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22 Jul 2021
@vardan_aggarwal:matrix.orgVardan Aggarwal set a profile picture.15:25:39
26 Jul 2021
30 Jul 2021
@degoho:matrix.orgdegoho joined the room.06:47:00
21 Aug 2021
@skywriter:matrix.orgskywriter joined the room.14:48:39
@skywriter:matrix.orgskywriterwell, this looks like a good place to test this stuff :-)14:48:52
Download maxresdefault.jpg
@skywriter:matrix.orgskywriterpretty neat, I must say...14:50:38
@skywriter:matrix.orgskywriterand this is something sent from the Qt based client, which is pretty fast and memory efficient14:52:42
24 Sep 2021
@mishobehar:matrix.orgmishobehar joined the room.18:15:23
In reply to @skywriter:matrix.org
sent an image.
In reply to @skywriter:matrix.org
well, this looks like a good place to test this stuff :-)
Is there an option to open a thread to any post, does anyone know?
27 Sep 2021
@the_hand:duncesquad.xyzThe Hand joined the room.19:55:38
@the_hand:duncesquad.xyzThe HandBogos Binted?19:56:37
@the_hand:duncesquad.xyzThe HandOh hey it works19:57:07
28 Sep 2021
@the_hand:duncesquad.xyzThe Hand changed their profile picture.02:35:11
16 Oct 2021
@nthypes:matrix.orgAntonio Mayrinck Moura joined the room.20:38:56
@nthypes:matrix.orgAntonio Mayrinck Moura2021-09-30 15.20.58 height.app 48601e4d30b5.jpg
Download 2021-09-30 15.20.58 height.app 48601e4d30b5.jpg
@nthypes:matrix.orgAntonio Mayrinck Mourahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CHXBMwxRWA20:41:50
20 Oct 2021
@vervain:vervainglobal.comVervain joined the room.02:16:01
@vervain:vervainglobal.comVervainTest 📡02:20:36
25 Oct 2021
@vervain:vervainglobal.comVervain changed their profile picture.00:45:03
28 Oct 2021
@vervain:vervainglobal.comVervain left the room.12:16:15
2 Nov 2021
@admin:chat.koehler.caadmin joined the room.02:39:14
@admin:chat.koehler.caadminquick test02:39:53
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13 Nov 2021
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25 Nov 2021
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