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1 Dec 2018
18:21:46@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_fwoops, I'm not good at using Matrix still...
18:22:06@jonas.s:matrix.orgjonas(you are also chatting in our old sort-of abandoned room now )
18:22:22@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_f😁 thats' it
18:22:52@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_fyes, in fact I'm reading the documentation, trying to figure how to join the "ontologies" chanel
18:23:29@jonas.s:matrix.orgjonasheh - I just posted how to do that - in the Ontologies channel :-P
18:24:43@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_foh, ok, great, thank you
18:24:55@jonas.s:matrix.orgjonasI am not usin gthe Riot client now, so maybe it won't work - try this: #ontologies:matrix.virtual-assembly.org
18:25:02@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_ffirstly, I need to understand how to use smileys
In reply to @jonas.s:matrix.org
I am not usin gthe Riot client now, so maybe it won't work - try this: #ontologies:matrix.virtual-assembly.org
it works
18:25:45@jonas.s:matrix.orgjonasI use good old ASCII smileys - "drawing" them by typing the letters involved: :-)
18:26:03@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_fthat's important
18:26:15@jonas.s:matrix.orgjonas...and I then prefer smileys with nose
18:26:37* @jonas.s:matrix.orgjonas dislike those fancy Unicode smileys!
23:27:35@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_f changed their display name from benoit_ferc to benoit_f.
23:27:56@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_f set a profile picture.
5 Dec 2018
08:06:46@swann:matrix.orgswannAm I the only one having great difficulties leaving slack ?
11:42:46@johan:jailbreak.parisjohanCould you list some of the difficulties that you face? Most (hopefully all) should be easy to resolve with some help and advice :)
11:44:31@johan:jailbreak.parisjohanHave you managed to join this room? #general:matrix.virtual-assembly.org
18:11:46@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_fsometimes I just wish I can use Smileys just as I do in Slack, as a way to give feedback, a minima to let someone know I've read the message
18:12:07@benoit_ferc:matrix.orgbenoit_fanyway, Matrix isn;t Slack
6 Dec 2018
07:26:03@johan:jailbreak.parisjohan Type ":" then the unicode short name
07:27:48@johan:jailbreak.parisjohan Take a look at the settings if it still doesn't work

anyway, Matrix isn;t Slack

Sure but most of the features are the same

07:33:23@johan:jailbreak.parisjohan Some general basic help: https://about.riot.im/need-help/
07:33:49@johan:jailbreak.parisjohanIf you use the Riot web client (you probably do)
07:34:04@johan:jailbreak.parisjohanRiot on Android is very similar
07:34:28@johan:jailbreak.parisjohanWhat about other difficulties?
18 Dec 2018
11:50:09@michelbm:matrix.orgmichelbm joined the room.

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