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24 Jun 2020
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoThanks a lot!15:58:00
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]Sure thing15:58:53
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoSorry, just a crazy idea, would you like to make a presentation about hedger to the Bitcoin Cash community at some point?15:59:59
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoIf yes, that can be arranged16:00:10
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]Thanks! Will keep in mind. (How would that work ?)16:02:26
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoWe have in place a couple of main channels we use for technical meetings, developers meetings, adoption, etc...16:03:18
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcothose channels are public and usually broadcasted live via youtube or twitch16:04:09
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]Nifty, I should check those out to get a feel for it16:05:04
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcoSure, can I DM you later?16:05:43
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarcogreat then16:06:23
@leandrodimarco:matrix.orgleandrodimarconeed to run. thanks again!16:06:33
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]np 16:07:04
25 Jun 2020
@hiq:matrix.orghiqCan I use '#' as a separator for CSV import?21:14:03
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]hiq: Id guess not but https://hledger.org/csv.html#separator doesnโ€™t say no..21:16:27
@hiq:matrix.orghiqbut it doesn't say how either ๐Ÿ˜… given that it will be interpreted as a command in the rules file21:18:02
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]Can I see what you tried ?21:18:45
@hiq:matrix.orghiqseparator # 21:20:06
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]and it gives an error ?21:20:27
@hiq:matrix.orghiqyeah, I'm on an old version though (debian)21:20:47
@hiq:matrix.orghiqnot sure whether that changes something21:20:54
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]oh not sure that even supports that21:21:15
@thetaoofsu:matrix.orgTheTaoOfSuOh, debian packages are super old. Like version 1.12, I think? Versus the new 1.18.121:21:20
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]click the right manual version to see21:21:38
@hiq:matrix.orghiqah yeah there was no separator in 1.10 (my version), my bad, thanks!21:22:56
26 Jun 2020
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m] leandrodimarco: here's perhaps the easiest way to move your .hledger.journal file on windows: in that file, put just include \path\to\real\file 18:34:27
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m]much easier than fiddling with environment variables18:35:28
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm[m] and I suppose another way if is to make a hledger.bat that runs hledger.exe -f \the\file ... 18:36:17
30 Jun 2020
@myridium:putnam.aimyridium joined the room.21:36:37

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