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27 Feb 2020
21:30:20@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlonmuch like what Freenet is already offering
21:31:02@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]have you seen yggdrasil? I really like it and was kinda hoping it'd be painless to configure gnunet to act like yggdrasil
21:31:50@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon not sure what it does exactly. "hoping it'd be painless to configure gnunet" is unfortunately a bit optimistic
21:32:37@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon I still haven't figured out how to setup the VPN to share connections. although I sort of managed to use it for GNS
21:33:15@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlonoh wait, yggdrasil is like CJDNS right?
21:33:58@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlondepending on what operating system you are using you can setup the GNU Namesystem with nsswitch
21:34:16@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlonI mean you can set it up on any GNU/Linux, it just changes how painless it is
21:34:39@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]yeah, configuration is pretty tricky on gnunet
21:35:00@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon I heard you can do it with https://docs.gnunet.org/handbook/gnunet.html#Configuring-the-GNS-nsswitch-plugin but I haven't yet tried it on NixOS
21:35:09@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]yggdrasil sets up a TUN interface at an IPv6 address generated from your instance's public key, and similarly, your peers will be at IPv6 addresses generated from their public keys (I believe)
21:35:43@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]but yggdrasil doesn't do any NAT traversal
21:36:04@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]it's implemented over TCP, which makes hole punching harder
21:37:33@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon you should try GNS resolution as per https://gnunet.org/en/use.html if you haven't yet
21:37:52@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon the rest is in the handbook which I haven't gotten around to reading yet
21:38:01@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]mehlon: gonna try to make sense of that! thank you
21:38:38@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon oh, there's also http://gnunet.herokuapp.com/ if you want to try out CADET
21:38:42@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]if you get a chance, check out yggdrasil, it's a breeze to setup
21:39:01@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon it's not yet in NixOS stable so I can't yet :p
21:39:18@freenode_micahscopes[m]:matrix.orgmicahscopes[m]ah! gotcha 🥴
21:40:25@freenode_mehlon:matrix.orgmehlon "but what if, I were to use the unstable channel and disguise it as my own cooking?"... later perhaps
21:58:45@goldenshimmer:matrix.orggoldenshimmercy1: Ah, ok, that explains it. Thanks!
22:04:47@freenode_cy1:matrix.orgcy1 goldenshimmer: sure. Sorry I couldn't figure out exactly how the gnunet-nat-auto tool does anything though.
22:05:47@goldenshimmer:matrix.orggoldenshimmerNo worries! I'll just continue experimenting :)
22:07:24@freenode_cy1:matrix.orgcy1 goldenshimmer: let me know if you figure it out!
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