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22 Apr 2024
@haggen-52f27b485e986b0712ef6065:gitter.imhaggen (Arthur Corenzan)
In reply to @josephj11-5a3f34bfd73408ce4f84a5df:gitter.im
No idea, but I have forgotten too many things like that. Whenever I figure out something now, I create a small text file of how I did it and put in my howto directory subtree in an appropriate directory. I also use Zim wikis for taking notes. It support images, links and other markdown, but is very easy to use.
I should take note of that :P
@haggen-52f27b485e986b0712ef6065:gitter.imhaggen (Arthur Corenzan)The password login disabled thing sounds to me that's because Gitter forces you to login via GitHub or GitLab. How could I do that for my bot? I tried creating a GitHub account for it and doing it manually via browser but then the "key already used" thing shows up. 14:53:20
28 Apr 2024
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30 Apr 2024
@sreaz:matrix.orgSreazRedacted or Malformed Event08:49:40
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1 May 2024
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@lucent:matrix.orgLucentI had the same problem. Did this get resolved through the normal channels?16:52:57
2 May 2024
@marclaporte:matrix.orgmarclaporteA conference for Open Source founders: https://05f5.com/ I will be there in Paris in case anyone wants to meet up!00:40:34
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@sreaz:matrix.orgSreazNot yet…17:52:31
3 May 2024
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14 May 2024
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15 May 2024
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16 May 2024
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17 May 2024
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18 May 2024
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25 May 2024
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26 May 2024
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@missquinby_queen01:matrix.org@missquinby_queen01:matrix.orgsorry I had a little difficulty connecting 👀22:17:34
@missquinby_queen01:matrix.org@missquinby_queen01:matrix.orgit doesn't work it's not the same as in the browser ... https://gitter.im/docs #gitter_gitter:gitter.im 👇🏻 👇🏻 https://gitter.im . 22:24:04
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6 Jun 2024
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@sarahn:gitter.imsarahnIs there no longer any way to access both gitter and irc from the same client? Some projects use IRC and some use gitter and I'd like to not have to have multiple windows open17:44:19
7 Jun 2024
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@dregad:matrix.orgdregad sarahn: it is possible if there is a bridge between the irc server and matrix/gitter. There used to be one for libera.chat but unfortunately it was taken down last year https://libera.chat/guides/matrix 18:12:44
17 Jun 2024
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