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11 Sep 2019
17:08:35@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar changed the room topic to "The nio matrix python library | Latest release 0.6 https://pypi.org/project/matrix-nio/ | Documentation: https://matrix-nio.readthedocs.io/en/stable/" from "The nio matrix python library | Latest release 0.4 https://pypi.org/project/matrix-nio/ | Documentation: https://matrix-nio.readthedocs.io/en/stable/".

so, about the new store_sync_tokens: right now I'm starting the sync using sync_forever(timeout=10_000) and I get ~10-20 past messages on startup in the rooms


let's say I use the new option and close the client today, then 100 new messages happen before I start it again

17:31:29@miruka:matrix.orgmirukawill the first sync give me these 100 messages?
17:33:10@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarno, it'll give you the most recent 10 one by default, if you set your event limit in a filter to 100 it'll give you the 100
17:34:58@miruka:matrix.orgmirukahm... what is the difference between using or not storing the tokens then?
17:35:09@miruka:matrix.orgmirukastoring or not*
17:35:21@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar but either way, more messages than your limit can happen while you are away, and fetching them using the room_messages() is the way to go
17:35:59@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarif no messages happen you won't get any of them, that is it remembers stuff that you already synced nad won't present it to you anymore
17:36:40@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarit's a bit important to not get for example twice the same Olm message, since you won't be able to decrypt it another time since the ratchet moved forward
17:36:51@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarand decryption errors mean that we mark the session as wedged
17:37:33@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaralso, it's easier on the server if you remember the token
17:37:36@miruka:matrix.orgmirukabut the client has to store events/states by itself for that to be useful right?
17:38:32@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar well not necessarily, you can tell the server to give you the full state and you can fetch past N messages using room_messages if some rooms for example don't have any messages
17:39:25@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarbut yeah, riot does store the room state and some amount of messages on disk to load it the next time you run

if you pass full_state=True, then it'll still give you the room name, members and all?

17:40:44@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaryeah, one thing it wont give you that was surprising to me is the room summary
17:40:52@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthat's probably a bug
17:42:01@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarso if you're doing lazy loading for users, you'll need to make sure to fetch the members fully before sending messages in encrypted rooms
17:42:40@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar using the joined_members method
17:42:58@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarif nio gets a room summary, it's smart enough to do that on it's own, at least in the async client

something else that's been giving me troubles


so I usually have two instances of my client running, the normal one that always stays on so I can chat and the dev one that 's always restarted while I program

17:51:11@miruka:matrix.orgmirukaand frequently, the messages in an E2E room will become undecryptable in one of the client but not the other
17:51:28@miruka:matrix.orgmiruka(restarting the client fixes it)
17:53:19@poljar:matrix.orgpoljari think that's the case where you get the decryption key after the message
17:53:24@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthis can happen
17:55:19@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaryou'll have to listen for a RoomKeyEvent that has the same session id as the MegolmEvent
17:55:47@poljar:matrix.orgpoljar after you receive such a RoomKeyEvent you'll be able to decrypt the message using the decrypt_event() method
12 Sep 2019
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