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6 Jan 2020
22:32:17@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarregistering is missing completely, not just guests
7 Jan 2020
04:24:19@mhynlo:matrix.orgMhynlo joined the room.
22:09:35@zaldim:matrix.orgzaldimSo everytime I view a room as guest mode, I registrate?
22:13:16@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarwell no, you can store the access token that you get back when you register
9 Jan 2020
12:21:02@markus:chat.f14.at@markus:chat.f14.at left the room.
10 Jan 2020
22:34:46@zaldim:matrix.orgzaldimSo does it mean, I have to authenticate with that token to view a room as guest?
11 Jan 2020
08:45:47@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaryes, you use the access_token as usual
14 Jan 2020
00:20:23@jon:terracrypt.netjfred joined the room.
00:22:07@jon:terracrypt.netjfredooh, I was just looking up some python matrix stuff and... this supports voip? :O (at least the matrix event side of it, looks like I'd need to find something else to do the actual media side of it)
07:14:17@cos:hacklab.ficos voip is based on jitsi, you'll need a jitsi client (probably a browser component) to support it.
07:18:56@lub:imninja.netlubyou just need jitsi for conferencing, because native voip is only supported with two participants
07:23:20@cos:hacklab.ficoswas 1 to 1 based on something else?
07:40:25@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthere's some experiment over at weechat-matrix and one user supposedly got it working https://github.com/poljar/weechat-matrix/issues/128
07:40:48@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarhttps://github.com/poljar/weechat-matrix/blob/webrtc/contrib/matrix_webrtc and https://github.com/poljar/weechat-matrix/blob/webrtc/contrib/matrix_webrtc_gst
08:52:08@dylanvanassche:dylanvanassche.beDylan Van Assche changed their profile picture.
15 Jan 2020
13:01:55@nullisnot0:matrix.orgNullIsNot0 joined the room.
13:04:22@nullisnot0:matrix.orgNullIsNot0 poljar: Are you going to release new package version anytime soon? I'm developing a project and would like to use pip package which contains latest changes in https://github.com/poljar/matrix-nio
13:05:10@poljar:matrix.orgpoljaryes, i should; we accumulated enough new stuff
13:08:36@tulir:maunium.nettulirhow complete is the e2ee stuff? need to get around to stealing it at some point
13:10:35@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarhttps://github.com/poljar/matrix-nio/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Aencryption + rework of key requesting
13:10:41@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarand of course all of cross signing...
17:26:22@hubert:uhoreg.cauhoregverification in DMs?
17:27:58@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarah right, forgot about that
16 Jan 2020
19:07:07@mindlesstux:mindlesstux.commindlesstux joined the room.
17 Jan 2020
23:18:43@nobiz:kiez.xyznobiz joined the room.
19 Jan 2020
20:47:56@lorico:uraziel.de@lorico:uraziel.de left the room.
21:53:30@julian_:matrix.orgJulian Hofer joined the room.
20 Jan 2020
21:55:20@zaldim:matrix.orgzaldimI can't find any parameter for access_token in async client, but there is one in Client
23:26:33@evwielinga:locadmin.nlevwielinga joined the room.

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