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12 Feb 2019
17:36:42@Dana:matrix.orgDanaDamn haha capped out everything?
17:38:18@Alomir:matrix.orgAlomir ArindaleThat is a ridiculous amount of DE
15 Feb 2019
13:10:25@Zeus:matrix.orgZeusCan i get some challenges please
16 Feb 2019
14:00:32@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgWe are warring against a clan that has an 8 war win streak. We have a 13 war win streak. This is the matchup...
14:01:42@Luca12:matrix.orgLucaWe have max stars rn, let’s see if they can match it
14:01:52@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgWe only have th9s and they have 2 th10s.
14:02:52@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgWe were able to get 120 max stars and we are waiting to see if they can perfect us. We are finished and they have 11 more bases to try and three star.
16:16:10@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaNice job guys!
18:44:06@jb555:matrix.orgJersey Jay😃😃😃
17 Feb 2019
00:55:52@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayIMG_20190216_195225014.jpg
00:56:03@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayHmmmmmm
00:56:15@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayWhich one do I like best?
00:56:22@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayTroon
00:56:30@drp5039:matrix.orgdrp/paxLove bft
00:57:02@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaLol, nice
00:57:15@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayRedacted or Malformed Event
00:58:30@drp5039:matrix.orgdrp/paxJersey Jay Icarus?
00:59:02@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayThat one is on the left end. that's the last one I will be trying this evening
00:59:14@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayBecky loves the sour
00:59:41@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayBacillophobia
01:00:22@drp5039:matrix.orgdrp/paxThe mango vanilla sour?
18 Feb 2019
02:20:46@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayYes, yes, yes
21 Feb 2019
13:35:24@Dana:matrix.orgDanaGuys take a look at the new updates coming down the pipeline!! Looking pretty spiffy!
14:20:36@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaAyyy, we can finally delete troops from war CCs!
14:21:01@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayWoo hoo
15:38:46@Dana:matrix.orgDanaYeah!! It’s great! And really just all of it is fantastic. I love the dps shift they are doing. About time mortars got some love lol
16:23:09@ronniec:matrix.orgronniecAnyone know what the clan rewards 2x is?
16:23:19@ronniec:matrix.orgronniecIs that for war or sormbtjng else?
17:04:35@Dana:matrix.orgDana I have no idea. It’s a new event. Guess we’ll find out in a couple days.

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