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21 Jan 2020
18:18:08@dodecahedrane:matrix.orgdodecahedranethanks everyone for helping :)
18:18:27@dodecahedrane:matrix.orgdodecahedrane * well, docker is actually super easy to do I just found out (with a premade image), took me literally 30 seconds to setup torrenting, you just have to not do anything stupid
18:39:07@freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelfAdding suggestions for the Swedish translation, seems almost all my suggestions already exist!
18:47:37@kinghat:matrix.orgkinghatpossible to stream ISOs over network so you can play them like a DVD? with the menus, extras, etc?
18:51:52@artiume:matrix.orgartiumeIt should be feasible, not sure what support JF already has built in
18:54:00@dodecahedrane:matrix.orgdodecahedraneRedacted or Malformed Event
18:55:47@dodecahedrane:matrix.orgdodecahedrane * I'm having problems with a torrent client, would this be an appropriate place to ask for some help? (downloads start fine, but then after a few seconds flow down to a crawl and then eventually stop)
18:57:03@freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelf dodecahedrane: No
19:03:12@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoRe: ISOs
19:03:26@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoWait nvm
19:19:05@kinghat:matrix.orgkinghat artiume does anyone support it? does it have a name?
19:20:55@freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelf Many Swedish suggestions from "Institutionalized" are valid. Everyone I've seen so far.
19:24:57* @freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelf is a native Swedish speaker
19:25:27@freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelfHowever, my Swedish is still rusty, like all of the languages I speak :P
In reply to@justaman:matrix.org
paging cvium
20:39:52@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavado kinghat: Best I can figure out is it supposedly works, but I'd believe it's probably only on network, and it probably just picks the longest running video file and plays it (so no menus or anything)
20:40:05@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoIt's not a very well explored part of the software
20:40:43@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavadoand it probably only works with servers that run on *nix, and it appears to need sudo access to mount the image
20:43:21@kinghat:matrix.orgkinghat thanks for taking the time to look into it Anthony Lavado. ive looked before and came up empty handed.
20:45:43@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoFor reference: https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin/issues/104
21:20:06@kinghat:matrix.orgkinghat so it seems that menus will play as long as the ISOs are not encrypted? and if so use libaacs or libdvdcss?
21:20:36@freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelfDone adding suggestions for the translations for Swedish. There are many I cannot translate :(
21:58:41@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManthere was pretty recent re-implementation PR for vob files
21:59:00@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManI don't think menus would play the way you expect - have clickable items and such tho
21:59:20@justaman:matrix.orgJustAMan Bond_009 was the one who brought back vob support
22:06:43@freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelfAny clues when the new androidtv client will be released?
22:08:15@justaman:matrix.orgJustAMansoon (tm)
22:08:45@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManor "when it's done" (tm)
22:08:50@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManchoose whatever you like :)
22:14:37@freenode_Delf:matrix.orgDelf w00t! I just installed Jellyfin for android TV on my phone. Didn't know it was possible

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