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26 Apr 2018
04:00:59@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechanizwe are updating the firmware in the net and we included this revision of bmx6. will let you know how that goes.
07:03:09@aparcar:matrix.orgaparcarIs there an estimation of storage difference between bmx6 and 7?
3 May 2018
nicoechaniz: can you build&install a bmx6 using https://github.com/bmx-routing/bmx6/commit/0312168aaa384379ccbefd4b2d936fc698664d5b
02:25:28@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechanizwe have updated the whole network
02:25:41@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechanizwill report
02:26:30@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechanizbmx6 has behaved very unstable lately. We were using: 4016a1980d900309771e432d1f7c741d6c48d477
5 May 2018
16:14:35@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechanizwell... it's more unstable now
16:14:44@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechanizthe gw node is getting a lot of: Thu May 3 14:58:43 2018 daemon.err bmx6[12281]: Memory leak detected, malloc tag = -300520 Thu May 3 14:58:43 2018 daemon.err bmx6[12281]: Memory leak detected, malloc tag = -300522 Thu May 3 14:58:43 2018 daemon.err bmx6[12281]: Memory leak detected, malloc tag = -300520 Thu May 3 14:58:43 2018 daemon.err bmx6[12281]: Memory leak detected, malloc tag = -300522 Thu May 3 14:58:43 2018 daemon.err bmx6[12281]: ERROR : raising SIGSEGV again ...
16:15:17@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechanizthen: Thu May 3 15:02:00 2018 daemon.err bmx6[28804]: ERROR : can't connect to unix socket '/var/run/bmx6/sock': Connection refused ! Is bmx6 running on this host ?
16:16:36@nicoechaniz:matrix.orgnicoechaniz axn: would you be willing to debug directly in the network? Do you have IPv6 there? I can add you public key to the border node here in Quintana
16:51:29@axn:matrix.orgaxnYeah, would be great
10 Jun 2018
20:46:46@jtane:matrix.orgjtane joined the room.
20:51:31@jtane:matrix.orgjtane hi are tunnels working in bmx7 master? I just built from 422eeaa but get ERROR apply_stream_opts: invalid argument: tunDev=Default
$ lsmod | grep tun
tun                    45056  0
ip6_tunnel             36864  0
tunnel6                16384  1 ip6_tunnel

ok i figured out that it's a plugin and got it to build, now I get

# bmx7 plugin=bmx7_tun.so
[3432        4] ERROR : failed loading dl /usr/lib/bmx7_tun.so /usr/lib/bmx7_tun.so: undefined symbol: _free (maybe incompatible binary/lib versions?)
[3432        4] ERROR : --plugin  bmx7_tun.so   Failed ! ( diff:0 ad:0 val:0 min:0 max:0 def:0  OPT_CHECK 5 0 11 )
[3432        4] ERROR apply_stream_opts: invalid argument: bmx7_tun.so

any ideas?

11 Jun 2018
00:20:15@aparcar:matrix.orgaparcarjtane: running on openwrt or Debian? And is you version may outdated to the used snapshout kernel?
02:22:18@aparcar:matrix.orgaparcarjtane or the mbedtls version was updated? I had similar problems but rebuilding the firmware solved it
03:28:24@jtane:matrix.orgjtanewell that was archlinux, but I just tried on fedora which worked
03:29:14@jtane:matrix.orgjtanetried archlinuxarm on a pi, same problem there
03:30:03@jtane:matrix.orgjtanembedtls, yes, just followed the directions on the readme
03:32:17@jtane:matrix.orgjtanepossibly related... fedora has gcc 7.3.1, arch has 8.1.1
03:56:43@jtane:matrix.orgjtanelibc appears to be 2.26 and 2.27 on fedora and arch respectively, not sure if that matters
03:57:10@jtane:matrix.orgjtane i see _free is defined in allocate.h
12 Jun 2018
12:34:13@jtane:matrix.orgjtanetried debian too in a container, same thing
12:38:05@aparcar:matrix.orgaparcarOdd, I recently compiled it and it works with the plugin..
12:38:13@aparcar:matrix.orgaparcarWhich branch do you use?
12:59:37@jtane:matrix.orgjtane master 422eeaa
13 Jun 2018
11:21:04@aparcar:matrix.orgaparcar axn: https://github.com/openwrt-routing/packages/pull/389
14 Sep 2018
11:25:40@d3vnil:matrix.orgd3n set their display name to d3n.
27 Dec 2018
09:13:23@tiaml:matrix.orgtiaml joined the room.

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