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14 Dec 2018
01:18:37@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaBut IRL, we haven’t done our tree yet
01:23:10@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKnees Unacceptable
01:25:59@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKneesHow’s this el primo troop?
01:26:16@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKnees Any successful strats with hi
01:35:24@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaDana showed an attack that worked
01:36:31@Dana:matrix.orgDana Heck yeah. 7 witches rest those bad boys.
01:37:16@Dana:matrix.orgDana I switched out my wb for gobs.
01:37:29@Dana:matrix.orgDana Don’t need em. They are pretty useless.
01:38:03@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaEl primo is pretty much a giant, right?
01:38:17@Dana:matrix.orgDanaLol a giant on steroids
01:39:13@Dana:matrix.orgDana It has huge dps and kills walls.
02:52:49@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKneesAm I on drugs or can you not donate el primo? I go to donate a troop and he’s not an option
02:53:50@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaYou’re on drugs....but you also can’t donate them
02:54:18@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKneesLol. Well yea my face is numb but that’s a different story
02:54:30@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaThey do that with a lot of the special troops
02:54:58@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKneesYou think these will stick around?
02:55:07@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKneesHow long you think*
02:55:35@quentin-b:matrix.orgquentin-bThe event troop is nutty
02:55:42@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaMaybe till the special event ends
02:55:47@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaFor the 250 gems
02:56:19@quentin-b:matrix.orgquentin-b About 15 of them with 10 wiz and a rage spell and three heals
02:56:32@quentin-b:matrix.orgquentin-bWiped out a max Townhall nine like it was nothing
02:56:56@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgSupposedly, it is a troop from a different supercell game they released in Canada a couple years ago that I think is going to be released in US soon.
02:57:37@cavalyst:matrix.org@cavalyst:matrix.orgI think a couple members said the game was called brawl wars or something like that.
02:57:48@quentin-b:matrix.orgquentin-b Brawl stars
02:57:56@quentin-b:matrix.orgquentin-bIt was released just recently for the US
02:58:11@isaac_16:matrix.orgisaac_16It is released like a few days ago

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