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18 Dec 2018
23:53:57@_discord_205054764860440585:linuxgaming.lifeswab the poop deck changed their display name from swab the poop deck#6232 to swab the poop deck.
23:54:21@_discord_205054764860440585:swedneck.xyzswab the poop deck#6232 changed their display name from Jelly Legs Bryant#6232 to swab the poop deck#6232.
19 Dec 2018

My winblows is so broken

1. Shift presses F12 in browsers
2. Alt goes back pages in browsers
3. Control zooms pages out in browsers
4. Some sites go in an infinite refresh loop like F5 is stuck

5. Any menu ever is infinitely scrolling, can't use drop down menus of change settings on Winshit cause of it, but also affects some games and aaaa

Like actually what the FUCK my Winblows is so broken and unusable.

00:05:01@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

Format it

00:05:16@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

Or switch to Linux completely

00:05:26@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArcherit seems HW fault

Wel yea that's the only thing I can find, like a faulty USB

00:06:47@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArcherdid you spill any water or wine on it?
00:07:35@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

Wine is a great beverage

00:07:52@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

Especially Red Wine

00:07:58@_discord_241219824909287425:linuxgaming.lifeXFCE TATTOOED ON MY CHEST

Not white 🤢

00:07:59@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

And some cheese or apple

00:08:43@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

Do people really drink white whine?

00:11:47@_discord_241219824909287425:linuxgaming.lifeXFCE TATTOOED ON MY CHEST

I doubt it

00:28:15@_discord_324298889056354316:swedneck.xyzButtsolo#4714 changed their display name from Buttsolo to Buttsolo#4714.
00:28:10@_discord_324298889056354316:linuxgaming.lifeButtsolo joined the room.
00:36:42@_discord_155262911260917760:linuxgaming.lifeℙ 𝔸 𝔻 𝕆 ℝ 𝕌

Wine is disgusting

00:36:49@_discord_155262911260917760:linuxgaming.lifeℙ 𝔸 𝔻 𝕆 ℝ 𝕌

There. I said it

00:55:53@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

You meant Wine the emu right

00:56:08@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue


00:57:21@_discord_155262911260917760:linuxgaming.lifeℙ 𝔸 𝔻 𝕆 ℝ 𝕌

No, literal wine

01:05:31@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash to ash#0678.
01:05:34@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash#0678 to ash.
01:09:30@_discord_520373543222116392:linuxgaming.lifeZSH Void #teamsilverblue

How dare you

01:16:30@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash to ash#0678.
01:16:33@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash#0678 to ash.
01:19:06@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash to ash#0678.
01:19:07@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash#0678 to ash.
01:30:46@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash to ash#0678.
01:30:48@_discord_521788315440119838:linuxgaming.lifeash changed their display name from ash#0678 to ash.

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