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17 May 2019
21:32:16@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.biancoWe can do another doodle if you want. But an hour later is pretty much out of the question for me...
18 May 2019
07:16:17@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahoo Let's try a doodle
19 May 2019
00:05:10@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraI've been out of the loop for too long. Sorry guys. After the 24th I'll be more available.
28 May 2019
02:16:13@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanHey team, Apologies again for being MIA, but I won't be able to make this Thursday either as I'll be attending to family visiting from out-of-country. In the meantime, he's a doodle we can fill out to determine a better weekly systems meeting time https://doodle.com/poll/yap9zzwc9v93da29
5 Jun 2019
12:01:32@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraRoger that
7 Jun 2019
01:07:30@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanSo, it doesn't look like there's a particularly good meeting time for anyone, suggesting the only logical solution is to continue correspondence asynchronously... How about instead we reserve Thursdays for reporting any updates pertaining to the systems team, and, if need be, we'll schedule a team meeting for any impending deadlines (whatever they may be) when the time comes?
01:21:33@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanStill getting back into the flow of things, so not a whole lot of updates this week. I talked to the OpenMBEE developers last Tuesday; status/priority on the view editor on mms 4.0 is still low at the moment, as they're mostly concerned with the core backend features at the moment. Another low priority item is that the data abstraction layer is heavily dependent on MongoDB, meaning any organization wanting to interchange with another database will have difficulties. This is partly by design, since MongoDB offered the most "flexible" database schema, but it's a concern that's righteously acknowledged. Also, this is what the DMMS project is hoping to address (if/when it successfully gets funding). Other than that, the current implementation of mms 4.0 supports a model tree, which is really the bare minimum needed for doing MBSE anyway... Will try and put together a simple model soon. Stay tuned...
01:24:14@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanAlso, forgot to mention a date was finally suggested for when I'd be presenting DMMS to the OpenMBEE community, which is tentatively set for August 6, 8am PDT. Will post updates as they emerge.
22:25:40@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraKiller
11 Jun 2019
22:04:28@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanHere's the mass plugin for mms4 that might be worth experimenting with, as mentioned per last nights coral meeting https://github.com/lmco/mbee/blob/master/doc/tutorial-004-mass-plugin.md
22:07:30@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanping me if anyone decides to give it a shot and/or runs into setup issues 🙂
18 Jun 2019
02:38:37@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraI probably will when I get my servers running, hopefully by the end of this Summer.
06:51:27@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanDuly noted!
2 Jul 2019
17:46:22@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanjpl announced release date for OpenMBEE/mms v4.0 set for august...
3 Jul 2019
00:36:33@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraWhoa are you serious/?
15 Jul 2019
21:13:47@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean Yup, though it probably won't have a pretty GUI just yet. From their last community meeting the top feature being worked on is branching
16 Jul 2019
08:20:10@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahoo NASA Wants to 3D-Print Spacecraft Parts in Space | HYPEBEAST
17:11:04@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.biancoI love their concept!
17 Jul 2019
17:33:33@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallardSorting is essential, ferrous oxides need coke, smelting aluminum possible as it only requires mass electricity, the technokontrol 1-Mw with a 50-year, no-inputs warranty a best starting point.
4 Aug 2019
07:00:31@harpocrates:matrix.orgharpocrates joined the room.
12 Aug 2019
19:24:28@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanHey folks, the INCOSE-LA chapter invited me to give a talk on model-based systems engineering next month. For those in the area, you're more than welcome to attend.
25 Aug 2019
08:49:56@inbonove3:matrix.org@inbonove3:matrix.org joined the room.
08:50:05@inbonove3:matrix.org@inbonove3:matrix.org left the room.
27 Aug 2019
16:08:47@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraKiller
11 Oct 2019
16:50:16@harpocrates:matrix.orgharpocrates set a profile picture.
17 Oct 2019
05:59:06@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanThe OMG SST working group just published a pre-release spec of SysML v2!! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6589596258283909120/
16:34:21@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallardsean: milestone, cheers!
18 Oct 2019
01:59:24@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraEPIC
3 Dec 2019
11:20:23@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpanda sean: I'm not anywhere near the area. Will a text or recording be produced? I would be interested n hearing what you have to say.
19:45:47@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean mhpanda: no recording if you're referring to the talk I gave in September, but you can access the slides here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LLKdyM0YZ5cGzlBfGy8xjYYHp2fyygNfSis5L-PRDMU/edit#

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