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19 Jun 2019
@basxto:matrix.orgbaŝtostill have to find a good color for ground and stone15:18:45
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex baŝto: Looks good, although you know we're planning for strato to draw a volcano tileset right? 15:18:56
@basxto:matrix.orgbaŝtoI know15:19:08
@basxto:matrix.orgbaŝtobut I’m going through the issues15:19:16
@basxto:matrix.orgbaŝtoeven though it’s rather going into the direction of a lava cave15:20:47
@basxto:matrix.orgbaŝtowith the crystals15:20:59
@basxto:matrix.orgbaŝtoif I see something that can solve an issue, I start to adopt it15:21:51
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexI see15:22:03
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexI appreciate your efforts here but I don't think recoloring OGA art will be the same quality as an artist creating something from scratch, so I'm not planning on using most of this stuff in VOADI. I think having it in a free resource pack will be more beneficial. Just want to make sure we're on the same page about that.15:23:59
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexIf this were 1 year ago it would have also been very different. We didn't have an artist on the team then and it was very vague what direction we were moving in.15:26:17
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexYou have a lot of great ideas that just don't fit into VOADI because VOADI is too far into development15:26:34
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexI would love to see you create a new game, or a derivative of VOADI, where you can put some of this art to good use15:27:04
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Trying to figure out how the gears might spin if there are 4 of them connected in a square. I asked #solarus:matrix.org 15:36:18
Download 41RaDMCAIzL.jpg
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexThis fidget spinner makes me think it's probably possible15:36:51

PhoenixII54 pointed out that 4 gears in a square would be like,


Where A is clockwise and B is counter-clockwise.

Then wekhter shared this video for a great visualization of it: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=izlzmojvNMo&t=217

@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexMaybe I should play Cogs again for some more ideas about using gears15:45:01
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexAnyway knowing it's physically possible makes me more interested in coding it15:47:28
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter maybe! even if you only dip your toe into a few levels, might come up with ideas. i love how thoroughly cogs explores the mechanics of slide puzzles into something actually interesting (instead of just, y'know, reconstructing an image or something) 15:48:17
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter 😃 15:49:47
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter could look pretty cool in pixel art! or could look like a mess. would probably be interesting to look at, though 15:50:31
In reply to @_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.io
could look pretty cool in pixel art! or could look like a mess. would probably be interesting to look at, though
Have you seen our progress so far?
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter https://archive-media-0.nyafuu.org/vp/image/1364/86/1364867588503.gif 15:52:35
Download Machine_Preview.gif
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexHahaha those gears with faces are super cool15:53:26
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter oh, i don't think i'd seen them animated before (or i forgot) 15:53:20
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexLooks like an enemy from Mother 315:53:34
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter they're pokemon :p 15:53:44

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