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19 Jan 2019
01:08:39@orishim:matrix.orgorishimuser shouldn't have to log into metamask until the deployment step
01:09:48@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachineyes please do that!!!
01:10:26@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachinedump all the ideas and opinions
01:10:27@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachine flight taking off but can’t wait to check later
In reply to @orishim:matrix.org
user shouldn't have to log into metamask until the deployment step
This is such a good point! BChain access / failures should be localized to only the components that need them, not gatekeep the whole app / experience
10:05:26@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | AsgeirThe problem then is that a user who does not have MetaMask would go through the whole process only to find out at the end that they could not complete. Some of the steps like founders and voting machine could have taken a long time to fill out. At least for me; this would result in an outrage :P
10:06:42@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | AsgeirIf you do not have MetaMask (or another dApp browser/plugin) there is really nothing you can do with the DAOcreator. I think that all functionality that is not possible to have a result should be "locked down" by the check for MetaMask, and propded for installation if it's not available.
10:08:11@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | AsgeirAt least I want to know as soon as possible if what I am working on is going to work or not. Or if I have to install a browser plugin to complete the operation.
10:09:32@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | AsgeirWe should A/B test this. With setting a user in front of the DAOcreator and tell them to create a DAO (in a browser without MetaMask). Then see how what gives the best result
10:16:25@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | AsgeirRedacted or Malformed Event
10:16:40@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir** I think that all functionality that is not possible to yield a result should be "locked down" by the check for MetaMask, and prompted for installation if it's not available.
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12:55:29@usernameyeeey:matrix.orgØzhi... this is my thought process as I'm trying to "create a DAO".. although I have no real intention to create a DAO at this point... just doing it for the sake of feedback
  1. I think there should be short explanation on the top.. something like what this is ..and what are the requirements on users part... like linking MetaMask ... having prior knowledge of DAOstack... and such. Just so that the user can quickly decide if this is something that he/she wants to engage at that moment.
  1. The buttons "what's a DAO" and "browse a DAO" are not working for me. Chrome, MacOS
  1. NAME THE DAO: DAO Name___ ..are there any special requirements when it comes to name length? Are there any special requirements when it comes to characters.. can I use question mark in the name. Will I be able to change the DAO name later? ...just asking coz I have been in situations where it was not clear that the name once chosen can't be changed later.
13:14:14@usernameyeeey:matrix.orgØz4 Token name... uh token... ok I clearly don't understand what I'm getting myself into. There is obviously some prior knowledge required. ok... I'll just play along. Hm... token name... are there any special requirements when it comes to token name... same questions as with DAO name. I think I'll name it Funk-a-donk ...coz why not.
13:19:12@usernameyeeey:matrix.orgØz5.Token symbol ... are there any special... you know what I mean. 3 letters, 4 letters, all caps? What if I choose the symbol that somebody else is already using? Is this form checking against some universal DAO database?... I think I'll go with FKD123... that's probably still free
  1. Add funders: Reputation distribution & Token distribution. Hm... I'm embarrassed now ..I have no idea what does it mean to distribute reputation. Wallet address___ ok... I get that. Reputation___ I assume the number is required here... but what kind of number? Is this a percentage of something. What is the function of the reputation and how come I'm distributing it ? I like 100... maybe that means I will have all the reputation in the DAO. Tokens___ uuu... I get to distribute the tokens. But... what are these tokens... do they have a value... where did ... eh.. 100 it is
  1. added some more addresses ..next
  1. Features... ok...it's clear at this point that this is not intended for casual users like me... I have no idea what any of this means. I'm sorry for wasting your time...
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19:59:27@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir

Thank you Øz

This is immensely usfull 😄

20 Jan 2019
06:23:52@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJellidrooling @ cent right now: https://beta.cent.co/
18:06:03@orishim:matrix.orgorishimThank you Øz 🙏🙏🙏
25 Jan 2019
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6 Feb 2019
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