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26 Jul 2021
@0xadd1e:the-apothecary.clubKája (She/Her)Built from the latest HEAD, i checked that it works well enough to log in on my computer, but not much past that12:32:49
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubBit ✨oml you made this repo just for this12:33:19
@0xadd1e:the-apothecary.clubKája (She/Her) shrug i didn't have a good place to stick files like yet 12:33:49
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubBit ✨ok so yeah the bug seems to be a data migration bug probably12:39:40
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubBit ✨cuz it hapepend when i updated on desktop as well12:39:48
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubBit ✨so that's not ideal12:39:52
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubBit ✨and afterwards you can't login without clearing the app data12:40:35
In reply to @0xadd1e:the-apothecary.club
So with the disclaimer that it's probably a bad idea to trust binaries you get from random people on the internet - https://github.com/0xADD1E/RandomBuildArtifacts/releases/tag/v0
Awesome, thanks! I miss the days of using random binaries from the internet.
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron I've seen you in enough chats that you're probably trustworthy. 12:45:55
@nyanpasu64:matrix.orgnyanpasu64 what format are the databases stored in? file says it's data 14:05:54
@hubert:uhoreg.cauhoreg changed their display name from uhoreg (away) to uhoreg.14:06:18
@danilov5:matrix.org؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜Danilo.zpaq (Jesus Is King)plain text14:08:29
@danilov5:matrix.org؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜Danilo.zpaq (Jesus Is King)not encrypted 14:08:36
@danilov5:matrix.org؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜Danilo.zpaq (Jesus Is King)as all databases should be14:11:16
@nyanpasu64:matrix.orgnyanpasu64Screenshot_20210726_071906_fluffychat linux.box.rooms.hive .png
Download Screenshot_20210726_071906_fluffychat linux.box.rooms.hive .png
@nyanpasu64:matrix.orgnyanpasu64no way this is plain text14:19:15
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron I believe the database is hive, so whatever format hive uses? 14:20:14
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron https://hive.apache.org suggests that if you install hive there's a command-line tool to read the database, I assume like sqlite? 14:21:16
@danilov5:matrix.org؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜Danilo.zpaq (Jesus Is King)🤦‍♂️14:23:49
@danilov5:matrix.org؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜Danilo.zpaq (Jesus Is King)it is plain text just base6414:24:02

Apache Hive supports analysis of large datasets stored in Hadoop's HDFS and compatible file systems such as Amazon S3 filesystem and Alluxio.

i don't think so imo

@nyanpasu64:matrix.orgnyanpasu64and the hive file has a lot of non-base64 characters, eg. with the upper bit set14:26:50
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Maybe there's a few more hive projects... Naming is hard. 14:27:10
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron https://pub.dev/packages/hive this looks more right. 14:27:49
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron I guess if you have nodejs around you can use that to snoop based on the quickstart guide? 14:28:46
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Probably not the answer you wanted though. 14:29:50
@nyanpasu64:matrix.orgnyanpasu64yeah probably dart hive14:30:46
In reply to @aaron:matrix.org
I guess if you have nodejs around you can use that to snoop based on the quickstart guide?
do you mean that you can use nodejs to run dart code?
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Actually, that's a terrible assumption. I just kinda assumed all JS is JS-ish. 14:33:20
@arche_dev:envs.netArche left the room.14:43:53

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