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9 Apr 2021
@jumper149:matrix.orgjumperbut im quite new, ill definetely read more docs21:15:03
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm+1, skim the quickstart/manual at least21:16:05
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmfeedback and noting of missing answers is welcome21:17:34
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmAre you coming from gnucash ?21:18:28
@jumper149:matrix.orgjumpernope I just noticed I need to track my expenses, and was deciding between a spreadsheet or a unix-philosophy program.21:19:49
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmCool. For a recurring expense I would probably have a cron job add it to the journal. There are some scripts aimed at this on plaintextaccounting.org21:20:57
@jumper149:matrix.orgjumperoh, actually I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping that was builtin :(21:23:41
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmThere's periodic transaction rules, which can generate recurring entries. But they are more useful for forecasting21:25:06
@jumper149:matrix.orgjumperI think, that is what I want though. So I can put in all my insurance costs and income etc and then see how it evolves21:28:10
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm 👍🏻 21:28:54
@jumper149:matrix.orgjumperone question21:29:07
@jumper149:matrix.orgjumperhow would I change a periodic transaction, when lets say my income changes.21:29:35
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm Each rule can have a date range 21:30:39
@jumper149:matrix.orgjumperso I would start with infinite range and when it changes I put an end to it and add a new transaction starting from there?21:31:25
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmafk a bit21:32:27
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm there's also the bigger hledger irc channel, if I'm slow to answer (see topic). Biab 21:33:47
10 Apr 2021
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmjumper: figured it out ?05:36:02
11 Apr 2021
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16 Apr 2021
@hiq:matrix.orghiq Can I add an option to hl b -AM to put the average column first, instead of last? 21:34:10
@hiq:matrix.orghiq ah there's a --format, that should do 21:38:26
@hiq:matrix.orghiqmmh I couldn't find the average field name, maybe it doesn't exist?21:46:20
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmno you can't, sorry hiq22:25:54
17 Apr 2021
@hiq:matrix.orghiqok thanks, no problem I'll find a way!19:02:11
4 May 2021
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8 May 2021
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@yaoifangirl420:resplendent.companyYaoiFangirl420 07:46:30
15 May 2021
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@simonmic:matrix.orgsmHello cytopyge17:50:09

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