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15 May 2019
01:06:58@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-baros joined the room.
01:07:15@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-baros Hey guys it's Q if y'all remember me
01:07:42@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaWasssup Q??
01:08:20@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-barosNothing much got back to clash but I lost my account😢
01:08:38@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-barosCan I get an invite to the clan???
01:09:40@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaNot sure if I can invite you without being friends
01:10:04@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-barosI just pinged and friend request
01:10:38@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaWe’re also on discord now
01:10:45@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaLink in the clan description
01:15:21@jb555:matrix.orgJersey Jay😃
01:18:51@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-barosHey Jay
01:19:58@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-baros Anyway I can get co back or am I gonna a have to earn it again?? I don't mind either way
01:20:12@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Trial by boxing.
01:21:32@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaIt’s all earned stuff
01:22:10@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaI’m sure you’re still the same person, but it is more fair for everyone
01:22:40@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-baros It's all good I thought so
01:24:25@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaWanna join us on discord? We don’t really use matrix anymore
01:29:43@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-barosDownloading it now
01:32:44@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-barosErkNinja: is the like in clan discription????
01:38:12@aaron:matrix.orgaaron quentin-baros: yea.
01:38:42@quentin-baros:matrix.orgquentin-baros Help please I'm dumb
01:49:09@aaron:matrix.orgaaron They haven’t invited me. :P
01:49:47@aaron:matrix.orgaaron I haven’t been playing in two years or so.
In reply to @jb555:matrix.org
Jersey Jay: can you invite me back I just sent you a friend request with my new account
12:46:07@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaquentin-baros: https://discord.gg/RD68NSR
4 Jun 2019
14:10:00@zacklocx:matrix.org@zacklocx:matrix.org left the room.
24 Aug 2019
19:37:17@memraribar7:matrix.org@memraribar7:matrix.org joined the room.
19:37:31@memraribar7:matrix.org@memraribar7:matrix.org left the room.

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