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24 Jun 2022
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25 Jun 2022
@discoisdiscord:catgirl.clouddiscoisdiscordCan we hide fluffychat into appindicator?01:35:13
@braid:activism.internationalThe one with the braid (she/her)
In reply to @discoisdiscord:catgirl.cloud
Can we hide fluffychat into appindicator?
No, but there is a corresponding issue opened, in case you are talking about desktop platforms.
@discoisdiscord:catgirl.clouddiscoisdiscordLooking forward for taht day!👍02:57:24
@discoisdiscord:catgirl.clouddiscoisdiscord* Looking forward for that day!👍02:57:36
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@via:the-apothecary.clubvia (it/its)Latest update instantly crashes when I try to launch fluffychat12:44:24
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Latest update instantly crashes when I try to launch fluffychat
See pinned message
In reply to @chaosnicro:matrix.org
In the meantime you could get V1.5.0-1 from gitlab, it doesn't seem to have the issue, just a suggestion.
Also this bit of convo.
@manday:matrix.orgManDay🎵 I have 99 problems on Android 12, but Fluffychat 1.5.0 not starting ain't one of them 🎶13:31:15
@t0r:matrix.imTorHow much time will it take for 1.5.0-1 to hit fdroid ? 16:33:08
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26 Jun 2022
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