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6 Jun 2020
01:41:22@freenode_GNUmoon:matrix.orgGNUmoonChecking online it seems June 6th, 8PM CEST == JUN 6th, 6PM UTC.
01:41:49@freenode_GNUmoon:matrix.orgGNUmoonMy calculations could be wrong, but which one is correct? :)
15:18:42@t3sserakt:tchncs.det3sserakt GNUmoon: Your calculation is correct. Mumble session is at 6th, 8PM CEST (6PM UTC)
19:18:02@freenode_dvn:matrix.orgdvndragestil: hi
19:18:17@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestil joined the room.
19:18:54@t3sserakt:tchncs.det3sseraktso , we are here now ;-)
19:19:32@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilI have my peer id now
19:19:39@freenode_dvn:matrix.orgdvn so as far as "easy" possibilities go, groupchat is probably the most interesting
19:20:15@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilI heard of secureshare as a kind of killer feature. is it usable yet?
19:20:23@freenode_dvn:matrix.orgdvn no, it isn't
19:21:30@freenode_dvn:matrix.orgdvn groupchat is from the secushare folks (myself included). it's not really using the secushare concepts at all, but it's a fun test of the cadet subsystem and layers beneath
19:21:56@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilok. what can i do with groupchat?
19:22:03@freenode_dvn:matrix.orgdvnbasically irc
19:22:11@freenode_dvn:matrix.orgdvnan irc-like chat
19:22:31@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilah i see. why is it better than irc?
19:22:40* @freenode_dvn:matrix.orgdvn must go afk for dinner
19:22:53@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilok have a good dinner
19:25:45@t3sserakt:tchncs.det3sseraktgroupchat is a prototype. therefore it is maybe not reasonable to compare it to irc.
19:25:58@t3sserakt:tchncs.det3sseraktit is a very basic chat application
19:26:03@t3sserakt:tchncs.det3sseraktterminal based
19:27:24@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilok I understand
19:28:55@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilwhat is the goal of groupchat, is it a poc for secureshare?
19:29:39@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestil ah I see "a fun test of the cadet subsystem and layers beneath".
19:31:24@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilI suppose to appreciate it I need to look at the code then (which may be why I was sent the git link?)
19:34:38@freenode_dragestil:matrix.orgdragestilThanks a lot for the pointer by the way
19:34:10@t3sserakt:tchncs.det3sseraktsecushare is suppose to have much more functionalities than groupchat. But with groupchat we will try out a lot we will use later in securshare.
20:02:48@array:matrix.orgarrayhow is secushare doing, btw?

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