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24 Oct 2016
10:24:59@hbakhtiyor:matrix.orgBakhtiyor changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
12:14:42@hbakhtiyor:matrix.orgBakhtiyor set a profile picture.
26 Oct 2016
12:25:43@hbakhtiyor:matrix.orgBakhtiyor changed their display name from hbakhtiyor to Bakhtiyor.
21 Nov 2017
06:47:39@zacklocx:matrix.orgzacklocx joined the room.
9 Dec 2017
02:28:30@shankarfc:matrix.org@shankarfc:matrix.org joined the room.
04:01:01@shankarfc:matrix.org@shankarfc:matrix.org changed their display name from shankarfc to Black Box.
04:02:48@shankarfc:matrix.org@shankarfc:matrix.org changed their display name from Black Box to shankarfc.
12 Dec 2017
13:52:43@shankarfc:matrix.org@shankarfc:matrix.org left the room.

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