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22 Jun 2018
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24 Jun 2018
08:07:03@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl changed the room topic to "" from "".
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09:23:48@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl set the room topic to "A discussion in the +tgl-ppp:matrix.org book club".
09:23:48@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl changed the room name to "" from "".
10:23:56@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl set the room name to "84, Charing Cross Road".
4 Jul 2018
22:13:51@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl changed their profile picture.
3 Aug 2018
23:06:54@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl changed their profile picture.
7 Aug 2018
22:22:22@mark:ubports.chatMark joined the room.
9 Aug 2018
16:25:05@mark:ubports.chatMark changed their display name from mark to Mark.
12 Aug 2018
17:29:03@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wlchanged room power levels.
12 Sep 2018
11:54:14@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl changed their display name from Mark to 3arn0wl.
11:54:18@3arn0wl:matrix.org3arn0wl removed their profile picture.

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