sss <DisplayName!UserID> Message body".12:29:19
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperPlus some extra stuff to detect and download media / URLs.12:29:48
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperThe idea is to just leave it running on a server somewhere, and then the user can chat with whatever clients and devices are convenient without having to worry about whether those clients keep history or where the history would be stored... or what the server's history settings are.12:30:53
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeper... much like an old irc proxy would do, like dircproxy or bip or whatever. Except the proxy part isn't needed with Matrix, so it just does logging.12:31:48
@toykeeper:matrix.orgToyKeeperHas been working reasonably well so far, but I haven't found a way to get the community name yet, so the files aren't as organized as they should be.12:33:09
@hugh:hmlw.meHugh A program that was working yesterday is now raising LocalProtocolError("Not logged in") any ideas why this might be? 18:43:49
@hugh:hmlw.meHughTurns out a config file had gotten corrupted somehow, no worries19:44:25

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