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17 Aug 2023
@elliria-5e77940ad73408ce4fdd9fb6:gitter.imElliria (Elliria)Heh. It seems you have the power to demote yourself: https://matrix.org/docs/legacy/moderation/21:21:02
@eloquence-5669db3e16b6c7089cbe3a26:gitter.imeloquence (Erik Moeller)Oh, that's a good start - thanks much, at least for the folks who are around, we can try that21:24:12
@eloquence-5669db3e16b6c7089cbe3a26:gitter.imeloquence (Erik Moeller)(I've tried elevating privs, sadly no dice on that)21:24:34
@elliria-5e77940ad73408ce4fdd9fb6:gitter.imElliria (Elliria)That was an outdated document. This one is more recent: https://matrix.org/docs/chat_basics/private-group-chat/#keeping-the-group-safe21:24:48
@elliria-5e77940ad73408ce4fdd9fb6:gitter.imElliria (Elliria)It seems you can only kick people who are lower than you, so your peers are safe. You might have to reach out to Matrix to see what they can do to give at least one of you head cheese power.21:25:20
@elliria-5e77940ad73408ce4fdd9fb6:gitter.imElliria (Elliria)There are some advantages to mucking around down here at the bottom...21:25:45
@eloquence-5669db3e16b6c7089cbe3a26:gitter.imeloquence (Erik Moeller)LOL. Thanks, if we stick with Gitter we may try that as an escalation path :)21:26:01
@elliria-5e77940ad73408ce4fdd9fb6:gitter.imElliria (Elliria)Good luck. If it makes you feel any better, we're struggling with this change, too.21:26:26
@soli-rsa-5d5265dfd73408ce4fc84ecd:gitter.imsoli-rsa (Soli Tsaagane) joined the room.23:56:16
18 Aug 2023
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20 Aug 2023
@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.im@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.imGitter has switched to Matrix as backend20:19:21
@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.im@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.imThat means basically, that all your Gitter chats are simply on Matrix now. 20:19:49
@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.im@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.imThey are running their own Matrix homeserver, thats about it. 20:20:03
@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.im@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.im eloquence (Erik Moeller): 20:20:14
21 Aug 2023
@msudgh-5795039240f3a6eec05c4325:gitter.imMasoud changed their display name from msudgh (Masoud Ghorbani) to Masoud.00:08:08
@limpidkzonix:matrix.orgOleksandr Balyshyn changed their profile picture.12:45:35
@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.im@shalokshalom-5630051716b6c7089cb87f20:gitter.im left the room.14:53:43
@graingert:matrix.orggraingert MadLittleMods (Eric Eastwood) @madlittlemods-553d437215522ed4b3df8c50:gitter.im: hello no users can join our twisted matrix room anymore https://app.gitter.im/#/room/#twisted_twisted:gitter.im 15:16:47
@graingert:matrix.orggraingertCan we get the room disconnected from libera.chat so it can still be used. If possible I'd like to keep the chat history too 15:19:16
@eloquence-5669db3e16b6c7089cbe3a26:gitter.imeloquence (Erik Moeller)I understand that. The issue is that all our users with elevated permissions have the same permission level and can't lower anyone else's. Since Gitter is operating the server, I'm not sure anyone but them could change that (or users can self-offboard as was suggested above)15:27:24
@graingert:matrix.orggraingertAh no I got it working18:26:43
@graingert:matrix.orggraingertSorry about the ping 18:26:48
22 Aug 2023
@dregad:matrix.orgdregad Yep that's it 05:55:46
@limpidkzonix:matrix.orgOleksandr Balyshyn changed their profile picture.10:28:02
24 Aug 2023
@puremourning-569e9b4ae610378809bd27f9:gitter.im@puremourning-569e9b4ae610378809bd27f9:gitter.im left the room.16:51:52
27 Aug 2023
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31 Aug 2023
@jezcope-553605c415522ed4b3df4b9a:gitter.imjezcope (Jez Cope) joined the room.13:35:36
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1 Sep 2023
@mxcl-529c6c80ed5ab0b3bf04d921:gitter.immxcl (Max Howell) joined the room.13:02:47
@mxcl-529c6c80ed5ab0b3bf04d921:gitter.immxcl (Max Howell)like, how do I create new rooms for my project now? Or should I consider gitter DoA at this point for new shit13:05:31

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