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8 Jan 2019
13:27:32@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahooSpreadsheet Template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qvshiKxPDiC7zPFZkoyzdneC15fGmy4d77B8fbiwRGM/edit?usp=sharing
13:27:48@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahooPresentation Template: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PCSeOih6Ffsyu9qJwg13Jioi1EU4F1gIno4gm1g4Rlw/edit?usp=sharing
13:29:42@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahooIf we have our Coral Logo finalised, we can make our templates a bit more colourful. However, Please let me know your thoughts. I in tend that once we finalise these, we put them in Git as well for config control (although Google drive supports this and I have tagged each version.)
13:31:02@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahooI also believe we need to draft a guidance on how to use the templates, filling info, and for what content.
17:29:41@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpanda joined the room.
9 Jan 2019
05:45:19@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovan
In reply to @udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.org
I also believe we need to draft a guidance on how to use the templates, filling info, and for what content.
agreed. it looks like the spreadsheet template would be a sheet included in any new spreadsheets, and the presentation template would be a slide included at the start of each new presentation?
06:04:30@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahoo Yes... Ideally individuals can replicate the template, fill their information and rename the file as a "save as"
10 Jan 2019
03:27:25@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallardI started a webpage for filename renaming for RFIs etc, way easier, faster for users, can host it, windows backend including azure.
12 Jan 2019
08:23:29@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-Rivera
In reply to
sorry for the delay, I've been out of town. I think Git with config control sounds great as a next step. My proposed Drive structure is more of a stopgap measure to make the Drive a little more user-friendly until all of that Git stuff is in place.Individual folders for documents produced by each person moves a bit in the opposite direction from simplification. How about a middle ground? Including initials in the file name and/or listing the author at the top of the document.The folder renaming sounds fine to me.The archive-in-each-folder makes perfect sense to me and it sounds great.
08:23:47@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraThe initials idea sounds great
18:50:45@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovanhey all, I may have recurring schedule conflicts Wednesday evenings for the planning meeting :/. I know Thursdays are already Lander night - does another night work for anyone?
23:02:47@outbound:matrix.orgoutboundWhat about planning and lander swapping nights?
13 Jan 2019
00:26:46@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovanthanks for offering! works for me
In reply to @outbound:matrix.org
What about planning and lander swapping nights?
16 Jan 2019
17:20:36@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallard Url for cpu's, hardened, a full line of products with RIO one I've used in hands on seminars:
17:20:46@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallard https://www.psirep.com/brands/get-engineering
17 Jan 2019
05:34:48@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovansuggestions for agenda items for tomorrow's planning meeting? If I remember right there was some talk of drafting a WBS, but that may have been for the lander software down the line. I thought there was something else brought up in the team-wide meeting that made for a good discussion topic but can't remember what it was
05:42:56@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.bianco I think it was the naming convention? But I'm not too thrilled to spend a whole meeting on that subject. I've expressed my opinion of pick one that already exists and go with it 😝
05:50:33@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahooI would say the current planning meeting to focus on the management of the regolith analysis. We also need to determine whether we would be able to do both the regolith analysis and manufacturing on a single platform, or do we have separate platforms. In short, we need to revisit the conops.
06:12:08@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovan agreed, we need to figure out that conops. I think it would help if we all read this doc beforehand - I feel like we've discussed the regolith topic informally before but gotten bogged down in hypotheticals 🤷 what kinds of conclusions would people feel comfortable reaching at the end of 90 minutes?
22:54:00@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean udit.kumar.sahoo: I borrowed parts of your template to create a preamble header for the conops template that would subside in github. If you would do the honors, I submitted a PR and assigned you as a reviewer
18 Jan 2019
03:10:32@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahoo Sure... I'll review it.
03:51:02@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick DonovanFor tonight's meeting how about we start off with a round-robin on your answer to the question "what would it take to convince you to fully endorse one mission architecture vs. another?"
03:59:52@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.bianco Sounds good. I'm downloading zoom - will be in shortly.
04:53:21@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahoo I'm still caught up in office meetings... 😞
05:34:18@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanasciidoc quick reference https://asciidoctor.org/docs/asciidoc-syntax-quick-reference/
05:37:30@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanI'll try and update the contributing guide to include how to generate and add plantuml diagrams in an .adoc
05:38:23@outbound:matrix.orgoutboundThanks for all the hard work tonight, folks. I'm still playing catch-up with these tools...
05:50:46@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanadapted conops document referenced in attribution notice http://mmf.nsu.ru/sites/default/files/iso-iec-ieee-29148-2011.pdf

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