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23 Feb 2021
@everhamme:matrix.orgEd VerhammeHello everyone and welcome to the SOLO21 Conference room within the IAGLR Community. 15:48:22
@everhamme:matrix.orgEd Verhamme changed the room name to "SOLO21 Conference Room" from "SOLO21 Conference".15:48:37
24 Feb 2021
@jessives:matrix.orgjessives joined the room.16:22:30
25 Feb 2021
@psibley:matrix.orgpsibley joined the room.01:14:42
@psibley:matrix.orgpsibleyHello to all01:14:56
3 Mar 2021
@pmcintyre:matrix.orgpmcintyre joined the room.18:52:40
@pmcintyre:matrix.orgpmcintyreRedacted or Malformed Event18:53:11
@pmcintyre:matrix.orgpmcintyre removed their display name pmcintyre.18:54:00
8 Mar 2021
@kheinemannusepa:matrix.orgKristina Heinemann joined the room.22:08:08
@kheinemannusepa:matrix.orgKristina HeinemannHi everyone -- testing out access. 22:08:41
9 Mar 2021
@everhamme:matrix.orgEd VerhammeHello! welcome !14:34:45
@evie_brahmstedt:matrix.orgEvie Brahmstedt joined the room.14:49:22
@marianne_racine:matrix.orgMarianne Racine joined the room.15:04:59
@emily_sheridan:matrix.orgemily_sheridan joined the room.15:19:54
@emily_sheridan:matrix.orgemily_sheridanHello everyone looking forward to the next few days of learning. 15:20:23
@d.mcnabney:matrix.orgDavid McNabney joined the room.15:45:19
@kennedybucci:matrix.orgkennedybucci joined the room.15:45:48
@d.mcnabney:matrix.orgDavid McNabney changed their display name from d.mcnabney to David McNabney.15:46:11
@rfvera:matrix.orgRODRIGO VERA joined the room.15:46:34
@rfvera:matrix.orgRODRIGO VERAhello15:46:56
@luwen_wan:matrix.orgLuwen Wan joined the room.15:47:47
@everhamme:matrix.orgEd VerhammeDownload Verhamme_SOLO21_Tues_10am_Opening.pptx15:47:56
@everhamme:matrix.orgEd Verhammepresentation rom this morning if anyone wants to share 15:48:12
@leighmcgaughey:matrix.orgLeigh McGaughey joined the room.15:49:30
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@p_rmr_21:matrix.orgMechelle Cureaux set a profile picture.16:31:20
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@marianne_racine:matrix.orgMarianne RacineGreat presentations in room 1 this morning! Can't wait to hear everyone else in the recordings 17:10:47
@tab289:matrix.orgTaylor Brown joined the room.20:13:54

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