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19 Jan 2019
12:38:54@essasetic:matrix.orgessasetic P I R A C Y
12:39:17@essasetic:matrix.orgessaseticThe only thing from Prime that caught my attention was the grand tour
12:39:33@essasetic:matrix.orgessasetic And that's mainly because I was a big Top Gear fan.
12:40:01@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManI think ppl at plex don't care much about users who have lifetime pass - they're just costing plex money to maintain, but don't give new income
12:40:22@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsThats unfortunately true
12:40:29@essasetic:matrix.orgessaseticEmby is seemingly going down the same path as well.
12:40:34@essasetic:matrix.orgessaseticWhich is unfortunate.
12:40:56@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManI think emby has shut down their lifetime thing for a "lifetime" (up to some major version or whatnot) thing
12:41:00@justaman:matrix.orgJustAMandidn't they?
12:41:05@essasetic:matrix.orgessasetic I'm not sure
12:41:09@essasetic:matrix.orgessaseticLet me check their website
12:41:43@essasetic:matrix.orgessaseticNope seems to be still up
12:42:42@vfrex:matrix.orgvfrexIMO, there will be fewer users to go around for Plex, Emby, JF over time. Media server software rose in the pre-OTT world. The value proposition is diminished now and Plex/Emby will fight over a shrinking pool until they throw in the towel and they turn into proprietary abandonware.
12:43:04@vfrex:matrix.orgvfrexJF becomes the de facto standard and gets the entire user base of both over time
12:44:54@essasetic:matrix.orgessasetic I do believe Jellyfin will set the standard of what's acceptable and what's not in a free media centre.
12:52:37@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kThrowing in a pennies worth here: Cable & sat. companies set up to bring multiple channels to you are timed intervals. My cable company (Virgin Media) now have "channels" dedicated to serving you web versions of the likes of Netflix which you still need to subscribe to. Eventually, the set-top boxes will turn in to offering IP streaming services rather than stations, or both.
12:53:22@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kTV providers need to keep up with the changing market. I can see in the future that JF would have a plug-in that all it does is load Netflix or Prime in to the same window.
12:53:36@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kEven make it searchable with APIs
12:53:43@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kfrom your local JF server
12:53:55@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclaws g33kphr33k: I mean kodi is basically doing this with having plugins for every source
12:54:00@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsI use my media through kodi and its plugins
12:54:07@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kYarp, agreed
12:54:29@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kPeople want one interface to all the services if they can
12:55:08@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kIf JF can keep my personal media and give me access through to other services without the need for me to leave my JF app/server, then I'm going to use it
12:55:26@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kand that's what people will donate and pay for eventually
12:55:28@g33kphr33k:matrix.orgg33kphr33kease of use
12:56:18@vfrex:matrix.orgvfrexSeems like a model the smart TV interfaces will ascribe to over time.
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ease of use
Ain't it what plex is doing?

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