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29 Nov 2018
15:43:26@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <PureHate> i launch Hyperdex it hung on loggin take Year no log
17:00:36@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Acura> @PureHate sounds like any security or antivirus program is blocking the connection
30 Nov 2018
09:52:11@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <PureHate> @Acura nah under Macos 10.12 if im in doubt now about my seed
09:53:24@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <PureHate> @Acura nah under Macos 10.12 no anti virus i run it with Sudo Privileges in case but nothing change ...i keep all as is to find a way ...or provide infos ,Now im in doubt now about my seed
1 Dec 2018
00:52:52@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> Does anyone ever use HyperDex. I recently discovered this and wanted to try it out. I posted a transaction to convert some BEER to PIZZA and waited for several hours and did this on several different occasions, but no takers. Also when I check for offers under popular pairs like BTC/ETH or BTC/LTC, etc. I never see any pending offers. Is anyone using this yet?
01:14:54@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <actionslacks> there is not a lot of participants right now. There’s an updated back end being built right now to add capability and grow usage. You can check the progress in #marketmaker
03:52:51@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <tolken> @osyed what do you mean by pending offers? There are btc/eth and btc/ltc sell offers (bobs), just very few people ever try and even trade/buy them.
05:03:24@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Dzimmy> Login failed
05:03:38@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Dzimmy> Could not connect to marketmaker. How can I fix this?
05:03:51@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Dzimmy> Is there something else that I need to download?
12:52:58@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> @tolken >what do you mean by pending offers? I mean that when I go under "Exchange" and select BTC on the left and ETH on the right, I don't see any orders in the "Open Orders" area; even if I click on the BTC/ETH tab. Doesn't matter which pairs I select I never see any open orders. If I submit an order to exchange BEER/PIZZA I see it in the open orders area. But even after leaving it sit for hours, it does not get filled. Could it be that I'm not actually connected to the Dex?
12:55:44@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> When I start HyperDex I do see a message saying "Could not connect to DNR Electrum server", but then the HyperDex UI still opens and appears usable.
13:00:38@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> I just took DNR out of the list of coins in my wallet and now I don't get this message.
15:58:56@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <tolken> @osyed there aren’t a lot of trades on bdex. But there certainly are orders waiting to be filled - so this appears to be a problem specific to your end. I wouldn’t think the electrum would affect your view of the orderbooks as I don’t think electrum plays any role in them, but it is perhaps a sign of a network configuration/firewall issue?
16:13:41@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Nabob> dnr electrums are removed from our coins database, because of their outdated servers
16:35:01@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> @tolken I installed Hyperdex on another computer. Now under "Exchange" CHIPS/KMD I see some buy and sell orders listed. I don't see them on the first computer. So it seems like a network issue on the first computer. Both computer are behind the same home NAT and both are Windows. I'm using version 0.2.1 of Hyperdex.
17:36:36@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <tolken> Great to hear. Have you tried restarting your router?
17:38:40@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> I didn't try restarting the router, but after leaving the first computer on the CHIPS/KMD page for awhile I see a few buy and sell orders. Although the second computer shows more orders listed.
17:40:13@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> I had another issue though. When I added and deleted another coin, my BEER entry disappeared from my portfolio. This happened on both computers.
17:58:24@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> Posted an issue on github about this.
2 Dec 2018
01:20:44@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> @Nabob > dnr electrums are removed from our coins database, because of their outdated servers It would be good to also remove DNR from the default coin list, so that the "Could not connecto to DNR Electrum server" does not cause confusion for beginners.
03:26:47@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <osyed> @tolken > Have you tried restarting your router? Just tried it. It made no difference. On the first computer, when I go to the Exchange CHIPS/KMD page I don't see any open orders, but after about 10 minutes I see a few orders. On the second computer, I see the orders right away and more orders are listed there.
05:05:30@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <blackjok3r> Are the two computers on the same network?
05:05:48@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <blackjok3r> you cant run more than 1 marketmaker on each public IP
09:45:49@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Bar_F1sh_Rel> that's a pretty dire restriction - anyway to force it onto IPv6, then problem solved?
3 Dec 2018
04:50:37@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <blackjok3r> Not sure it works with ip6 ... best way I found was to get very very cheap VPS and load marketmaker into it, then ssh tunnel to it to conncet the GUI. be hyperdex or barterdex
04:50:48@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <blackjok3r> then also you dont close trades when closing the app.
10 Dec 2018
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12 Dec 2018
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13 Dec 2018
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