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13 May 2022
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <darkdrgn2k> Thats so #random! 02:26:28
16 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kI love documentation that tells you what the LEFT side of the equation is03:36:11
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kTABLE and all03:36:18
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kbut no mention about the right side..03:36:27
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2k [2-9]11|0|100|101|011xxx.|9011xxx.|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|91[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|9[2-9]xxxxxx|*xx|[8]xxxx|[2-7]xxx 03:41:14
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@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kWTF? HOW does it know to go to voicemail?!03:41:27
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2k HA! abused the speed dial feature on the ATA to get rid of the 9 prefix \o/ 04:07:45
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <`join_subline> 🎥 Podcast 🎬 "NDP / Liberal - Markham-Unionville" (46m, 274MB, 12022-05-15T13:00-18:00#7) | 📼 https://0x0.st/oasu.webm 14:08:42
@_slack_tomeshnet_U01HNPH8A7M:matrix.orgRob Whiteside Phone systems that use a prefix to dial out drive me nuts 18:24:11
@elon:elon.liElonsame wonder whats the point of pressing 9 first18:25:05
@elon:elon.liElondon't get why most are setup like that18:25:53
@_slack_tomeshnet_U01HNPH8A7M:matrix.orgRob Whiteside Probably phone guys that used to deploy Nortel systems. That's my only guess 🤷‍♂️ 22:00:40
18 May 2022
@makeworld:tomesh.netCole (makeworld)Test01:27:45
@makeworld:tomesh.netCole (makeworld)Test 201:27:57
In reply to @elon:elon.li
same wonder whats the point of pressing 9 first
It'd like an area code. For pbx
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kIt defines which trunk group to use for egress03:54:01
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kIt's got its roots in like first Gen pbx03:54:32
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kSometimes systems has more the. One set of trunk groups and you would use 8 or even 703:55:08
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kalthough they did away with this in more modern PBX, some have it for legacy support. 04:24:19
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kEven my current desktop, although it does not need a 9 prefix, i only have 2 lines on the phone. Instead i programmed one of the lines with have programmed several prefixes on one of the lines that allows me to choose one of like 3 differnt lines/outbound phone numbers.04:25:42
@elon:elon.liElonAhh I see04:49:48
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@_slack_tomeshnet_U01HNPH8A7M:matrix.orgRob Whiteside Yeah, I've seen the odd one with 8 or 7 for the prefix as well. 21:25:09
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kFeature **config for the win22:28:54
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kRename a extension to 'god' 22:29:05

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