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25 Sep 2018
14:45:53@linux_gaming_bot:matrix.orgDiscordnetworkmanager: epic
14:49:55@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenthat sub is so pretencious it hurts
14:50:54@linux_gaming_bot:matrix.orgDiscordnetworkmanager: how is it pretencious?
14:51:15@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenit's like someone pulled it out from hipsters den, but not those that wear $500 hobo pants, but rather those that live in the huts on the desert in a commune
14:51:53@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenit makes no sense, yet people participate in that
14:53:03@qrsbrwn:uidzero.seqrsBRWN It's for teh funzies
14:53:26@linux_gaming_bot:matrix.orgDiscordnetworkmanager: lol gutigen
14:54:28@qrsbrwn:uidzero.seqrsBRWN Inclusive or statements are awesome but not as funny as exclusive or statements. Sadly r/exclusiveor just contains a craptonne of posts saying "penis". Not that funny :(
14:55:09@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenis this the kind of humor you get into after getting stable career and 3 kids?
14:55:38@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenI never want to be an adult then
14:55:45@machete_badger:privacy.rehabmachete_badgerI'd die first lol
14:56:02@linux_gaming_bot:matrix.orgDiscordnetworkmanager: lmao
In reply to @gutigen:matrix.org
I never want to be an adult then
No worries guti, you are not in the risk zone of growing up
14:57:11@machete_badger:privacy.rehabmachete_badgeromega burn
14:57:19@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenthank gods
14:58:24@linux_gaming_bot:matrix.orgDiscordnetworkmanager: epic
15:01:24@qrsbrwn:uidzero.seqrsBRWNI would love a nice hut but not in the desert.
15:02:00@qrsbrwn:uidzero.seqrsBRWNWe go camping quite s lot with the family and huts are really nice compared to tents
15:02:25@gutigen:matrix.orggutigencamping... with the family... :(
15:02:54@machete_badger:privacy.rehabmachete_badgerguti pls depressed hours is not yet
15:03:03@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenoh ok
15:03:02@qrsbrwn:uidzero.seqrsBRWN It's awesome. The kids love it and the 4g network is fast enough.
15:04:25@qrsbrwn:uidzero.seqrsBRWNIt also brings a pythonesque vibe to the life of the other campers when some guy in a suit emerges from a tent and sits down on a nice rock to start working on his laptop
15:06:14@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenwait... are you comedian or a sysadmin?
15:06:39@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenmakes sense
15:06:56@linux_gaming_bot:matrix.orgDiscordnetworkmanager: lmao
15:07:38@gutigen:matrix.orggutigendepression prevalence is quite similar in both fields
15:07:45@gutigen:matrix.orggutigenmakes sense those would overlap

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