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24 Jun 2020
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoI already tried making the window wider... same results. But no worries. Nothing urgent. I was asking in case I missed something or it was easy to discover. Thanks a lot for your help. Very appreciated!15:32:30
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmit's supposed to be easy.. if you have the time, I'm up for troubleshooting.15:33:23
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoyes, let's do it15:34:34
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmI guess you're running commands in a powershell command window ?15:35:04
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoI'm using Cmder15:35:29
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmok.. if you maximise that window, does register's output not use the full width ?15:35:39
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcolet me try the opposite... just to see if my account names get even shorter15:36:16
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmit stays at the original 80 chars always ?15:36:25
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcolet me check15:36:57
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmdear me. On unix there's a COLUMNS environment variable which changes, and hledger respects that. I wonder how to see variables on windows. Maybe: set 15:37:21
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoyeap, 80 chars always15:37:53
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoSame in windows Command Promt independently of window's size 15:39:51
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmdoes "set" print a list of env variables ?15:40:36
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmis there a COLUMNS in there at all ?15:42:03
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmor anything that looks like terminal width ?15:42:12
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarconot really, let me check in detail15:43:01
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmI guess not. Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware. Oh well, you can set it manually with the -w/--width option, see hledger reg --help15:43:54
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarconop, nothing related to Columns or with15:44:15
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoi tried with -w, let me try again15:44:52
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoGot it!!!15:51:00
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmgreat. You can also copy html output out of hledger-web15:51:42
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcooh, really?15:52:11
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoyou mean getting the output from console to hledger-web?15:52:44
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcooh wow... reg --help is quite impressive. I didn't find that before.15:54:17
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmI mean: hledger-web --register SOMEACCT -> browser opens -> select & copy the transactions -> paste into some app that accepts html pastes. It's probably not what you want for your status posts15:54:23
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmreg --help is the same docs as https://hledger.org/hledger.html#register , but also includes the command line flags15:55:19
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcooh, yea... no. I'm just falling in love of Cmder and hledger reports15:55:51

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