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14 Jan 2022
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 Yeah all it considers for how "fast" something is how many jumps it is 16:54:48
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 If there's a few routes with the same distance, the one it usually picks makes me wonder why it picked one route over the other 16:56:27
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 it shouldn't be too hard to switch it to use travel time 16:56:33
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 but you will end up with it potentially choosing different routes for different ships 16:56:53
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 Maybe some weird combination or a mode switch for it? 16:57:21
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 actually, now that I think of it, it is a bit tricky 16:57:27
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 because you would have to consider jump points, not systems 16:57:42
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 Yes 16:57:50
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 so you can't just use the existing djikistra algorithm 16:58:06
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 Couldn't it use distance between jump points? 16:58:38
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 I mean, you would have to create and compute on a jump-point level graph, solve that, then translate that back to system-level 16:59:14
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 it's not "hard" per se, but it does require changing quite a bit of code 16:59:24
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 Probably would add complexity, but it would let it find the quicker route 16:59:46
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude Random question, does autonav actually take advantage of the extra distance you can be from a jump point while in stealth mode? 17:00:00
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 No 17:00:08
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude that's dissapointing 17:00:15
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude the low radiation sensor modulator boosts that range tremendously 17:00:38
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.iopyroman#7119 It always slaps itself on top of the jump graphic 17:00:39
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude the new accuracy the ai has with maces is really annoying 17:01:55
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude I can no longer fearlessly autonav in a schroedinger 17:02:44
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude * I can no longer have the speedup setting at 99% shield while flying a schroedinger 17:03:10
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 it was worse when they had 800 thrust 17:03:20
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 the major malik mission was pretty much impossible 17:03:43
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 what evade do you have? 17:04:34
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 A schroedinger with low evasion should be able to dodge easily 17:04:55
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude 2685 17:05:25
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 they should be only 50%ish accurate 17:05:56
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude not when I'm flying in a straight line 17:06:25
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens#0291 if you have no tangential velocity with respect to them, they will have 100% accuracy 🙂 17:06:51
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.ioLJ_Dude oh I can legitimately get some soromid ships now 17:10:46

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