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15 Feb 2021
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17 Feb 2021
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19 Feb 2021
@miasama:nerdsin.spacem asmo changed their display name from masmo to masmo (reality denier).23:27:07
5 Mar 2021
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13 Mar 2021
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17 Mar 2021
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25 Mar 2021
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19 Apr 2021
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 i guess i should use this room for monkey changes really..
the ans/answer thing on monkey calc is fixed now.. the bug was that it didn't store the value per-room but it does now..

Tango Yankee okay the ,scramble function is tweaked now.. (can also use ,scram ,shuffle ,shuf ,shuff)
it tries to avoid having 2 newlines stuck together (so you shouldn't see any empty lines), and it tries to avoid putting any spaces at the beginning or end of the lines..

It tries up to 1024 times to get no newlines doubled together, but if it fails after that (sanity check) then it just gives up and outputs it any way..
Same for when it processes each line; it tries up to 1024 times to rearrange each line so that a space isn't at the beginning, the end, or doubled with an other space, but if it can't do that after 1024 times it just gives up on that line and moves to the next one..

@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango Yankeegot it05:11:57
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 okay monkey AI room kind of works basically.. i still have a bit more to do with him.. and the ,cancel command works now too to cancel input.. the room is here if any one wants to join it: #monkeychat:nerdsin.space 05:30:46
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777oh yeah one thing i need to fix is to have him do any commands first (before he says his response) and also need to figure out how to process the commands in a separate thread05:42:11
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 okay encode (,enc ,encode ,encrypt) and decode (,dec ,decode ,decrypt) work now.. 09:27:24
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777{} works again in ,w/,r command (it replaces it with the user's name).. i'll make it work in monkey AI room some time later..18:58:49
20 Apr 2021
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 monkey should have ,roll now (can also use ,die or ,dice).. you can't do custom dice yet but i'll add that tomorrow or some thing.. right now he just defaults to the 9-digit 4chan-like number like glowy does.. 11:58:02
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 ,time now also has alias ,date 21:09:40
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777i added chicago to the time database.. the time command is kind of done in a hacky way so i probably should change how it's done eventually but i'm too lazy to now..23:05:57
21 Apr 2021
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 okay monkey can convert Mb/s to KiB/s now using some thing like ,MbtoKiB ,MbpstoKiBps ,Mb/stoKiB/s ,MbpstoKiB ,MbtoKiBps ,MbtoKiB/s 04:19:56
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 k monkey has ,GBtoGiB 04:28:31
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 and ,TBtoTiB 04:31:36
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777is random r really a good idea?..05:16:31
@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLenahow many reads are there in total anyways?05:18:29
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 ,rcount shows 05:18:49
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777should random r display the name of the r too? or just output the content of the r but you have no idea what the r is called?05:21:09
@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLenai personally think it would be more fun if it were the latter05:22:01

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