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9 May 2021
@orangemad:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:08:25
10 May 2021
@orangemad:matrix.org * The lying about covid is even worse than if had they actually released any bioweapon because it means the world got screwed up for no reason01:37:46
@orangemad:matrix.org * 01:37:58
11 May 2021
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@wankbank:matrix.orgwankbankWhat's up10:52:15
Download truthbomb.jpeg
12 May 2021
@coolguy87:tpo.worldcoolguy87The last time he was on rogan was kinda sad. hearing him talk about retiring and being tired... just never thought of him as a mere mortal I guess11:11:02
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordHe's woken up a lot of people to the dangers of Globalisation15:37:15
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordIt'll be a sad day if he retires. I've always considered his biggest mistake was trying to become a 24/7 news report15:39:20
@telemachus:matrix.orgTelemachus dlcatlord This guy? https://pyxis.nymag.com/v1/imgs/c49/8b0/ef0448dde34440695fc985e4fa581b18a8-21-Alex-Jones.rhorizontal.w700.jpg 15:39:44
@telemachus:matrix.orgTelemachus * dlcatlord This guy? https://pyxis.nymag.com/v1/imgs/c49/8b0/ef0448dde34440695fc985e4fa581b18a8-21-Alex-Jones.rhorizontal.w700.jpg 15:40:06
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordTrying to push out content 24/7 leads to him doing stuff like that to attract attention and create a few laughs, but it also burns you out15:41:01
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordAdd in if he was taken TOO seriously with some of the stuff that he's broken news wise, he'd have had been on the receiving end of an assisted suicide by now15:42:28
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordFar better to play the clown and attract enough attention to something for people to start asking questions and starting to dig for themselves15:43:25
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordThere's only been one time I've seen him back away from a story15:46:37
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordPizzagate. That was too hot for even him15:48:52
@dlcatlord:matrix.orgdlcatlordThere was one main stream media guy that covered it. he promptly disappeared 15:51:32
13 May 2021
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14 May 2021
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Download fullyvaxxed.jpeg
@telemachus:matrix.orgTelemachusRedacted or Malformed Event16:31:25
15 May 2021
Download signal-2021-05-14-220034.jpg
Download image.png
16 May 2021
Download signal-2021-05-14-133540.jpg
17 May 2021
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