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28 May 2023
@_discord_782967330840903742:t2bot.ioPipeliner do you speak english 19:47:19
@_discord_782967330840903742:t2bot.ioPipeliner please send an email to odysee 20:28:03
@_discord_624679967057248280:t2bot.ioKensortium Diamondheart changed their display name from Kensortium Diamondheart to Kensortium Diamondheart#3064.21:48:46
@_discord_624679967057248280:t2bot.ioKensortium Diamondheart changed their display name from Kensortium Diamondheart#3064 to Kensortium Diamondheart.21:48:47
@_discord_624679967057248280:t2bot.ioKensortium Diamondheart Oh my devil Poa.st TV is GARBITCH 21:48:47
@_discord_624679967057248280:t2bot.ioKensortium Diamondheart Yall talk about bitchute being the worst youtube alt? 21:48:55
@_discord_624679967057248280:t2bot.ioKensortium Diamondheart on poa.st tv i cant upload shit. 21:49:04
@_discord_624679967057248280:t2bot.ioKensortium Diamondheart plus the community there is full of racist incel white nationalist manchildren and neo nazis who spam the n word constantly 21:49:31
@_discord_956629132215717958:t2bot.ioblackwater Kensortium Diamondheart first time on new tech? 21:59:02
@_discord_624679967057248280:t2bot.ioKensortium Diamondheart no? 22:21:55
@_discord_956629132215717958:t2bot.ioblackwater well all new tech sites are like that 22:47:20
@_discord_956629132215717958:t2bot.ioblackwater wanna know why you don't see groups, comments, or videos like that on youtube? 22:47:48
@_discord_956629132215717958:t2bot.ioblackwater because they were the first to be shadow banned or just outright banned 22:48:14
29 May 2023
@_discord_782967330840903742:t2bot.ioPipeliner not good 10:31:10
@_discord_782967330840903742:t2bot.ioPipeliner I don't want to find dark content like that 10:31:31
@_discord_398940244176797712:t2bot.ioMichael Mitnick changed their display name from Michael Mitnick to michaelmitnick#2361.12:11:44
@_discord_398940244176797712:t2bot.ioMichael Mitnick changed their display name from michaelmitnick#2361 to Michael Mitnick.12:11:48
@_discord_254138556434350083:t2bot.ioaciDC14 Wait, Poa.st has TV? 15:04:31
@_discord_988861614201655357:t2bot.ioAma WTF is "Poa.st?" Search brings nothing. 15:18:42
@_discord_849384212884750376:t2bot.iobelikor#5802 It could refer to an instance of the Fediverse (Mastodon), basically a Twitter clone, that allows you to interact with other instances. 16:03:57
30 May 2023
@_discord_858544904355446834:t2bot.ioFarmerJosh Yes, #🎬┊your-content but if I remember right you have to have a certain level on the Discord to post there. 06:27:48
@_discord_858544904355446834:t2bot.ioFarmerJosh I think I got lucky and got grandfathered in during a Discord roles screwup lol. 06:28:38
@_discord_988861614201655357:t2bot.ioAma Why are You spamming this server with that? Makes Me VERY suspicious. 21:05:25
31 May 2023
@_discord_370589004179177472:t2bot.io+ 🆂 🆃 🅴 🆅 🅴 🅾 It was a scammer using the Nitro scam, which then steals money out of your bank account.
I banned them.

If you see anything like this ping me.
I'm moving atm, so not always keeping an eye on the server atm.
@_discord_858544904355446834:t2bot.ioFarmerJosh Good luck on the move! 15:46:31
@_discord_988861614201655357:t2bot.ioAma Will do, and thanks. Given it was all over the server, I figured it was some kind of scam. Hope the move goes smoothly and swiftly! 16:51:13
1 Jun 2023
@_discord_566977074989105152:t2bot.iomiko#4837 help@odysee.com is probably a better place to get answer to that 05:02:54
@_discord_566977074989105152:t2bot.iomiko#4837 Email to help@odysee.com to get it checked, also mention what channel's memberships you are trying to join 06:25:52
@_discord_566977074989105152:t2bot.iomiko#4837 probably <24h 06:36:03
@_discord_849384212884750376:t2bot.iobelikor#5802 Well, yes, but that's a problem for every business. Banks ultimately control the flow of money; if they decide that you are persona non-grata, they can terminate your accounts with them. What is the solution to that problem? It's a very big problem, and really there is no solution at the moment. In theory cryptocurrency is a solution but for it to work at all, people need to rely on themselves, as opposed to using centralized exchanges, which act pretty much like banks in the traditional financial system. 14:39:40

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