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24 Mar 2019
01:03:27@lostmypillow:matrix.orgpillowwastaken But yea, I didn't know about hostility and that kind of stuff, just discovered it and find the metadata scraping is kinda neat
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25 Mar 2019
06:01:34@matt07211:matrix.orgmatt07211 https://www.reddit.com/r/jellyfin/comments/b4edw7/viewing_uhd_movies_from_vlc/ej8dtor
06:12:55@logicalphallacy:matrix.orglogicalphallacyCall me crazy, but couldn't they just open the video file that jellyfin points at in vlc?
06:15:52@dkanada:dkanada.comdkanadanot if the video file isnt on the same computer
06:15:45@logicalphallacy:matrix.orglogicalphallacythey said they are using jellyfin locally
06:16:58@logicalphallacy:matrix.orglogicalphallacythat said finding a way to expose "force direct play" might be smart
06:17:57@dkanada:dkanada.comdkanadaits a frontend thanggg
06:22:36@metaveli:matrix.orgmetaveli Ability to tweak end user quality settings would be good.
I've got dumb users that can't change remote streaming quality but have large enough bandwidth for original and directplay
06:27:32@claz:matrix.orgcviumIt would be nice to have an "Original" setting
06:27:41@claz:matrix.orgcviuminstead of the weird 60 Mbps limit
06:28:29@dkanada:dkanada.comdkanadayeah I want the streaming settings to support manual things like direct play or only encoding audio or burning in subtitles per user
06:35:11@matt07211:matrix.orgmatt07211^ This exactly, I know my device can handle everything up to 4K HDR without needing to transcode
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09:51:28@ashareth:matrix.orgasharethAnyone would have an idea why "downloading" a file works from firefox, but not from chromium (on the same computer, both tested with and without extensions) ? When playing files works on both.
10:26:19@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManCan you open dev tools and look for errors in console?
11:42:25@ashareth:matrix.orgasharethI'll do that.
11:44:10@ashareth:matrix.orgasharethhttps://pastebin.com/MAq6Zmg7 - if i'm not mistaken
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https://pastebin.com/MAq6Zmg7 - if i'm not mistaken
@dkanada:dkanada.com vitorsemeano ^
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26 Mar 2019
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17:18:51@clairedesu:matrix.orgGNU/Claire the EeveeDoes anyone here use next loud?
17:18:54@clairedesu:matrix.orgGNU/Claire the EeveeNext cloud
17:19:07@clairedesu:matrix.orgGNU/Claire the Eevee It's having a lot of trouble uploading big files, even when I use flowupload
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19:24:58@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsGNU/Claire the Eevee: #freenode_#nextcloud:matrix.org
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Next cloud
I do, but a bit outdated version. Plus it's either in nextcloud channel or #jellyfin-offtopic

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